Flying Passion And Passion Zenith Pilot Pilot Watch Series

‘ZENITH is a brand destined to be born for pilots! In addition, with all the essential advantages of all watches in a beautiful case, you really should have a Zenith!’ This admiration comes from Moran According to Léon Morane, the pilot who set a record speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour for the first time in 1910 praised Zenith. Since the beginning of the 20th century, due to the vigorous development of air transportation, aircraft and spacecraft across the ocean and over the polar regions have begun to appear, and the demand for high-precision instruments on aviation tools has increased. Zenith was one of the first manufacturers to produce aircraft instruments. Zenith watches perfectly interpret the grand ambitions that inspire pilots to fight in the sky. The brand’s timers and watches are accurate and reliable, and they accompany pilots to sail thousands of miles, reflecting their ambition to conquer adversity, accurate control of distance and the ambition to transcend themselves.
     The instruments made by Zenith meet the technical requirements of the aviation industry: not only can withstand temperature changes, magnetic field changes and body vibrations, but also they are accurate, reliable, durable, clear and easy to read. The Zenith Pilot’s Watch is not only an in-flight instrument, but also a good helper for pilots, and strives to protect the safety of pilots. Because of this, in the 1930s and 1940s, Zenith Type 20 pilot watches were used as airborne instruments on many aircraft, including the famous Caudron aircraft.
The pilot watches of the early 20th century were all the magnificent barbed crowns of Louis Blériot, as well as the luminous hands and numerals are typical characteristics of pilot watches at the time
     Today, Pilot watches inherit the style of their predecessors, showing the glory of the glorious era and the ambition to conquer the sky. The mechanical structure of the watch embodies the long history of watchmaking in the watch factory, and its outstanding aesthetics interpret the infinite creativity inspired by the free flight. Pilot watches are synonymous with exploration and discovery, conveying passion for adventure, symbolizing a flourishing future, dedicated to lovers of flying and aviation history, dedicated to mechanical lovers, and those who love large spaces. Three watches, three outstanding works that explain the fun of flying. Three perfect mechanical masterpieces, the best travel companions of our time. Three precise and reliable instruments embody a comfortable and comfortable spirit of freedom and a dream come true: explore the unknown and unknown sky, and soar in the air at ease. Each Zenith Pilot watch is the incarnation of the flying god Icarus, the pilots Blériot and Morane, or the inventor da Vinci. Wear Zenith Pilot watches on your wrist today and let these great men with flying dreams be with you.
Crossing the English Channel
     Overlooking Sangatte Beach, it looks like a streamer on the horizon. Off the ground is the first step on an adventure. Throw the markers set along the coastline behind your head, and fly to the depths of the vault, perhaps there, the mist and the sky merge into one, and watch the waves of clouds disappear. Defeat strong winds, noise, fear and gravity. As small as a drop in the sea, as big as a giant bird. Like a dragonfly that challenges turbulence, gently glances over Cap Blanc Nez. Like a small spot in the blue sky, looking from a distance, it is smaller than a seagull. The steep cliffs of Port Dover attract attention. Fly towards the lush field of England on the other side. A 30-minute flight is as long as life. As far as I can remember, the strait is a vast world; it pays tribute to the most wonderful and original ‘heavier than air’ pilots.
ZENITH and Bririo
     Calais, July 25, 1909, 4.15 a.m. Brillio is ready to fly the Blériot XI. The wind increased at night, and the British newspaper Daily Mail raised the challenge of flying an aircraft across the English Channel, which seemed to be the best time to respond to this challenge. The range is 40 kilometers … For some, this is an unrealistic dream, but Brillio completed the adventure in 37 minutes. People have always called it ‘the king of breaking the limit’, but from this moment, Brillio became the unquestionable ‘father of aviation’. At the time, he was wearing a Zenith watch on his wrist …
Historic Zenith Type 20 pilot watch
1939 Zenith Type 20 Pilot’s Watch
     On March 19, 1912, Louis Blériot stated: ‘I am very satisfied with this Zenith watch that I wear daily, and I will recommend it to people who seek high precision.’ The watch is equipped with luminous hands and numerals to make the time legible. In addition, the crown of the watch is easy to operate and can be easily adjusted even when wearing gloves. The seconds counter at 6 o’clock completes the time information. The Zenith Type 20 Pilot’s Watch has a power reserve of up to 36 hours. Since 1939, most French aircraft have been using this precision instrument. This sturdy, reliable and accurate watch has won praise from aviation manufacturers and professionals. This instrument is installed on the dashboard of many aircraft, including the Caudron Simoun C.635. This aircraft is not only a training aircraft for the French Air Force, but also an aircraft used by Air Bleu for international and transatlantic transportation.
     The watch is fixed on the dashboard, the case is made of light alloy, and the rolled bezel is convenient for users to grasp and refine the watch. The dial is subtle and generous, and is equipped with a specially thickened luminous numerals, which are legible when read. The small second hand is set at 6 o’clock, and the luminous hour and minute hands make the time clear. In order to meet the reliability and accuracy required by the aviation industry, the watch movement is specially equipped with a bimetal balance, with an anti-magnetic automatic compensation hairspring, and a Swiss fork-style escapement.
PILOT series new work 1: Pilot’s watch of the first-ZENITH TYPE 20 Pilot’s Watch New Type 20 Pilot’s Watch
     A watch that pays tribute to its pioneers. The new Type 20 pilot watch draws inspiration from a long history, perfectly integrates the latest technology, and ingeniously interprets the successful aesthetic style of Miles Soaring. The Pilot Watch Type 20 pilot watch has a diameter of 57.5 millimeters, and its design is reminiscent of the most amazing flying great work of the early 20th century. This watch pays high respect to aviation pioneers, condenses infinite time and space, and embodies the ambition of great discovery.
     This watch uses all design elements flexibly and cleverly. In order to reflect the ideal of human beings trying to conquer the blue sky, the watch chooses to fix time in a wide space and accurately record the elapsed time. The components in the case all show the characteristics of aeronautical instruments. The case diameter reaches 57.5 millimeters. It is specially made of titanium to balance the weight of the movement. The notch crown of the watch is reminiscent of the crown of a pilot’s watch. This special design makes it easy for pilots to adjust the watch even when wearing gloves. The 27 mm lugs are decorated with ring handles for a clean and simple design, with a vintage leather strap fully hand-stitched and trimmed. The retro style extends from the strap to the black dial, and the wearer of the luminous component on the dial can read the time at a glance. Under the sturdy double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, the embossed hour markers covered with Superluminova are clearly visible, and the hands are also covered with fluorescent material.
     The small seconds counter is set at 9 o’clock and the power reserve indicator is set at 3 o’clock. The two present a perfect visual balance. This remarkable aesthetic is mainly to make time clear and easy to read. In addition, this outstanding design incorporates the concepts and functionality of traditional flying watches.
Chronograph master ZENITH Pilot Montre d Aeronef Type 20 with 5011K manual winding movement, diameter: 50 mm, thickness 10 mm, components: 34, gems: 19, frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour, power reserve: 48 hours, COSC: Swiss Observatory certification.
     Through the case’s transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can see the delicate structure of the 5011K manual winding mechanical movement. The movement has a diameter of 50 mm, and its surface is exquisitely decorated, just like the 19 jewel bearings and the large straight lines that form the rhodium-plated bridge form the Geneva ripple. This movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory and its distinguished name comes from the famous 5011 pocket watch movement. Since the 1960s, the Calibre 5011 has made Zenith internationally renowned. In 1967, the Neuchatel Observatory awarded this movement the title of ‘the most accurate chronograph movement in history’. Since then, Zenith has continued to produce movement 5011, which powers many precision instruments such as racing watches, marine chronographs, pocket watches, and watchmaking timepieces.
     The movement 5011 oscillates 18,000 times per hour and is equipped with an independent stopper for the second hand, which can be synchronized with the hour hand. The balance wheel of the movement and the escapement’s pivot are equipped with anti-vibration mechanism. In addition, the movement is equipped with delicate adjustments, anti-magnetic automatic compensation Breguet hairspring, removable screw bracket, double arrow pointer assembly And Zenith on the shank shaft fixing system. These special designs fit perfectly, not only bringing outstanding performance to the watch, but also retaining unique retro qualities.
Expedition Antarctica
     At the end of the world-the legendary mysterious Antarctic. Explore the unknown and become a pioneer. Forge ahead into the desolate area of ​​’the human footprint has never arrived, never seen before’. Snow-white sails rise in the icebergs and cold winds. Head to the least-known strange continent on earth. Walking alone in the white earth, everyone can only rely on himself. Challenge the hidden crisis, monotonous ice and snow, and overcome the disorderly shifting magnetic field. Be careful to avoid the deep fissures, and cleverly pass the sharp peaks. Admire the dream-like South Aurora up close, leaving footprints in a deserted environment, bringing science to the last land. Hope to plunge into this white world, ready to defend against the most dangerous attacks, the brave is fearless. With the enthusiasm of the explorer, conquer the last unknown land. 1956: Admiral George J. Dufek and seven team members nicknamed ‘lucky seven’ boarded an LC-47 aircraft called ‘Que sera, sera’ to complete their first landing in Antarctica.

The Beauty Of The Oval Three Recommended Business Banquet Watches

Today’s watches are mostly round and square watches, followed by wine barrels and ovals, and other shaped watches are even rarer. Generally speaking, it is more orthodox and not so different. It is mainly beauty with square circles. Today is more special. Going beyond these traditional beauty, Watch House recommends several watches with oval beauty. The beauty of the oval.

Amy Long Pearl Series 06.3881.L. Watch

Watch Series: Pearl Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel / 18K rose gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 34.5×28.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 30000
Watch details: After a smart adjustment, this brand-new style shows precision and balance, sublimating the traditional spirit of the brand’s continuous innovation: a watch full of the feminine image, perfectly blending gentleness and rigorous characteristic. The feminine dream and elegant temperament have brought the brand’s different marks together again: straight Roman numerals decoration, flying lines, and a graduated track composed of dotted lines.

Longines Dolce Vita DolceVita L2. watch

Watch Series: Dai Chuo Wiener Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: 20900
Details of the watch: Déco’s artistic style is inspired by the design. It adopts the mother-of-pearl surface, Arabic numerals and black hands running along the inner orbit minute track, and the small seconds are set at 6 o’clock on the watch. Burgundy leather straps and Mayan-style diamond lugs add a lot to this watch.

Summary: The three watches recommended for everyone today are made of precious metals, so the price is definitely higher than that of base metals, so whether you are participating in business events or attending a banquet, you will be A sparkling point, combined with an alternative oval design, can add a little more light to you.

The Gift Of Time Unwavering Love Iwc Elegantly Presents Portofino Pair Watch

January 11, 2016-Time is the best gift among lovers. Swiss watchmaker IWC has specially selected the Portofino watch on Valentine’s Day to praise beautiful love, and each masterpiece conveys the strong affection between partners and the eternal loyalty commitment. The elegant and restrained Portofino series uses classic design elements to tell the light of love in the heart of lovers.
Elegant and elegant

IWC Portofino manual winding eight-day power reserve watch_IW510107

IWC Portofino mid moon phase automatic watch_IW459001
   This pair of Portofino series watches is a combination of noble subtlety and gorgeous simplicity, which perfectly reflects the low-key and romantic love. Portofino hand-wound eight-day power reserve watch (model: IW510107), elegant temperament and precision technology are perfectly integrated into one, which fully reflects the elegant man’s style. The matching Portofino Moon Phase Automatic Watch 37 (model: IW459001), on the dial of mother-of-pearl, the moon shines in the clouds from time to time, sometimes suspended under the starry night sky. The watch has a very attractive layering sense, Italian style is revealed on the wrist, and the diamond sparkles tell the bright star and moon dream.
Born to Pair Classical Elegant

IWC Portofino Manual Winding Day Calendar_IW516203

IWC Portofino Midi automatic watch_IW458106
   At the same time, the men’s and women’s watch with red gold case and dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap shows timeless elegance and low-key luxury. Precious temperament and retro atmosphere add gorgeousness to the promise of lovers, forming a natural pair of elegant wrists. table. The Men’s Watch Portofino Hand-wound Day-of-the-Day Watch (Model: IW516203) perfectly combines the large date with the day of the week display, presenting a classic watch with a simple and beautiful appearance, but also highly functional and practical. Women’s watch Portofino Automatic 37 (model: IW458106) conquered the slender wrists with a 37 mm dial. The dynamic circular pattern of the radial sunray on the dial under the light is extraordinary in temperament.
Minimal to Fine

IWC Portofino hand-wound simple classic watch_IW511102

IWC Portofino Automatic 37_IW458112

   As the entry-level choice for steel, these two watches promise a timeless love with their simple design language. The simple atmosphere of men’s models and the exquisite femininity of women’s models complement each other, conveying the true faith of love between lovers. The simple and simple Portofino manual winding simple classic watch (model: IW511102) abandons visual stimuli: two hands, manual winding-no more redundant. The dial is clear at a glance, giving a sense of tranquility and purity. It is a modest gentleman in the IWC watch family. The Portofino Automatic 37 with diamonds (model: IW458112) is more feminine, with a silver-plated dial and a pink crocodile leather strap. 66 luxurious diamonds inlaid on the bezel, gently turning the wrist, the dial’s sunlight pattern will show a dynamic ring pattern, shiny and charming.
Luxury temperament stands out

IWC Portofino Hand-wound Large Date Watch_IW516102

IWC Portofino Automatic Automatic Watch_IW458105

   The 18K red gold watches are luxurious and harmonious, revealing the tacit understanding and fusion between lovers. The dark brown and orange Santoni crocodile leather strap presents the combination of top leather and precious metals. It shows that Portofino’s extraordinary style is like a lover embracing at the port of Portofino, Italy, sharing a good time in the Mediterranean. The Portofino hand-wound large date watch (model: IW516102) is the perfect embodiment of luxury and simplicity. Not only has a large date display, but also has a very practical 8-day power reserve. The Portofino Automatic 37 (model: IW458105) has attracted slender wrist watch enthusiasts with its three hands and 37 mm. The dial is set with 12 brilliant diamonds, forming a perfect Italian-style picture of the wrist.

Breitling Cuts The Price Of Watches In The Uk Market By 7%

It is reported that Breitling will comprehensively reduce the price of branded products in the British market, with a price reduction of about 7%. After the Brexit referendum, in October 2016 and April 2017, Breitling twice raised the price of watches in the British market.

   ‘The second price increase in April 2017 made the price of products in the UK market slightly higher than the international average. This time the price reduction is designed to readjust and make the UK market more competitive.’
   After the Brexit referendum in 2016, the British pound depreciated sharply, and the prices of products in the British market were 25% cheaper than those in the euro zone and the dollar zone. Therefore, major luxury watch brands have increased the prices of products in the British market.

Swatch Will Cut Spare Parts Supply Swiss Luxury Watch Industry May Be Hit Hard

The US ‘Fortune’ website reported on November 13 that the Swiss regulator introduced new regulations on October 25 that allow the Swatch Group to reduce the supply of spare parts for other brands of watches, a move that may cause Swiss luxury watch manufacturing is in trouble.

The Swatch Group is the world’s largest watch company and has a near monopoly position in the production and sale of Swiss watch movements and accessories. The majority of Swiss luxury watch manufacturers are small and do not have the financial resources to manufacture watch parts independently. 75% of the core mechanical parts of Swiss luxury watches come from Swatch.

The report pointed out that the new regulations caused a shock in the Swiss luxury watch manufacturing industry, and some even suspected that the Swiss luxury watch industry would be eliminated. Industry analysts point out that investors may merge small manufacturers, and merge between manufacturers to form large groups.

Swatch’s move is to use more parts for the production of private label watches. It is estimated that the new regulations will increase sales of Swatch watches by $ 4 billion. It is worth noting that some manufacturers are beginning to consider developing China into their new supplier, but at least 50% of the watches with the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label are made in Switzerland.

Echoes Of The Belle Epoque: Girard Perregaux Esmeralda Tourbillon Tourbillon Watch

The Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon symbolizes the apex of Girard-Perregaux tourbillon technology. Since its introduction in the 1860s, it has set an aesthetic standard that cannot be surpassed in the field of traditional watchmaking technology. The Esmeralda Tourbillon three-gold bridge tourbillon watch celebrating the 225th anniversary of the brand’s founding this year has once again reproduced this extreme craftsmanship, remembering the glorious era with a beautiful attitude.

   The tourbillon mechanism that accommodates the escapement with a rotating cage to offset the single force of gravity is an important invention in the era of pocket watches. Although the functional significance has disappeared in the era of watches, the precise mechanical structure and beautiful running posture have made the tourbillon a symbol of watchmaking success. Accuracy is no longer the sole purpose of the tourbillon, and the rarity of craftsmanship is manifested in the most beautiful posture, which has become a new value for the tourbillon. And when it comes to beautiful tourbillons, you must not mention the Girard-Perregaux tourbillon of the three gold bridges. This legendary watch craftsmanship that won the gold medal at the Paris World Exposition in 1889 is still a classic even today after more than a century The most representative design of Parker’s watch and brand recognition, Girard-Perregaux launched this Esmeralda Tourbillon three-gold bridge tourbillon watch, hoping to use the classic design of the three-gold bridge to celebrate the brand’s 225th anniversary.

Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Pocket Watch Winning Gold Medal at Paris World Expo 1889

   The name of the Esmeralda Tourbillon Tourbillon watch is La Esmeralda, a Mexican watch and jewellery retailer from the late 19th century. At that time, Girard Perregaux was actively expanding the South American market. Responsible for sales and was acquired by then-President General Porfirio Díaz. Later, this pocket watch was held by General Diaz’s family until the descendants of General Diaz sold this legendary pocket watch back to Girard Perregaux in the 1970s and became the collection of Girard Perregaux Museum. This Esmeralda Tourbillon tourbillon watch, launched to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the brand, is inspired by this legendary pocket watch, including design elements such as an arrow-shaped triple bridge and a lyre-shaped tourbillon frame. This watch faithfully reproduces.

The 44mm Esmeralda Tourbillon Tourbillon watch is actually quite hand-to-hand and must be attributed to good ergonomic design

Ingenious lug radian is the key to comfortable wearing

The box-type wind resistance of the elegant antique watch design makes the Esmeralda Tourbillon three-gold bridge tourbillon watch with a round silhouette like an antique pocket watch

   Unlike the original pocket watch, the first impression of the Esmeralda Tourbillon Tourbillon is quite simple and neat, but the design of the case structure can be seen to intentionally reproduce the look of the pocket watch. The 44mm round case with box-type windproof design outlines the rounded outline of an antique pocket watch, while the bezel is intentionally narrowed to make the area of ​​the faceplate wider. Illusion of watch size. However, the design of the lugs has been calculated quite precisely, so the actual wearing feel fits the curve of the wrist quite well. The daily diameter of our editor’s daily watch is 32mm, and when trying on this 44mm Esmeralda Tourbillon three gold bridge tourbillon watch, it is quite against the hands, we must quite admire the designer’s ergonomics .

The Esmeralda Tourbillon tourbillon watch uses the classic three-gold bridge design. Although it is also equipped with the GP09400 automatic movement, its style is very different from the DLC titanium Neo-tourbillon tourbillon watch.

   The ergonomically designed case with a classic pocket watch atmosphere is equipped with the brand’s self-made GP09400 automatic three-gold bridge tourbillon movement. Girard-Perregaux has developed two self-winding three-gold bridge tourbillon movements. The Esmeralda Tourbillon three-gold bridge tourbillon watch is equipped with the GP09400 movement, which is the successor to GP09600. On the side, the miniature automatic tourbillon is designed to maintain the rigorous structure of the Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon movement. The size of the movement is increased to 36.6 mm (GP09600 is 31 mm), and the power reserve is extended to 60 hours (GP09600 is 48 hours). Larger watches such as the DLC Neo-tourbillon Titanium Tourbillon launched in previous years. However, in Neo-Tourbillon, the DLC titanium three-gold bridge used by GP09400 presents a more avant-garde design. In the Esmeralda Tourbillon three-gold bridge tourbillon watch, GP09400 uses the traditional three-gold bridge design to depict the Esmeralda Tourbillon three. The classic look of the Golden Bridge Tourbillon.

Every detail of the bridge’s tiny corners, inner chamfers, hole edges and other details have been carefully polished into a perfect mirror surface. The dazzling light shines with the rose gold case and Dauphine Hands.

   The complete movement structure with three gold bridges across the face plate is the most popular design feature of Girard Perregaux’s three gold bridge tourbillons. The linear gear train is directly set on the side of the face plate to show the rigorous order of the machine and the beauty of the structure. Let people who fall in love with traditional machinery and crafts love it. The Esmeralda Tourbillon Tri-Golden Tourbillon watch, which pays tribute to the brand’s legendary classics, takes this traditional design process further to the fullest. The first three golden bridges that came into view were made of rose gold. The Girard-Perregaux watch, a three-gold bridge tourbillon pocket watch that won the gold medal at the Paris World Expo in 1889, has an improved arrow-shaped golden bridge style and is of the highest standard. The process is chamfered and polished. Every small corner of the small bridge body, the inner chamfer, the edge of the hole, and other details are carefully polished into a perfect mirror surface, dazzling light and rose gold case and too Dauphine Hands shine on each other.

The lyre-shaped tourbillon frame is the most recognizable design of the Girard-Perregaux tourbillon. The slim frame carrying the escapement system’s rotation outlines a beautiful figure with curved lines.

   Another protagonist of the Esmeralda Tourbillon watch is a tourbillon device at 6 o’clock. The lyre-shaped tourbillon frame that is familiar to the table friends is the most recognizable design of Girard Perregaux watch tourbillon. The slim frame carrying the escapement system outlines a beautiful figure with curved lines. It is regarded as the exclusive design of Girard Perregaux. However, it is very difficult to make chamfering and mirror polishing on the curved tourbillon frame. Even skilled craftsmen need to spend a considerable amount of time to complete the modification, so that this mechanical device can continue to work. Gorgeous afterimages were reflected in the spinning wheel.

The machine board uses the machine engraving process to scribe sharp and complicated radial engraving, so that the face plate presents a rich layered sense.

The flower-shaped radiation engraving gives the barrel a richer visual sense, which sets off the golden bridge that is perfectly modified.

   In keeping with the design concept of pocket watches, the movement of Girard Perregaux’s three-gold bridge tourbillon watch is almost the whole focus of appreciation, so it is necessary to strive for perfection in the decoration of the movement. In the movement decoration process of the Esmeralda Tourbillon three-gold bridge tourbillon watch, in order to highlight the nobleness of the three gold bridges and tourbillons, especially the surface of the machine plate and the barrel are carved with a sharp and complex process by machine-engraving. Radial engraving makes the face plate show rich layering. There are only a handful of artisans in Switzerland with machine-engraving technology, as well as antique lathes that can produce machine-engraving. Even the only part used as a decorative decoration also uses such rare craftsmanship. This is how Girard-Perregaux gave this watch High expectations and persistence in craftsmanship.

Fast Speed ​​and Zero Distance Tag Heuer And Mclaren Team F1 Shanghai Station Together

From April 13 to April 15, 2012, the F1 Shanghai race is in full swing. Feel the speed and passion in the race against time between Button and Hamilton, and witness the perfect fusion of TAG Heuer’s 152 years of watchmaking experience with modern technology.
Jenson Button wears TAG Heuer Carrera chronograph

   In 2008, Lewis Hamilton won the F1 World Championship. In 2010, Jenson Button joined the TAG Heuer Family of Stars, which bodes well for his once again to write a proud record that shocked the racing world. TAG Heuer is the only watch brand in F1 history to have two new champions, shouldering TAG Heuer’s glory and qualifying. As time goes by, today’s impressive record slowly sings the glory of the past. As early as 20 years ago, Prost and Senna-the champions of 1988 and 1989-once went to F1 with McLaren team and TAG Heuer.

   Here, the world’s fastest racing engine is rumbling, the top F1 team must work every second, the world’s top drivers pass you by. If the paddock is the heart of the F1 game, then the garage trip is really touching the pulse of the game. You can see for yourself that the latest cars are neatly and orderly arranged in the garage and touch the most advanced technology; wearing dedicated headphones, you can hear the strategic deployment of coaches and drivers.

   In addition to meeting the world’s top racing drivers and engineers, the paddock is also the best place for celebrities. This time, TAG Heuer has the honor to invite the famous movie star Ms. Zhang Yuqi, Miss Universe Luo Zilin, the Chinese racer Mr. Dong Hebin and the only female racer Ms. Tan Ying to watch the race in the VIP room and feel the speed and passion of TAG Heuer.
Speed ​​comes from passion, precision starts from inheritance
   In 1860, industrial development changed the world rapidly, and Edward Heuer realized that only more accurate timepieces could keep up with the times. That year he set up a watchmaking workshop in Switzerland, which is today’s TAG Heuer. With the advent of the automotive age, the desire for speed in the blood of TAG Heuer has been ignited, and more and more timepieces have flashed racing inspiration. Today, 152 years later, TAG Heuer represents the perfect combination of racing and watches, and the blood boils in the sound of the roaring engine.

   For more than a century, TAG Heuer has demonstrated the brand spirit in the racing world: avant-garde, innovative and extreme precision. In 1911, TAG Heuer invented the first instrument timing tool applied to racing cars-‘Time Journey’, which fully meets the needs of professional car events. In 1916, TAG Heuer ‘Micrograph’ shocked the world. In the era of lack of technology, This world’s first timer accurate to 1 / 100th of a second is a masterpiece of time and space; in 1933, TAG Heuer’s first timer ‘Autavia’, which can be used by cars (Aut) and aviation (avia), came out; In 1986, the first portable timer ‘Microtimer’ with an accuracy of 1 / 1,000 seconds renewed the history of watches. The wheels are rolling. In the splendid history of TAG Heuer and racing, the constant is the highest precision and trustworthy quality.
Technology boosts engine speed and precision
   TAG Heuer continues to climb behind the pinnacle of accurate timing, and it also plays a role in cooperating with many car events. The race of every minute challenges the smallest division of a timepiece. The Carrera series, the Super Carrera series, the Monaco series, and the F1 series have all drawn inspiration from motorsport.

   As the perfect example of the ‘Gentleman Racer’ era, the Carrera series deserves to be deserved. Recalling 1964, Jack. TAG Heuer’s first electric shock car, the most demanding endurance race, the “Carrera Pan American Mexico Road Race”. To pay tribute to the true braves and the highly skilled riders, the first Carrera watch was born. With the constant growth of motorsport and its rising reputation, Carrera watch has become a classic. In 2010, Carrera 1887 brought a powerful engine, the first self-developed mechanical movement of TAG Heuer, to make a stunning debut, and won the “Little Hand Award” at the Geneva Watch Awards. In 2012, Carrera 1887 inherited TAG Heuer’s car Passion, with a new design.

   Perseverance in extreme precision, extraordinary performance and innovation makes TAG Heuer a well-deserved leader in racing timers. In early 2011, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first Mikrograph with a central pointer display, accurate to 1 / 100th of a second. Subsequently, the mechanical frequency watch Mikrotimer Flying 1000 with a frequency of 500 Hz was unveiled. The central hand of the dial can complete 10 rotations per second, which is 125 times faster than a standard Swiss chronograph. Such an extraordinary masterpiece has won the ‘Best Sports Watch of the Year’ award at the 2011 Swiss Watch Awards in Geneva. In 2012, TAG Heuer brought once again the great masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking legend MIKROGIRDER, which broke the technical conventions and was able to measure and display 5 / 10,000th seconds with an accuracy beyond imagination.

TAG Heuer, the proud choice of legendary drivers
   Looking back on history, TAG Heuer’s glorious tradition of cooperating with top racing drivers can be traced back to the original era of Formula F1 Grand Prix. In 1969, TAG Heuer became the first watch brand to sponsor a racing driver. This lucky driver is the Jo Siffert who will be famous in the future. In 1985, TAG Heuer became the official and corporate partner of the McLaren team. In addition to becoming the official timing tool for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team, TAG Heuer is also an important partner of the McLaren Technology Center, dedicated to co-development of special projects. As the official timing brand of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, TAG Heuer is committed to creating a cutting-edge technology-specific timing system for the team. During the cooperation, McLaren team won the Formula 1 FIA Team World Championships 6 times and won the driver’s crown 9 times as the most successful business cooperation in history. It is regarded as a legendary classic.

Sihh 2015 Piaget Black Tie Collection Emperador Coussin 1270s Watch

Piaget launches the Black Tie Emperador Coussin 1270S watch with a case thickness of only 8.85 mm. It is the world’s thinnest ultra-thin skeleton automatic tourbillon watch. There are two versions to choose from this time, the platinum version and the rose gold version equipped with a gold movement.
   After more than three years of hard work, Piaget has finally developed this Emperador Coussin 1270S movement, with 225 parts arranged and combined, with a thickness controlled within 5.05 mm, and it must be hollowed out and engraved on the basis of ensuring perfect operation.
   The inverted movement structure allows us to see the full picture of the platinum pendulum and splint from the dial side; the eccentric pearl tourbillon and tourbillon are located at the upper right, and are connected by the English letter ‘P’ representing Piaget to form the luckiest Arabic numeral ‘8 ”Shape; carefully polished and polished to create a subtle contrast with the satin brushed plywood, pleasing to the eye.
   Both sides of the case are equipped with transparent sapphire mirrors. The main functional components of the movement: the automatic winding system, the barrel, the escapement speed adjustment device, the gear train, and the eccentric hour and minute hands are clearly visible. Through the world’s thinnest and ultra-thin hollow automatic tourbillon 8.85 mm case with transparent mirrors on both sides, it can also be refined and refined on the 1270S movement.
   The new Emperador Coussin is available in two versions, the white gold version and the rose gold version with a gold movement. The platinum hands, pearl tourbillon, screws and tourbillon frame are all dark black. The rose gold version is more classic and traditional, equipped with a movement made of all-gold material, the extreme retouch perfectly embodies the Piaget motto ‘Always do better than necessary’ (Always do better than necessary). Fine watchmaking retouching includes complex techniques such as hand sawing, chamfering and mirror polishing. These exquisite hand-made decorations make the mechanical charm of this 1270S precious metal skeleton movement even more exciting.
   The following are the main retouching processes used for the movement parts: base plate and plywood (satin brushed, hand-chamfered and polished); rose gold-toned pendulum (satin brushed, chamfered and Guilloché), screws (blind holes and Mirror polished); barrel (satin-finished and hand-chamfered); tourbillon frame splint (hand-chamfered and hand-drawn engraved pattern).
   The elegant 46.5mm pillow-shaped case is crafted in 18K rose or white gold, with a brown or black alligator leather strap with a gold safety buckle.

Fashion Pioneer At The Forefront Of The Times Beijing Watch Re-enacts ‘one Type Watch’ Accompanying Around

In the social era of people and clouds, mavericks are dazzling like pearls in the deep sea. They are self-confident and independent, and dare to express their true identity; they are pioneers who adhere to the essence of the East; they advocate classics, and interpret ‘classic’ in a more fashionable and modern way. Rather than withdrawing from it, the Beijing watch re-enacts the “type 1 watch” to continue the classics of the era, highlighting the distinctive self-style of the watch wearer.

‘A type watch’ is the first watch launched by the Beijing brand in 1958, leading the trend of an era, and also represents the strength and status that it has since its inception; replicating the first watch of the Beijing brand ‘ ‘A watch’ pays tribute to the pioneering spirit that dates back to 1958 and continues to push the brand forward.

Ahead of time, achieve classics

Since its establishment in 1958, Beijing Watch has always focused on the production of highly complex movements and customization of high-end watches. The pioneering spirit that was born differently has continued to promote the brand’s progress with the change of the times. In the year of establishment, under the impetus of Peng Zhen, the mayor of Beijing at the time, 21 watchmaking pioneers combined excellent and exquisite skills with exquisite aesthetic design to develop the first batch of 17 ‘type 1 watches’. Since then, the watchmaking process of Beijing Watch has begun. The ‘type I watch’ has smooth and thin lines, with gold dial and pin, and is extremely exquisite, leading the trend of an era. To this day, this watch is still a classic with full marks and is still loved by many people. Watch people looking for.

Beijing watch engraved ‘a type watch’

  In order to continue the pioneering spirit that has continuously promoted the brand’s development since 1958, Beijing Watch has launched a new replica ‘type I watch’ to create a timeless and unique fashion watch. The engraved ‘I-type watch’ has sharp contour lines and a thin and delicate bezel. The mirror surface made of classic acrylic glass has a slight arc, which is full of three-dimensional effect. On the silver dial, the gold-plated sword-shaped hands and the time scale complement each other. Each replica ‘type 1 watch’ has a unique number, and the bottom cover is engraved with the unique ‘BJ’ mark of Beijing Watch, which combines the symmetrical balance of the Forbidden City architectural aesthetics with the square pattern structure of the Chinese pattern aesthetics. A high-end watch with the ‘BJ’ mark has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, which is the embodiment of quality and value. In addition to the classic black cowhide strap, a crazy horseskin strap with a matte and fine-velvet texture is also distributed. With the passage of time, the special scratches on the strap will become brighter and incomparable.

Beijing table ‘Miyagi’ gift box

Adhering to the pioneering spirit of the brand since its inception, Beijing Watch has launched a replica type of ‘type 1 watch’ Miyagi gift box, which draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics and architecture, with selected paper materials, has a low-key luxury texture . Embossed with the Beijing watch brand logo on the front, the Tiananmen Tower and the gilded ‘BEIJING’ are combined, full of international fashion.

This is a ‘push-open’ box that breaks through the conventional ‘sky and earth cover’ opening method of the watch box. The hollow ‘L-shaped’ is taken from the minimalist connotation of ‘Less is more’, and it is also the ‘organ’ that opens the gift box.

On the right is the display of the ‘I-type watch’, a fashion and trend of an era, which is still a classic today; the black box lid on the left is printed with the dazzling Beijing brand logo, and the interior is divided into two layers. On the upper level, there is a delicate red Tiananmen brooch and crazy horse leather strap. The leather with a texture between matte and fine wool brings unexpected roughness. The lower level contains the identification of the watch and the instruction manual.

 On December 12th, the re-engraved ‘One Type Watch’ gift box will be released simultaneously in Beijing Watch counter, Tmall ‘Beijing Watch Flagship Store’ and ‘Beijing Watch Self-operated Flagship Store’!

2016 Top 10 Technology Breakthroughs In Watch And Clock Industry (Mid)

In 2016, the top 10 technological breakthroughs in the watch industry were ranked in no particular order.
04 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance
   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance appeared for the first time nine years ago. Jaeger-LeCoultre used this balance wheel on the compress extreme lab concept table of the year. The H-shaped Gyrolab® balance, similar to an anchor, is completely different from any previous circular balance. According to Jaeger-LeCoultre, the specially shaped Gyrolab® balance brings many advantages to the movement’s operation. First, the weight of the non-circular Gyrolab® balance is greatly reduced, which brings great advantages to the energy management of the movement and reduces the power loss of the balance operation. At the same time, the Gyrolab® balance reduces aerodynamic resistance and improves the accuracy of watch movement. Can help the watch to reach the level of accuracy of the observatory. Jaeger-LeCoultre spent 7 years perfecting the performance of the new Gyrolab® balance and creating the possibility of mass production. Compared with ordinary balance wheels, the manufacturing process of Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance wheels is more complicated. The production of conventional balance wheels involves 6 types of tools and equipment, and the balance wheel is cut and formed in 1 minute. Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balances require 14 types of equipment for 10-minute cutting. In addition, the Gyrolab® balance is adjusted by 4 gold weights with H-shaped edges.

Geophysic® Geophysical Observatory Series Watch Using Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® Balance Wheel
   The reason why non-circular balance wheels have not been widely used for a long time is that the production process is complicated. Many watch factories are outsourced balance wheels and do not need to produce them by themselves. For the first time, Jaeger-LeCoultre put non-circular balance wheels into mass commercial manufacturing, creating a ‘miracle’ in the watch industry. The Gyrolab® balance was first equipped in the 770/772 movement of the Geophysic® series of watches in 2015. Two watches in this series, one with a jumping second and three hands, and one with a jumping seconds world all use the Gyrolab® balance wheel. It is undeniable that the application of Gyrolab® balance is a real technical achievement compared to jumping seconds. Since then, Jaeger-LeCoultre has used the Gyrolab® balance on the fourth-generation spherical tourbillon of the Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon this year. It can be seen that the Gyrolab® balance has been promoted. Obviously, making a product with a disruptive structure is nothing, because a few experimental products will not bring any change to the watch industry. The large-scale use of new technologies is the revolutionary product needed by the watch industry. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance is a revolutionary product in the watch industry.

Seconds mechanism in Jaeger-LeCoultre 770/772 movement (top) and Gyrolab® balance.
   Compared with the performance advantages brought about by the unique structure of Gyrolab® balance, many viewpoints believe that Gyrolab® balance will bring higher brand recognition to Jaeger-LeCoultre. Just like Omega’s coaxial escapement, the Gyrolab® balance will be the next generation of Jaeger-LeCoultre technology.
05 Breitling in Chronoworks® movement

   Breitling has completely eliminated the ruby ​​bearing in the moving wheel train of the Chronoworks® movement. Before that, it had never been heard and never appeared in the entire watch industry. The Breitling Chronoworks® movement is actually a concept version of the Breitling B01 movement, which applies the latest technology in the watch industry to this movement. For the first time, Breitling uses a ceramic main splint on a Chronoworks® movement. Breitling uses high-tech ceramics (hexagonal boron nitride) to make plywood. Ceramics have a self-lubricating property (no need to add lubricant). Because of this characteristic, ceramics are usually used to make ball bearings for automatic rotors in watch movements. The Breitling Chronoworks® movement uses a ceramic main splint to allow the gear shaft to run directly in the hole of the splint. Due to the very low coefficient of friction of the ceramic splint, it is not only necessary to place a jewel bearing on the gear shaft, nor to add a gear shaft oil. Due to the elimination of ruby ​​bearings on the running gear, the Chronoworks® movement uses only 37 gem bearings compared to the 47 gem bearings of the regular B01 movement.

Breitling Super Marine Culture Chronoworks® Chronograph
   To complement the new ceramic main splint, Breitling uses silicon gears on Chronoworks® movements. Everyone knows that the use of silicon to make silicon escapements is common in the watch industry, but the use of silicon to make the gears of the time train is another major innovation in Breitling’s Chronoworks® movement.

Breitling Chronoworks® movement (top) and the silicon gear in the movement, we can see that there are no gem bearings on the splint.
   In fact, silicon is very suitable for making gears. Both silicon escapements and silicon gears are manufactured using DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etching). One of the characteristics of silicon etching is that the surface of the etched part is abnormally smooth. This degree of smoothness to the nanometer level makes silicon parts very suitable for friction parts such as escapement wheels and forks, which cannot be achieved by traditional cutting methods. Because it is extremely smooth and has a very low coefficient of friction, there is no need to add oil for lubrication, which is a major technical achievement in modern watchmaking. The second, third, and fourth (second) wheels of Breitling’s Chronoworks® movement are silicon-made silicon gears. In other words, except for the head wheel of the barrel, the entire travel gear (plus escapement) is Made of silicon, the altar is rare.
06 Blancpain 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II watch

   Today, many watch factories have invested in the research and development of high-tech ceramics, and Blancpain is one of them. Different from the previous ceramic technology, various watch factories have adopted zirconium dioxide as the latest technical material for ceramic watch cases. Zirconia ceramic case has stronger hardness and changeable color than previous ceramic case. Blancpain’s latest 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II limited edition watch uses an all-ceramic blue case, which we have never seen before. Prior to Blancpain’s new limited edition of 50 噚, it is a challenge for the watch industry to make ceramics uniform and uniform in color when they are pigmented and have sufficient hardness. This is why the ceramic watches we usually see are white, grey and black. The problem is that if the mixed ceramic pigments are not completely colored or unevenly heated during the heating process, the ceramic watch case will fade and is irreparable. Although we can see more and more watches using colored ceramic bezels, such as Rolex, Tag Heuer and so on. However, very few watches currently use all-ceramic color cases. Please note that the case, crown and chronograph button of this Blancpain watch are all made of full blue ceramic.

Blancpain 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II Limited List
   Blancpain said that in order to achieve this full blue, the new limited edition 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II has added a new colorant and binder during the production process. Before curing the case, buttons, crown and other ceramic parts, the adhesive is heated at a low temperature. According to Blancpain, this technology has been developed for many years. This is a ceramic manufacturing technology we have never seen before. Blancpain’s new limited edition 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II chronograph has a diameter of 43.6 mm, a thickness of 15.25 mm, and a water resistance of 300 meters. The all-ceramic case has excellent scratch resistance and will never fade. Although the traditional ceramic case has the disadvantage of being fragile, it is easy to break. Blancpain’s latest ceramic technology has greatly improved the impact resistance of the 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II ceramic case, reaching a new technological height in the watch industry.

Blancpain’s Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II chronograph uses the F385 high-frequency self-winding flyback chronograph movement.
   Blancpain’s new limited edition 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II chronograph uses the F385 self-winding high-frequency flyback chronograph movement launched in 2014. It has a swing frequency of 36,000 times / hour, a power reserve of 50 hours, and a 12-hour flyback timer and calendar function. Through the case bottom, you can see a lot of technical characteristics of the movement and the marine protection logo carved on the 18K gold automatic tourbillon.
07 TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T Tourbillon Watch

   The entry threshold for the Swiss tourbillon is in the hands of TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer introduced the cheapest Swiss tourbillon watch at this year’s Basel Watch Fair, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch. This tourbillon watch with chronograph function and observatory certification costs only 15,000 Swiss francs. In other words, this number is about 100,000 yuan. 100,000 yuan is basically the price of a steel shell Dayton in a specialty store. Even the price of 100,000 yuan can not even buy a gold dateJUST in the specialty store (41 mm with diamonds, the public price is more than 100,000). Now I buy a tourbillon with the price of a steel watch, and it also comes with timekeeping. It is still certified by the observatory. I have nothing to say except to startled my chin.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T Tourbillon Watch
   Of course, I can understand the tourbillon watch at such an amazingly low price. More automated production and reduced labor costs (Switzerland’s high labor costs are one of the reasons for the high price of watches), the modular movement, the use of universal parts (this tourbillon movement is the CH80 automatic chronograph before Tag Heuer Developed on the basis of the core), have further reduced the cost of the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch, reducing the price. Due to the low price of this tourbillon watch, Patek Philippe President Teri Stein has stated that the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch has destroyed the value of Swiss watchmaking. But there is no doubt that the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch has greatly reduced the entry threshold for Swiss-made tourbillons, which is definitely good news for watch buyers.