Fashion Pioneer At The Forefront Of The Times Beijing Watch Re-enacts ‘one Type Watch’ Accompanying Around

In the social era of people and clouds, mavericks are dazzling like pearls in the deep sea. They are self-confident and independent, and dare to express their true identity; they are pioneers who adhere to the essence of the East; they advocate classics, and interpret ‘classic’ in a more fashionable and modern way. Rather than withdrawing from it, the Beijing watch re-enacts the “type 1 watch” to continue the classics of the era, highlighting the distinctive self-style of the watch wearer.

‘A type watch’ is the first watch launched by the Beijing brand in 1958, leading the trend of an era, and also represents the strength and status that it has since its inception; replicating the first watch of the Beijing brand ‘ ‘A watch’ pays tribute to the pioneering spirit that dates back to 1958 and continues to push the brand forward.

Ahead of time, achieve classics

Since its establishment in 1958, Beijing Watch has always focused on the production of highly complex movements and customization of high-end watches. The pioneering spirit that was born differently has continued to promote the brand’s progress with the change of the times. In the year of establishment, under the impetus of Peng Zhen, the mayor of Beijing at the time, 21 watchmaking pioneers combined excellent and exquisite skills with exquisite aesthetic design to develop the first batch of 17 ‘type 1 watches’. Since then, the watchmaking process of Beijing Watch has begun. The ‘type I watch’ has smooth and thin lines, with gold dial and pin, and is extremely exquisite, leading the trend of an era. To this day, this watch is still a classic with full marks and is still loved by many people. Watch people looking for.

Beijing watch engraved ‘a type watch’

  In order to continue the pioneering spirit that has continuously promoted the brand’s development since 1958, Beijing Watch has launched a new replica ‘type I watch’ to create a timeless and unique fashion watch. The engraved ‘I-type watch’ has sharp contour lines and a thin and delicate bezel. The mirror surface made of classic acrylic glass has a slight arc, which is full of three-dimensional effect. On the silver dial, the gold-plated sword-shaped hands and the time scale complement each other. Each replica ‘type 1 watch’ has a unique number, and the bottom cover is engraved with the unique ‘BJ’ mark of Beijing Watch, which combines the symmetrical balance of the Forbidden City architectural aesthetics with the square pattern structure of the Chinese pattern aesthetics. A high-end watch with the ‘BJ’ mark has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, which is the embodiment of quality and value. In addition to the classic black cowhide strap, a crazy horseskin strap with a matte and fine-velvet texture is also distributed. With the passage of time, the special scratches on the strap will become brighter and incomparable.

Beijing table ‘Miyagi’ gift box

Adhering to the pioneering spirit of the brand since its inception, Beijing Watch has launched a replica type of ‘type 1 watch’ Miyagi gift box, which draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics and architecture, with selected paper materials, has a low-key luxury texture . Embossed with the Beijing watch brand logo on the front, the Tiananmen Tower and the gilded ‘BEIJING’ are combined, full of international fashion.

This is a ‘push-open’ box that breaks through the conventional ‘sky and earth cover’ opening method of the watch box. The hollow ‘L-shaped’ is taken from the minimalist connotation of ‘Less is more’, and it is also the ‘organ’ that opens the gift box.

On the right is the display of the ‘I-type watch’, a fashion and trend of an era, which is still a classic today; the black box lid on the left is printed with the dazzling Beijing brand logo, and the interior is divided into two layers. On the upper level, there is a delicate red Tiananmen brooch and crazy horse leather strap. The leather with a texture between matte and fine wool brings unexpected roughness. The lower level contains the identification of the watch and the instruction manual.

 On December 12th, the re-engraved ‘One Type Watch’ gift box will be released simultaneously in Beijing Watch counter, Tmall ‘Beijing Watch Flagship Store’ and ‘Beijing Watch Self-operated Flagship Store’!

2016 Top 10 Technology Breakthroughs In Watch And Clock Industry (Mid)

In 2016, the top 10 technological breakthroughs in the watch industry were ranked in no particular order.
04 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance
   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance appeared for the first time nine years ago. Jaeger-LeCoultre used this balance wheel on the compress extreme lab concept table of the year. The H-shaped Gyrolab® balance, similar to an anchor, is completely different from any previous circular balance. According to Jaeger-LeCoultre, the specially shaped Gyrolab® balance brings many advantages to the movement’s operation. First, the weight of the non-circular Gyrolab® balance is greatly reduced, which brings great advantages to the energy management of the movement and reduces the power loss of the balance operation. At the same time, the Gyrolab® balance reduces aerodynamic resistance and improves the accuracy of watch movement. Can help the watch to reach the level of accuracy of the observatory. Jaeger-LeCoultre spent 7 years perfecting the performance of the new Gyrolab® balance and creating the possibility of mass production. Compared with ordinary balance wheels, the manufacturing process of Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance wheels is more complicated. The production of conventional balance wheels involves 6 types of tools and equipment, and the balance wheel is cut and formed in 1 minute. Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balances require 14 types of equipment for 10-minute cutting. In addition, the Gyrolab® balance is adjusted by 4 gold weights with H-shaped edges.

Geophysic® Geophysical Observatory Series Watch Using Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® Balance Wheel
   The reason why non-circular balance wheels have not been widely used for a long time is that the production process is complicated. Many watch factories are outsourced balance wheels and do not need to produce them by themselves. For the first time, Jaeger-LeCoultre put non-circular balance wheels into mass commercial manufacturing, creating a ‘miracle’ in the watch industry. The Gyrolab® balance was first equipped in the 770/772 movement of the Geophysic® series of watches in 2015. Two watches in this series, one with a jumping second and three hands, and one with a jumping seconds world all use the Gyrolab® balance wheel. It is undeniable that the application of Gyrolab® balance is a real technical achievement compared to jumping seconds. Since then, Jaeger-LeCoultre has used the Gyrolab® balance on the fourth-generation spherical tourbillon of the Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon this year. It can be seen that the Gyrolab® balance has been promoted. Obviously, making a product with a disruptive structure is nothing, because a few experimental products will not bring any change to the watch industry. The large-scale use of new technologies is the revolutionary product needed by the watch industry. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab® balance is a revolutionary product in the watch industry.

Seconds mechanism in Jaeger-LeCoultre 770/772 movement (top) and Gyrolab® balance.
   Compared with the performance advantages brought about by the unique structure of Gyrolab® balance, many viewpoints believe that Gyrolab® balance will bring higher brand recognition to Jaeger-LeCoultre. Just like Omega’s coaxial escapement, the Gyrolab® balance will be the next generation of Jaeger-LeCoultre technology.
05 Breitling in Chronoworks® movement

   Breitling has completely eliminated the ruby ​​bearing in the moving wheel train of the Chronoworks® movement. Before that, it had never been heard and never appeared in the entire watch industry. The Breitling Chronoworks® movement is actually a concept version of the Breitling B01 movement, which applies the latest technology in the watch industry to this movement. For the first time, Breitling uses a ceramic main splint on a Chronoworks® movement. Breitling uses high-tech ceramics (hexagonal boron nitride) to make plywood. Ceramics have a self-lubricating property (no need to add lubricant). Because of this characteristic, ceramics are usually used to make ball bearings for automatic rotors in watch movements. The Breitling Chronoworks® movement uses a ceramic main splint to allow the gear shaft to run directly in the hole of the splint. Due to the very low coefficient of friction of the ceramic splint, it is not only necessary to place a jewel bearing on the gear shaft, nor to add a gear shaft oil. Due to the elimination of ruby ​​bearings on the running gear, the Chronoworks® movement uses only 37 gem bearings compared to the 47 gem bearings of the regular B01 movement.

Breitling Super Marine Culture Chronoworks® Chronograph
   To complement the new ceramic main splint, Breitling uses silicon gears on Chronoworks® movements. Everyone knows that the use of silicon to make silicon escapements is common in the watch industry, but the use of silicon to make the gears of the time train is another major innovation in Breitling’s Chronoworks® movement.

Breitling Chronoworks® movement (top) and the silicon gear in the movement, we can see that there are no gem bearings on the splint.
   In fact, silicon is very suitable for making gears. Both silicon escapements and silicon gears are manufactured using DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etching). One of the characteristics of silicon etching is that the surface of the etched part is abnormally smooth. This degree of smoothness to the nanometer level makes silicon parts very suitable for friction parts such as escapement wheels and forks, which cannot be achieved by traditional cutting methods. Because it is extremely smooth and has a very low coefficient of friction, there is no need to add oil for lubrication, which is a major technical achievement in modern watchmaking. The second, third, and fourth (second) wheels of Breitling’s Chronoworks® movement are silicon-made silicon gears. In other words, except for the head wheel of the barrel, the entire travel gear (plus escapement) is Made of silicon, the altar is rare.
06 Blancpain 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II watch

   Today, many watch factories have invested in the research and development of high-tech ceramics, and Blancpain is one of them. Different from the previous ceramic technology, various watch factories have adopted zirconium dioxide as the latest technical material for ceramic watch cases. Zirconia ceramic case has stronger hardness and changeable color than previous ceramic case. Blancpain’s latest 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II limited edition watch uses an all-ceramic blue case, which we have never seen before. Prior to Blancpain’s new limited edition of 50 噚, it is a challenge for the watch industry to make ceramics uniform and uniform in color when they are pigmented and have sufficient hardness. This is why the ceramic watches we usually see are white, grey and black. The problem is that if the mixed ceramic pigments are not completely colored or unevenly heated during the heating process, the ceramic watch case will fade and is irreparable. Although we can see more and more watches using colored ceramic bezels, such as Rolex, Tag Heuer and so on. However, very few watches currently use all-ceramic color cases. Please note that the case, crown and chronograph button of this Blancpain watch are all made of full blue ceramic.

Blancpain 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II Limited List
   Blancpain said that in order to achieve this full blue, the new limited edition 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II has added a new colorant and binder during the production process. Before curing the case, buttons, crown and other ceramic parts, the adhesive is heated at a low temperature. According to Blancpain, this technology has been developed for many years. This is a ceramic manufacturing technology we have never seen before. Blancpain’s new limited edition 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II chronograph has a diameter of 43.6 mm, a thickness of 15.25 mm, and a water resistance of 300 meters. The all-ceramic case has excellent scratch resistance and will never fade. Although the traditional ceramic case has the disadvantage of being fragile, it is easy to break. Blancpain’s latest ceramic technology has greatly improved the impact resistance of the 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II ceramic case, reaching a new technological height in the watch industry.

Blancpain’s Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II chronograph uses the F385 high-frequency self-winding flyback chronograph movement.
   Blancpain’s new limited edition 50 噚 Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment II chronograph uses the F385 self-winding high-frequency flyback chronograph movement launched in 2014. It has a swing frequency of 36,000 times / hour, a power reserve of 50 hours, and a 12-hour flyback timer and calendar function. Through the case bottom, you can see a lot of technical characteristics of the movement and the marine protection logo carved on the 18K gold automatic tourbillon.
07 TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T Tourbillon Watch

   The entry threshold for the Swiss tourbillon is in the hands of TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer introduced the cheapest Swiss tourbillon watch at this year’s Basel Watch Fair, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch. This tourbillon watch with chronograph function and observatory certification costs only 15,000 Swiss francs. In other words, this number is about 100,000 yuan. 100,000 yuan is basically the price of a steel shell Dayton in a specialty store. Even the price of 100,000 yuan can not even buy a gold dateJUST in the specialty store (41 mm with diamonds, the public price is more than 100,000). Now I buy a tourbillon with the price of a steel watch, and it also comes with timekeeping. It is still certified by the observatory. I have nothing to say except to startled my chin.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T Tourbillon Watch
   Of course, I can understand the tourbillon watch at such an amazingly low price. More automated production and reduced labor costs (Switzerland’s high labor costs are one of the reasons for the high price of watches), the modular movement, the use of universal parts (this tourbillon movement is the CH80 automatic chronograph before Tag Heuer Developed on the basis of the core), have further reduced the cost of the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch, reducing the price. Due to the low price of this tourbillon watch, Patek Philippe President Teri Stein has stated that the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch has destroyed the value of Swiss watchmaking. But there is no doubt that the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon watch has greatly reduced the entry threshold for Swiss-made tourbillons, which is definitely good news for watch buyers.

Wang Jing: No Watch Can Satisfy All The Desires Of A Watch

There is no praise for the chanting of the watch. Wang Ji used a slightly literary tone to express some aesthetic trends of literary style (although I think he might not agree with my use of the rotten word Describe him). But he is also active, planning and ambitious. He emphasizes ‘reliable’ in his work, which is a unique background for watch collectors.
    Wang Ji Watch connoisseur, producer of ‘Time Art’ and ‘First Class’ magazine, one of the sponsors and the first judge of ‘Yingchuantang Review’ in the Chinese watch collection. The author of a watch that was once called the ‘most drag’.
The best watch in life
    Wang Jizhi said to reporters chicly that what disappeared briefly was luxury. Before long, he told another story and proved it in circles. He said that the watch he could no longer find was the best watch in life. The first watch in life that he bought when he stepped into the university, the Omega Speedmaster, was lost because of his ridiculous years. If he could be met now, he would buy it again no matter how much it cost.
    Whether he was wearing PP or Panerai now, or even though he asked his family for the watch at the time, it was only influenced by Japanese watch magazines, and felt very trendy, but if you ask him the one in his heart that touched him most , Still the lost Omega.
    Well, we all know that the lack of access to the lost needle is always a dangling needle. Probably for this reason, the watch seems more meaningful-because its mechanical operation always reminds people that cherishing the moment is the most important.
On the left is PP5726, which aroused the desire of Wang Ji to wear watches.
The significance of a watch lies in a momentary joy
    ‘One watch, three or five days of joy, is enough.’ This is Wang Ji’s expression of happiness in hiding a watch. Indeed, when he asked him to hide the pictures of the watch, he just took out five watches from the bank in accordance with the concise style of his magazine, took a photo, sent it, and then locked it in the bank again. ‘I usually don’t like the feeling of wearing a watch. Except for the current Patek Philippe 5726, this is indeed a watch that evokes the feeling of wearing a watch. For me, this is already a ‘universal watch’ It’s because its annual calendar shows that I do n’t have to look around like a stupid neck every time I sign a contract. The rubber strap I wear is also comfortable and convenient. But what about it? I’ve been searching for a suitable strap for a long time Every time I get a watch, I am happy for three or five days, and I feel so good looking, I have been satisfied and I can lock it in the cabinet after enjoying it. ‘
    ‘No watch can satisfy all people’s desires for a watch. There is no perfect thing, and people are always pursuing multiple sides. Even Patek Philippe is impossible. And even if there is no watch that can completely represent Patek Philippe ‘I don’t know if it is because of the influence of Dongying’s study abroad on Wang Ji’s aesthetics. He often used a slightly literary tone and sentences to express some aesthetic tendencies of literary style, although I think he may not agree with me Grungy words describe him.
Wang Ji Watch Collection
I don’t care if the watch is accurate
    ‘I know that watch collectors today are divided into two groups. One is to restore the watch to a real chronograph, returning to what it was 100 years ago, mechanical precision, and no involvement with art. For example, Rolex. And I However, it does not care about the accuracy of the watch. I certainly know their mechanical reliability, but my point is that a thing can only become a luxury product like art if it is more out of practicality. What I care about is that the beauty brought by these machines, of course, contains a lot of them. The mechanical beauty embodied by the movement, the grinding of parts, and the curves are all the final visual beauty. ‘These are the kings. Silent favorite watch, this luxury personality.
    However, when it comes to watch collection investment, Wang Ji’s strong reason as a man immediately appeared. ‘If you look at it without any emotion, there are too few watches worth collecting! But in an auction just concluded on May 14, it proved that the top antique watches are very worthy of attention.’ I saw a Rolex from 1955. , The appearance is really good! The single appearance is like a new watch, but it has a distinct and unparalleled taste of the years than the new watch, that kind of cultural sense. In the end it was sold at 10 times the market price. I used to discuss with Zhang Yesheng, like drinking old wine, even if it was not a good year, because with the taste of time precipitation, the feeling of time and space travel will be more intoxicating than the new wine of good vintage. . We have a summary. Regarding the experience of enjoyment, whether it is for wine or watches, I think it is the same: it is normal for the elderly to wear the old watch, and it is young for the elderly to wear the new watch. It is normal for young people to wear new watches, and it is tasteful for young people to wear old watches. Today’s machining accuracy is stronger than before, which does not mean that people in this era are smarter than those in those days. For an old watch, because the processing accuracy is not high, there are more manual interventions and more artificial temperament. Instead of putting it in a machine, a watch comes out.
Chinese watch circle must have a say
    One of Wang Ji’s recent events was to find eight watch collectors with great names in the Chinese language circle and make a watch selection together.
    This is an ambitious thing. This ‘Yingchuantang Review’ reveals its ambitions from the cover. Like the Michelin Guide, it uses a red cover, and the big words on the cover read ‘2011 Chinese Circle Watch Collection Weathervane’. It is going to become an actual book. Consumption guide book of Red Treasure, but also one review a year.
    Of course, the nine judges all have a status. Zhong Yonglin, who has ‘developed’ the ‘Top Ten Famous Watches’, Zhang Haosheng, who is known as a grand brother, and Wang Jinlong, who independently produced Taiwan’s first tourbillon pocket watch, have already collected many top-level watches in the 1970s. For the ‘rich second generation’ Mr. Ye Shurong, Mr. Huo Feile who had independently produced the first tourbillon watch on the mainland … and so on, etc., no matter what the ranking is, there is a sound of any name. ‘People who live to this level are reliable in doing things.’
    ‘We spend the most time making rules because as long as the rules are set, the rest will be reliable. What we have selected, apart from the annual watch king, the rest must be relatively easy to buy in the market. The annual watch king must be The new watch of the year, but other watches can be within 10 years. Each judge will score blindly and win the highest score … ‘Many detailed rules are listed before the list. ‘When I was young, I also bought a lot of’ face watches. ‘A brand produced a special watch and couldn’t help buying it.’ Wang Ji said, ‘So in short, we have to make a From the perspective of Chinese people’s appreciation, we have selected watches that are suitable for Chinese people to wear, hoping to have real guiding significance for consumers. ‘
Playthings quotes
The watch that can no longer be found is the best watch in life. What disappeared was the real luxury.
I don’t care about the accuracy of the watch. I just care about the visual beauty that the watch brings. Of course, this includes a lot.
A good watch is impossible in a lifetime. The system of monogamy is impossible on the watch.
No watch can satisfy all the desires of a watch. Not even Patek Philippe. There is no such thing as perfect, and people are always pursuing multiple sides.

Langer: Two Extremes That Collectors Love And Hate

In the Asian market, another Lange specialty shop was born. I wonder if it can bring new surprises to watch fans.
After I walked through Dresden, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul, I was tired. In order to follow Lange’s professional experience, the watchmaking factory and the Dresden Museum have left my footprints. Finally, in the most powerful financial center in Asia, and the place where the highest level of high-end watches are exported, Hong Kong 1881-the former site of the Old Marine Police Department, Lange built all the ‘Made in Germany’ luxury experiences from Dresden in this.

1881 is not new in the luxury goods circle. Since opening stores with other brands of the group a few years ago, 1881 has entered people’s vision. Like Lange’s strategic positioning in Shanghai Richemont Group, the low-key, restrained ‘Made in Germany’, with full confidence and unparalleled confidence in its own products, Lange chose to enter last. The Lange store in Hong Kong offers customers a different luxury experience. Visitors can learn about the history and philosophy of German watchmaking in an environment full of classic Lange style. Lange watches are popular with collectors, connoisseurs and watch lovers in Hong Kong. The same is true in Mainland China. According to Franck Glacobini, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific, ‘The establishment of the first store in Hong Kong will not only enhance the brand image, but also strengthen the relationship between the brand and local supporters.’ Lange has also been mysterious, and the previous news has been blocked tight. It was not until the press conference that three watchmakers from Germany demonstrated their craftsmanship that the global marketing director slowly kicked off-making only 15 RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ HANDWERKSKUNST appear on the market. ‘Pour le Mérite’, as a symbol of Lange’s highest skill, what surprise will its fourth product bring us? In addition to the threshold of entry-sesame chain, the new work can be said to be a complete replica of the 2011 Geneva watch exhibition, that is, an old replica of the ancient watch from Dresden. Like the three ‘Pour le Mérite’ introduced at the 2011 Geneva Watch Fair, it is made of a new honey-colored precious metal with a hardness of 300. Secondly, the inside is equipped with sesame chain and tourbillon, and there is not much change in function. However, all watch lovers at the scene noticed the movement of a watchmaker: he kept circling in eight different directions with a carving knife. When the working area of ​​this craft reached a certain size, a mysterious visual effect occurred. The disc surface made of the whole precious metal generally shows a full graininess like the surface of emery. This process of disc surface is called ‘Tremblage’. Before, some brands have done cheap diamond corundum mixed with wood chips, but Lange’s solid gold, the difficulty of processing can be imagined.
Every watch collector and connoisseur present was just in front of them. While rejoicing for Lange’s craftsmanship and his next prey, they had to take a blow: this ‘Pour le Mérite’ is limited to 15 pieces worldwide. Available only at 5 Lange stores. The implication is that the maximum quota of each store is not more than 3 …

Blancpain Proudly Announces The Reopening Of The Blue Coast Boutique

The promenade, a well-known reputation, a well-known hotel, and a long-established building. The Blancpain boutique, which has been located here since 2002, has been renovated and opened elegantly, further improving the brand’s presence on the Blue Coast and even The popularity of the retail network of 35 boutiques worldwide.

   Bathed in the sun, visitors can experience the spiritual culture that Blancpain has inherited from Switzerland. The boutique is decorated with cherry wood, inspired by the brand’s workshop architecture, where the Blancpain watchmakers show their superb craftsmanship. Timeless and elegant, the boutique style complements Blancpain’s Villeret core collection. The boutique not only creates a stage for Blancpain timepieces, but also for the art of watchmaking.

   Facing the sea, it is the ideal place to indulge in the legend of Iwaki. In early 1953, the Fifty Fathoms watch was officially launched and put into use. This series reflects Blancpain’s passion for the underwater world. Since then, Blancpain has been with divers and underwater photographers on adventurous journeys, discovering the fragile beauty of the ocean, exploring the precious knowledge of the ocean, and launching activities to support and protect this fascinating underwater world.

   The launch of the Fifty Fathom Submersible Watch enriches this collection. The new Fifty Fathom Submersible Watch is equipped with three hours, minutes and seconds, a gray ceramic case, a blue ceramic bezel and a blue dial, which can be purchased at the Blancpain Cannes boutique.

   Throughout the history of the brand, Blancpain has developed a number of outstanding movements, leaving its own unique mark in the changing times. This precious legacy contributed to the renaissance of complication watches in the 1980s and remains the main source of inspiration for brand watchmakers and artisans today. Over the past decade, Blancpain’s LeBrassus factory has been adhering to the spirit of innovation, releasing a total of 35 new movements, and assembling the brand’s proud work. The technicality and creativity they showed impressed people and made Blancpain watches more intrinsic. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Tissot Watches Show The Ever-changing Charm Of Midsummer

Summer is approaching, the warm tenderness spreads from the hot sun to the skirts and wrists of the girls. The items on the wrist have become a gorgeous color in summer, and the matching of watches makes women’s clothing more feminine. In this summer season, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot presents a variety of women’s styles with a variety of ladies watches: simple and stylish charm time series, sunny PR100 series, passionate flamenco The Ge series, the gentle and gentle waves series, and Manli’s Zhen Shi series, all kinds of styles together depict the independent female image praised by Tissot.

Tissot watches show the ever-changing charm of summer
Tissot charm time series-minimalist fashion
   Summer fashion never pursues tediousness and luxury, and combines fashion and style in simple lines and structures in order to exude a cool and simple beauty. The Tissot Women’s Watch series fully reflects the beauty of simplicity. Its simple and restrained design fully interprets the purpose of minimalism. On the simple and pure white dial, whether it is the soft Arabic numerals or the more traditional Roman numerals, it conveys the beauty of time. The sharp and smooth bar-shaped hands across the pure dial bring a refreshing and precise time reading experience. There are more choices on the strap, whether it is a lively and colorful NATO woven strap, a modern retro leather strap, or a more stable 316L stainless steel strap, which can convey a fashion for women The idea of ​​blending into life, just like its name Everytime, blends the beauty of simplicity into every moment of fashion.

Tissot Time Series
Tissot PR100 sports series-the vitality of rhythm
   Remove the heavy coat, let every inch of skin embrace the summer sun, and wake up every cell. This innate vitality is the key element that constitutes women’s moving traits. A watch that perfectly combines rhythmic style with feminine elegance can fully show this charm and bring you a vibrant beauty. If you like sports, you will definitely love the sports outer ring equipped with this watch. Through the matte PVD coating and angular angular scales, the sports force is fully reflected. As a continuation of the PR100 series, this watch is both precision and robust, and its water resistance is up to 100 meters. The feminine side is reflected through the 36mm diameter and multi-colored mother-of-pearl dial. With diamond-set hour markers, it can exude a noble and elegant temperament. It is this collision between static and dynamic that expresses the beauty of rigidity and softness.

Tissot PR100 Women’s Sports Watch

Tissot PR100 Women’s Sports Watch
Tissot’s new flamenco series-passionate
   Love in love is always unrestrained and unreserved. Just like the sunlight in summer, never warm the light to shine on the earth that is cared for. Tissot’s new Flamingo series inspired the fusion of design with inspiration from the passionate flamingo. With the romantic characteristics of a flamingo who only loves one partner throughout his life, he promotes the love of loyalty Praise. The new Flamingo series watches follow the original subtle design. The mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set hour markers complement each other, interpreting the feminine and romantic features on the dial. The round case with smooth lines and asymmetrical lugs that perched on one leg like a flamingo, the vitality and enthusiasm jump on the paper. Bracelet-shaped ring straps create the luxury and elegance of jewelry accessories. At the same time, the hollow strap design not only represents a beautiful blessing for perfect love, but also relieves the sweltering feeling of wearing a hot summer watch.

Tissot Flamenco

Tissot Flamenco

Tissot Flamenco
Tissot Ocean Wave Series-Noble and Elegant
   The sea in summer always brings people different hopes. Elegant you wear a printed long dress and stroll on the beach under the hot sun. The gentle sea breeze and the rolling waves slap into your ears. However born. The Tissot Ocean Wave series has created a noble, elegant, feminine and elegant watch specially for women, and it also perfectly interprets the characteristics of women’s tenderness and beauty. This series of watches is inspired by the savory beauty of the undulating waves and ribbons. This elegant curve can be found in the lines of the strap, dial side and hollowed-out willow hands. And some models in this series of watches are inlaid with beautiful lines of natural Wesselton diamonds at 12 o’clock, highlighting its noble and elegant temperament. And this feminine beauty extends to its back. The carefully carved Tissot family roses are in full bloom on the wrists. .

Tissot Waves

Tissot Waves
Tissot Zhenshi Series-changing beauty
   In this age of aesthetics, where simplicity and freshness are being pursued, simplicity and elegance have become mainstream. In the summer when the sun is shining, I don’t want to see too complicated design and matching. Tissot’s newly created Zhen Shi series replaces the previous oval dial design with a round classic design, which is more feminine and elegant. The Zhenshi series is named after the Italian word ‘Bella Ora’, which means ‘beautiful time’. It is inspired by the Italian style that blends fashion and classical perfection. Dress up casually with casual style. In addition, the Zhen Shi series watches have two interchangeable straps for women. This is the uniqueness of this series of watches, showing the beauty of coexistence of fashion and classics. Its unique design is also for summer women. Variety of styles adds a lot of fun. This series of watches has a natural elegance, pure and simple large dial design, with retro mystic Roman numerals or modern simple Arabic numerals, to give summer women a different stylish elegance. The calendar display at three o’clock shows the craftsman’s dedication to precision. In addition, the crown is inlaid with mother-of-pearl and intaglio design, which further highlights Tissot’s consistent pursuit of watch design technology, thus giving the series a beautiful and elegant characteristic. This is a watch born of love. The beautiful time should be with the person you love. There is no need for earth-shaking moves. Maybe just look at each other and you will feel a strong love. Just hope for time Still at this moment, simple and beautiful, this is exactly the meaning that this series watch wants to express, elegant and beautiful, Tissot Zhenshi series will definitely be the best choice to feed beautiful women.

Tissot Time Series

Tissot Time Series

Technical Parameters:

Tissot Glamour Series Reference Price: RMB 1,700-2,300
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
316L stainless steel case
Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 3 bar
Leather strap with standard buckle
PVD process for all rose gold and gold plating
Size: 30mm * 30mm

Tissot PR100 Sports Series Reference Price: RMB 2,600-3,950
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
316L stainless steel case
Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
Some models are set with natural Wesselton diamonds
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
316L stainless steel strap, push-button folding clasp
PVD process for all rose gold plating
Size: 36mm * 36mm

Tissot Flamenco Series Reference Price: RMB 2,650- 3,300
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
316L stainless steel case
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
12 Natural Wesselton Diamonds
Some models have a mother-of-pearl dial
PVD process for all gold or rose gold plating
316L stainless steel strap with jewelry buckle
Size: 26mm * 26mm

Tissot Wave Series Reference Price: RMB 2,850-3,550
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
316L stainless steel case
Domed scratch-resistant sapphire glass
Some styles are set with natural Wesselton diamonds
Leather strap with standard buckle
316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp
PVD process for all rose gold plating
Size: 30mm * 30mm

Tissot Zhenshi Series Reference Price: RMB 2,100-2,550
Made in Switzerland
Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
316L stainless steel case
Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
Two leather straps, standard buckle
PVD process for all rose gold plating
Size: 38mm * 37.2mm

Quickly Return With Creative Timing Function Oris Art Master Gt Chronograph

Oris’ dream is to combine the spirit of racing with Swiss craftsmanship to create a distinctive watch. In the new master of art GT chronograph, we can clearly understand the watchmakers’ deep understanding and unremitting passion for motorsport and watchmaking tradition. The creative vertical 5 second countdown function cleverly restores the countdown process of the racing start light.

Transparent back cover of new Oris Artix GT chronograph reveals Oris Calibre 774 movement and red dial logo
   The small seconds at 9 o’clock on the dial not only indicates the seconds, but also has a vertical 5 seconds countdown function, which is consistent with the F1 Grand Prix starting light countdown principle, that is, 5 seconds count every 15 seconds. There is a vertical window on the upper part of the small seconds dial. The background color is white. Within every minute, the time display will be displayed after 10 seconds, 25 seconds, 40 seconds, and 55 seconds. white.

   Solving complex problems with ingenuity is a tradition at Oris. The indicator dial under the small seconds dial is white with a red step-like pattern printed every 10 seconds, and the whole looks like a red ‘windmill’. When it rotates, it displays a 5-second timing every 15 seconds through the vertical window. On the edge of the small seconds dial, there is a small red square running every 60 seconds, which is the watch’s true small second hand.

Watch powered by Oris774 automatic mechanical movement
   The 44mm case of the watch is made of stainless steel, and the shape is simple and tough. Under the transparent case back, Oris’s iconic red rotor is like a blade of an engine, injecting power into the watch. The black matte ceramic bezel can be rotated in both directions, marked with a polished minute scale, and the sides of the bezel are wrapped with rubber for more convenient operation. The watch comes with a racing-style black perforated rubber strap or a stainless steel strap.

Beidou Satellite Watches Dominate The World’s Top High-tech Pk

Technology is the primary productive force. With the rise of China’s comprehensive national strength and the rapid development of top technology, Beidou satellite navigation system has quickly become one of the world’s four major satellite navigation systems. BeiDou Satellite Watch has also become the world’s leading high-tech watch with its high-end timing technology, superb watchmaking technology and powerful outdoor multi-function.
   From the most primitive sundial and hourglass to clocks, the invention of the timing tool made humans feel the pulse of time. In the nearly millennium of the development of clocks and watches, mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watches, radio watches, and other various timing tools have emerged endlessly, witnessing the development and progress of human civilization. Nowadays, human beings have already extended their arms to space far beyond the earth through the power of technology. Watches have also begun to slowly transform from traditional industries to catch high-tech trains. The advent of satellite watches not only set off a revolution in the history of human timers, but also perfectly integrated the precision of time with modern high technology to create the world’s top high-tech watches and create a new era of satellite watches.
BeiDou Satellite Watch——Big origin military military origin
4In April 2011, China launched the first watch in the world to receive time by receiving the ‘Beidou II’ satellite timing signal-Beidou Satellite Watch, which opened a new page for the development history of the timer.

Xiaoxiao a Beidou satellite watch, can be described as a ‘big door’. Chengdu Tianao Electronics Co., Ltd., which produces Beidou satellite watches, has made significant contributions to major national aerospace projects such as China’s previous satellite launches, the “Shenzhou” and “Chang’e Benyue”, and has the most complete industry in Asia in the time-frequency field. Chain, technology accumulation is unmatched. At the same time, Beidou Satellite Watch has passed the appraisal of the Navigation Bureau of the Survey and Mapping Bureau of the General Staff and was awarded the only title of ‘Military Standard Time’. It is the only ‘Military Watch’ certified by China.
The Beidou satellite watch has a built-in satellite signal receiving module. It adopts the self-developed Beidou II satellite navigation system to directly provide time, and the time accuracy can reach 0.1 second. Using the pointer digital dual display mode, not only has high accuracy in time accuracy. In the multi-function of the watch, Beidou satellite watches are also ‘eighteen martial arts, proficient in everything’, ‘one pair, two set, three tests’, Known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in watches. One pair, that is, the time of the watch is calibrated by the satellite signal; the second set, that is, orientation and positioning, can output the latitude and longitude and the map area code; the three measurements, that is, the temperature, the height, and the air pressure. In addition, it includes many functions such as timer, stopwatch, alarm, time, compass and world time.

The future Beidou satellite watch will also have an emergency alarm device with a short message communication function. When a field traveler or outdoor worker is in danger and needs to call the police for help, as long as he presses the SOS button, he can send his position information and call for help signal via satellite. Of the world’s four major satellite navigation systems, only China’s Beidou satellite system has the only short message communication function.
BeiDou satellite watch contains the power of Chengdu Tianao Electronics’ time-frequency control system, which realizes time synchronization in a small watch. The rough shape, superb craftsmanship, fine materials, and perfect details are a strong combination of modern technology and traditional watchmaking technology.
Citizen “Time Wing” —— GPS Satellite
西 Citizen Japan, is a world-renowned watch brand. In September 2011, Citizen released a new product, the light kinetic energy clock time wing, using advanced light kinetic energy satellite timing technology, which can automatically capture the closest satellite from the GPS navigation satellite according to the position of the watch. The signal and proof the time and date of the watch. No matter where it is, Shiyi can bring the wearer a precise time experience anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, its unique design that integrates multiple space elements such as ‘cosmos, earth, satellites’ is a perfect interpretation of the product development purpose of Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’, and once again shows the world the unlimited potential of light kinetic energy.
Seiko Astron-the transformation from quartz to satellite
In 1969, Seiko launched the first quartz watch named Astron. At the Swiss Basel Watch Fair in March 2012, SEIKO of Japan once again introduced the GPS satellite positioning watch under the name of Astron, which improved the accuracy again.
Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar power watch. Also as a satellite watch, the Seiko Astron watch accepts GPS satellite signals for timing through the antenna placed under the bezel. Its biggest feature is that it does not require external energy and maintains its operation completely.

From quartz to satellite, Seiko also later launched the third satellite watch product, and added its own innovation, marking a milestone for the landmark satellite time in the history of timer development.
Top technology, high-end PK, who is fighting
I have to say that while the western watch industry is still immersed in the glory of the old days, the future of the watch industry has begun to give way to the East. In less than two years, three high-tech satellite watches were born in China and Japan.
Whether it is the innovative design of Citizen Shiyi or the unique concept of Seiko Astron, it is difficult to hide the brilliant performance of Beidou satellite watches.
Unlike Japan’s Citizen and Seiko, Beidou satellite watches do not use GPS satellites for timing, but are completely designed based on the Beidou satellite navigation system independently developed by China. Compared with the GPS navigation system, the area covered by Beidou satellite navigation system is more precise and accurate, and even in areas with few people, the positioning accuracy can reach 10 meters. This plays a huge decisive role in the realization of the positioning and navigation functions of Beidou satellite watches and the improvement of their accuracy. In addition, the Beidou satellite navigation system’s unique short message sending function also lays a solid foundation for Beidou satellite watches’ one-click SOS help.
The unique military pedigree makes BeiDou satellite watches unique in the ranks of satellite watches. Military watches not only have very strict control over accuracy, but also have special requirements in terms of wear resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, and fluorescent display. Military watches have always had an irresistible appeal to military enthusiasts.

Ingenuity Amy Mp7148-ss001-900 Watch Appreciation

Established only a few decades, Le Méridien has no long history compared to other watch brands. It was not until 1975 that the first Le Méridien watch was actually manufactured. With its outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship, outstanding design and unique brand features, Amy quickly occupied its own watch market.
 The function of seeing the movement of the movement at the back is called back-to-back. The movement of the movement can be seen through the front. The dial that can be designed in accordance with the design concept of the movement should be the Aimei-made movement series MP7148-SS001 -900 watch too. The unique timing method is appreciated, and the selection and matching of gears is amazing. The way it displays time is that the mini-games between gears must not be too much.

When I first saw this watch, I was stunned to be honest, the watch should not look like this in Xiaobian’s recognition. The mechanically appealing dial displays hours with a gear train. In fact, non-circular gears are theoretically irregular and should not appear on a watch, which must be rigorous and regular. However, Amy uses a combination of hollow square wheels and clover-shaped wheels to transfer energy evenly and stably indicate the time. The 43.5 millimeter case has such a mechanical soul. With its backside, it can clearly see the movement on the back, with a double visual experience.
 Aimei’s in-house movement series MP7148-SS001-900 watch is strictly a small three-hand watch, but it only shows a different form. There is a power reserve indicator at the 3 o’clock position, and you can know how long the remaining power can be supported, which is quite practical for a manually wound watch. In order to better read the time, there is a luminous coating on the square gear, minutes, and small seconds. Against the black dial, the indicator is as clear as itself. The two unique gears work seamlessly. When the clover gear rotates 4 times, the square wheel rotates exactly 3 times. The precise operation brings extraordinary visual impact.

In terms of movement, Amy uses the self-produced ML153 manual winding movement with a vibration frequency of 18000 oscillations / hour. There are a total of 32 gems. If it is full, it can store 48 hours of power. The balance arm is equipped with a high-precision balance balance, and the design of the fast and slow needles can freely adjust the misaligned balance spring when the travel is out of alignment.
 This watch with a weird appearance does not meet most people’s aesthetics, but its unique way of recording time is enough to be appreciated. The three-needle and one-line design is also an idea that many brands haven’t tried again for many years, but Amy has re-presented the ancient three-needle design with modern craftsmanship, and the new concept makes people shine. The style is very different. Its domestic public price is 100,000 yuan. This price is a bit expensive for this watch. Although the shape does not meet the public’s point of view, it may be a favorite for some people who like strange things.
 Watch details: aimei / 4965 /

Breitling Bentley Supercar Chronograph

Super performance precision timepiece, born for super sports cars. The Breitling Bentley Supersports chronograph watch (Bentley Supersports) adds a new series of limited edition models, combining outstanding performance and dazzling appearance, is a new tribute to the Bentley Continental supercar that set the world’s record speed on ice.

Extreme Passion
 Take inspiration from Bentley sports cars and give them super-speed dynamic passion. The Breitling Bentley Supercar Chronograph uses a car dial-style dial design. The scale inner ring and chronograph scale ring are equipped with dazzling colors, which highlights the dynamic passion of the supercar. Orange is hot and dazzling, white is elegant and timeless, and blue is calm and wise, all highlighting modern and modern dazzling, each limited edition of 1,000.
The stainless steel two-way rotating bezel is engraved with Bentley’s signature rolling pattern, which is shining against the curved sapphire crystal, which is very British aristocratic. The finely engraved Bentley supercar embossed pattern and limited number on the bottom of the table pay new respects to the world’s fastest driving recorder on ice, the most powerful British sports car, the Bentley Continental Supercar.

Outstanding performance comparable to a supercar
 With a sporty, tough and elegant appearance, the Bentley Supercar Chronograph has the same extraordinary performance as the Bentley Supercar. Equipped with the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) automatic winding chronograph movement, it is unparalleled in accuracy and reliability. Equipped with Breitling’s original central 60-minute cumulative timer, making the timing data clear and easy to read, extremely practical. In addition, the two-way rotating bezel with ring slide and timing system constitutes Breitling’s exclusive ‘variable tachometer’, which can easily measure the average speed of the car without being limited by time, distance traveled and speed reached.
 Precise timing, easy-to-read design, powerful functions, and easy operation. The Breitling Bentley Supercar Chronograph can meet the precise timing needs of extreme sports. It is undoubtedly a superwatch for supercars.