Blancpain Blancpain Announces Two Michelin Star Chef Claude-boss

Recently, Blancpain welcomed the famous French chef Claude Bosi, and announced that the two will work together to pursue excellence and praise the gourmet world in the art of living. Blancpain has always been committed to cooperating with world-class chefs to convey the exquisite living taste advocated by the brand. This cooperation with the chef of Hibiscus in Mayfair, Central London is one example.

Blancpain Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz presents Blancpain Blancpain 500 噚 to Michelin Two-Star Chef Claude Boss

According to Blancpain, traditional watchmaking and haute cuisine have many values ​​in common. Top watchmakers and culinary masters need to adhere to meticulous hand-made craftsmanship; while inheriting superb craftsmanship, they need to continue to innovate, pursue outstanding quality, and inject surging enthusiasm into the production process. In addition, high-quality traditional watchmaking relies on the precise adjustment of details as well as the delicately prepared delicious treasures, so as to achieve a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.
As a long-time friend of Blancpain Blancpain, Claude Boss is proud to wear his Blancpain 500 噚 watch. This watch is dynamic and sporty. Its avant-garde and stylish appearance complements high-tech performance. Equipped with automatic helium pressure reducing valve, waterproof to 1000 meters. ‘I need a watch that I can wear daily in the kitchen, but at the same time it can reflect my style and taste, and it must be accurate and reliable. Blancpain is the oldest watch brand in the world to adhere to tradition. Known for precision and craftsmanship. The brand’s passion for excellence is one of the many qualities that appeal to me, ”said Claude Boss.

Bouqilai Plavitraveltec Ii Three Places Chronograph Dual Color Design With Three Places Time Function Style Travel Fashion

TravelTec II, a new member of the Bucherer Plavi TravelTec chronograph series, was launched in 2015. Its new model debuted in rose gold and black titanium metal outerwear, with practical three-time time display and accurate timing functions. Each other is undoubtedly an elegant companion on the journey.

   Plavi TravelTec series has been in existence for more than ten years, and its outstanding performance has won praises from Bucherer timepiece craft connoisseurs and watch fans, and the brand has continued to expand the series’ lineup with report fans. This year’s Plavi TravelTec II series adds a luxurious and smooth rose gold model. The lightweight titanium case back and timing buttons are treated with black diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). The color combination is pleasing to the eye, with a black dial and black strap. , Personality transcendent, stunning at first sight.
World patent system

   The new rose gold case has a diameter of 47.4 millimeters. It is shocking, sturdy, and waterproof to 100 meters. It is definitely the watch of choice for confident men. Its technical performance is also outstanding. The TravelTec series has three time display and timing functions. In one body, it is a technology patent that Bucherer despises peers. The small glass side of the case side sees through the patented system structure integrated with the case. The button at the 10 o’clock side can set the outer edge of the dial to rotate 24 hours. Passengers can use the button to set a 24-hour circle east or west, regardless of the time zone travelling east or west, and each step jumps for one hour.
Three places at a glance

   Under the 12-hour dial mode, the local time is indicated by the hour and minute hands, and the minute hand continues to advance. The hour hand can be set forward or backward (1 hour per step). By midnight, the date display will automatically advance with the hour setting. Or adjust backwards; the time in the second time zone is indicated by a fixed bezel with a 24-hour hand, and the time in the third time zone is displayed by the 24-hour circle mentioned above; this unique system makes the three time zones clearly visible, which is a masterpiece of watchmaking technology It is very practical for travelers. The back of the watch is engraved with 24 time zones and the names of their representative cities. The birthplace of Bucherer, Lucerne, Switzerland, represents the central time in Europe.
Accurate timing
   The Plavi TravelTec II three-time chronograph equipped with the CFB 1901.1 movement is certified by the Swiss official observatory. The timing function is accurate and reliable, and the accumulated time can be up to 12 hours.
Plavi TRAVELTEC II Three Time Chronograph Technical Specifications

Number: 00.10633.03.33.01
Movement: CFB 1901.1 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory, diameter 28.6 mm, thickness 7.3 mm, 39 stones, power reserve 42 hours
Functions: Timekeeping: hours, minutes and seconds; time display in three places; date; hours, minutes and small seconds
Case: 18k rose gold with black diamond-coated carbon titanium; screw-in crown; double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal; water-resistant to 100 meters; diameter 47.4 mm; thickness 15.9 mm
Strap: rubber strap, 18k rose gold with black diamond carbon coated titanium adjustable folding clasp
Dial: Black