The Philosophy That A Watch Can Span Time

Mido Watch was founded by George Schaeren in Zurich, Switzerland in 1918. In 2008, Mido Watch ushered in its 90th birthday. Today Mido is headquartered in the small town of Le Locle in the heart of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. The name Mido comes from the Spanish ‘Yo mido’, which means ‘I measure’. It is intended to make a watch that can be your close friend. When you look at Mido, you are in a good mood. When you need it, it will accompany you. Mido is a very reliable watch. Mido is a Swiss watch with a personality and a lifetime.
‘Classic art design can withstand the test of the age and endure; fine work can achieve the top pursuit of quality; true innovation is more resistant to the migration of time than the trend of the moment.’ ——The famous Sydney Opera House designer John Utson

Perfect Observatory Certified Limited Edition Mechanical Watch
90th Anniversary Edition
2008, 90th anniversary of Mido Watch. Taking this opportunity, Swiss Mido launched the Observatory-certified limited edition watch-the perfect series limited edition. This watch, which combines sport and elegance, is limited to 900 watches worldwide. It successfully integrates carbon fiber, black PVD, rose gold PVD and other technologies into one, making it extremely aesthetically pleasing.
Perfect Observatory certified limited edition mechanical watches will also inherit these elegant characteristics and retain their dynamic shape. Black dominates this watch: whether it is a black rubber strap (or belt), a black PVD stainless steel bezel or a black carbon fiber dial will pass your first glance. The rose gold PVD on the lugs, clasps, scales, numerals and hands makes the shape even more extraordinary. The pointer part is made by diamond grinding. The harmony of colors and the impact of visual contrast make this watch more dynamic, ego and artistic.
Perfect Observatory certified limited edition mechanical watch still emphasizes on watchmaking technology: ETA Observatory mechanical movement qualified by the Swiss Observatory certification body, strong power reserve function, transparent back, double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire mirror, spiral Crown, 100 meters waterproof.
All of these characteristics make the Perfect Observatory certified limited edition mechanical watch suitable for daily wear and meet your sports needs. He can also put you in the spotlight in the dark lights at night.

Amami Perfect Diamond Women’s Mechanical Watch
As a brilliant jewellery watch in the perfect series, this mechanical female watch embodies the charming charm and elegant style that Mido has carefully crafted for each woman. She exquisitely presents the harmony of classic temperament and fashionable design. For women who love sparkling watches and advocate their individuality, Mido Perfect Diamond Women’s Mechanical Watches have extraordinary appeal.
女士 This ladies watch fully demonstrates the immortal design aesthetics of Mido’s perfect series, while at the same time, it has a sense of fashion, showing the elegant taste of women. A crocodile embossed calfskin strap with 78 mother-of-pearl embellished mother-of-pearl accentuates your wrist. Between the Arabic numerals 6 and 12, a fine metal disc displays the Mido logo. The transparent back reveals a carefully crafted automatic movement, a spiral handle, a 100-meter water-resistant, double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire mirror.

Amido Belém Celé Series Jubilee Observatory Certified Mechanical Watch
2008, who is Mido! The Swiss Mido, which is marked by a truly timeless design, celebrates its 90th birthday. At this memorable moment, the Swiss Mido factory with a Latin name was introduced, and a new member of the Belem Celli family was launched. It is a classic and elegant Jubilee series. He is Belem Celli. The first astronomical watch in the series that has been certified by the Swiss Observatory certification body COSC. Like a messenger, he witnessed this historical moment of the 90th anniversary of Mido.
To ensure the life of the watch, this watch is equipped with a high-quality mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Observatory certification body COSC. The transparent back allows you to clearly observe the exquisite mechanical operation inside and the decoration of the institution that admirers appreciate. The ivory white dial with Arabic numerals and diamond-polished hands makes you admire elegance. The Jubilee Observatory has won a lot of praise and applause, and is also known as a timeless watch. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror protects both the dial and the surface from abrasion.
In order to make this watch move more accurately and meet the highest standards of the chronograph, Mido equips this model with a movement certified by the Swiss official observatory inspection agency. From 1970 to the present, the Swatch Group sends some watches to the institution for testing every year. Only watches that have passed various rigorous tests can be called astronomical watches.

Amido Belem Celli Multifunctional Mechanical Watch
In 1976, the Belemceli series created by Mido once led the trend of an era because of its elegant design. Today, in 2008, as a well-known Swiss watch brand, Mido Watch ushered in its 90th birthday. Taking this opportunity, Berencelli has incorporated new elements based on the original unique design, making it more elegant and luxurious. The debut of the Belem Celli multi-function chronograph marks the best interpretation of elegance and timeless charm.
The all-steel case of this multi-function automatic watch has a unique streamlined stripe and curved lugs are very attractive. Its shape mimics the beautiful curves and vortex stripes of a stringed instrument, just like the violin and cello from Crémone’s famous workshop in Cremona.
Inherited the unique charm of the Belem Celli series, Mido added advanced technology to the new models to meet today’s daily needs. This watch has a high-quality movement, decorated with pearl patterns and blue screws, a transparent back showing a carefully crafted automatic movement, a Geneva-patterned automatic rotor and a Mido logo.
Equipped with the unique Aquadura cork system, which is a technology unique to Mido that guarantees the watch to be completely waterproof. (The principle is the same as the wine cork stopper) This multifunctional watch is equipped with a double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire mirror.
Belem Celli series of multi-function watches launched in white and black. Its wide dial maximizes its triangular pyramid-shaped graduations, and the unique elegance of the polished hands.
In addition to the elegant design of the dial, this watch is also equipped with a leather strap and a metal strap, which make the Mido Berencelli series show four distinctive shapes.

Mido CEO
Seal the years—engrave the beauty and touch in life. For Mido watches, time is a reliable classic, a philosophy of life; a unique spirit, a creative revolution, and time is sublimated with wonderful watch models. Since 1918, the automatic watches designed and manufactured by Mido are guaranteed to be highly respected by watch lovers. Because he is a unique design style and permanent synonym, each watch shows a unique design and timeless style.
的 Founder’s philosophy
From the very beginning of Bill’s watch factory, George Schaeren, the founder of Mido, decided to establish the basic guidelines for consolidating the reputation of the Swiss watch brand. The pursuit of the highest quality is the development goal of Mido. Presenting a perfect and extraordinary design: These two ongoing pursuits have laid a solid foundation for demonstrating the strength and prestige of Mido. Therefore, Mido strictly adheres to its basic concept of providing mechanical watches with real price and high quality.
Attention to detail
Amido is committed to having the best parts for its products. Every Mido watch has a high-quality Swiss movement to ensure the accuracy of its travel time: Nivaflex system-Incabloc shockproof system-Aquadura (cork design, unique cork sealed crown system to ensure the watch’s absolute waterproof performance). Mido’s movement is equipped with 5 different orientation inspections to ensure that it has high accuracy and is certified by the Swiss Observatory. The finely crafted automatic rotor is appreciated through the transparent back. Mido makes every watch with the most perfect parts possible, including LOGO and hands. Most Mido watches feature diamond-cut hands and anti-glare sapphire surfaces.
Testimony of Time
The art of accurate capture of historical moments. Mido watch, extraordinary innovation symbol. Its models have established a unique and contemporary design concept. Mido’s philosophy is precisely to adhere to the tradition and watchmaking technology that guarantee the permanent value of its watches. Mido’s interpretation of high quality is expressed through different aesthetic trends as the years pass, but he has always had his own clear identity. Traditional and fashionable watches, whether they are retro or trendy, are the hallmarks of Mido’s creative revolution.