Hublot Hublot Football Friendship Match Witnesses The Legendary Confrontation Of Greenery! King Bailey And Maradona Create A Historic Moment On The Eve Of The European Cup!

June 9, 2016, Paris, France-The highly anticipated 2016 European Cup of France is about to set off a football frenzy on June 10! As the official timekeeper and official watch of UEFA EUROTM 2016, Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot brings an unprecedented matchup on the day before the European Cup begins! King Bailey and Maradona each coach a team on-site, and the players are composed of the world’s top players. This is an epic game, and it is also a dream game on the green field that fans have dreamed of! Every classic moment in the football world has created precious and eternal memories. Today, Hublot football friendly once again writes a new legendary moment.

Maradona, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Bailey’s historic handshake moment

Hublot witnesses friendly handshake between Maradona and Bailey at French European Cup

Maradona and Bailey’s CEO of Hublot Ricardo Guadalupe escorted into the French Royal Palace shade court

   ‘We have all dreamed of such an ideal team, and we want to see our favorite players wear the same color jerseys. We can witness the strongest rivals in history to join forces to create the most legendary tournaments, full of passion for football, This is a real glory. This game is definitely my favorite ‘European Cup moment’. In the past ten years, Hublot has teamed up with legendary clubs, star coaches, ‘soccer magicians’ and top leagues. The match is the best example of the deep friendship between Hublot and the football world .—— Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe

Maradona and Bailey step into the shaded court of the Royal Palace of France

Hublot Football Friendly Tournament held at the Royal Palace of France

Hublot Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph · European Cup

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph · European Cup

HUBLOT Hublot is the official chronograph and official watch of the 2016 European Cup of France

   In 2008, HUBLOT became the first luxury watch brand in the world to conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with football. Today, this world-famous competition is held in the prestigious French royal palace ‘écrin’. Just a few steps from the Louvre and near the famous Colonnes de Buren, two legendary teams stepped onto the court. The two sides are coached by two of the most outstanding players in history, and the 10 football legends are divided into two teams. Former opponents become teammates today and bring a classic friendly match! Bailey and Maradona followed in the footsteps of the players to appear on the field, these two are considered to be the best football players in today’s football history to hold the pointer today, and their handshake in the century before the game boiled the audience! After 30 minutes of exciting competition, Rio Gavin Ferdinand, Fernando Hierro, Nelson Dida, Hernan Jorge Crespo ( Team Pele made up of Hernán Jorge Cresp and Bebeto, and David Sergio Trézéguet, Gino Peruzzi, and Chiro Fey The Maradona team, composed by Ciro Ferrara, Marco Materazzi and Clarence Clyde Seedorf, scored the same goals. Shake hands and make peace.
   At this European Cup, Hublot will accurately time each game and record every classic moment in the football world!
UEFA EURO 2016 ™-Official Watch

   Hublot launches the official 2016 European Cup of France watch. The cool design of the Big Bang Unico retrograde chronograph is complemented by passionate football, showing the charm of football everywhere. The UNICO self-produced movement is equipped with a patented self-winding dual retrograde module, which makes it easily capable of timing football matches. The watch can achieve 45 minutes at half time, including overtime, for a total of 60 minutes. The central chronograph window has seconds and minutes hands that slide in an arc between the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. The 2 o’clock position button activates the double-reverse mechanism, which moves the second hand to the 60-second mark, then quickly jumps back to 0 to continue counting, and the minute hand slides to record the corresponding time. The central window shows the stage in progress (1—first half, 1/2 halftime break, 2—second half, END—end of game). The local time is displayed in the window at 6 o’clock. Inspired by the iconic colors of France, the host country of the 15th European Cup, with red, white and blue colors, the collection is limited to 100 pieces.
A variety of straps draw the official color of the European Cup and become the ‘wings of France’
   Its 45 mm diameter black ceramic case is equipped with a ‘One-Click’ quick-change strap mechanism. The blue alligator leather strap is lined with natural rubber and red and white stitching. In order to pay tribute and praise to these top European football powerhouses, Hublot has even released a limited edition strap represented by the national colors of England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, so that the wearer can always wear it. Express replacement strap.
Your European Cup moment?
   As the official partner of the 2016 European Cup, Hublot has assembled a number of reputable international football stars, world record owners, distinguished members and champions of giant football clubs to participate in the “Green Hub Love Football” green carnival. Hublot also witnessed their respective glorious moments when 12 football superstars described their touching journey to the European Cup. Former French national team member David Trezeguet’s European Cup moment is to contribute to the 2000 European Cup final to win the ‘Golden Ball’ to help the French team win the championship. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe’s European Cup moment is the 2008 European Cup opening match in Basel, that year was the first year of Hublot’s cooperation with UEFA. .
   For ten years, in the unparalleled world of football, Hublot will continue to glorify all the way!
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Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph • European Cup

Serial number 413.CX.7123.LR.EUR16, limited edition of 100 pieces
Case ‘Big Bang Unico’ series-45mm diameter
Brushed and polished black ceramic satin
Bezel Satin-finished black ceramic, H-shaped titanium screws
Table mirror Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Lugs black synthetic resin
Crown black natural rubber, satin titanium
Buttons Titanium white and black natural rubber
Case back Black ceramic, engraved with ‘100 NUM’ limited number
Sapphire with anti-reflective coating and 2016 European Cup logo
Dial Multi-layer blue and white dial
Hublot’s own UNICO HUB1261 self-winding double retrograde central chronograph column-wheel movement
Power reserve about 72 hours
Water-resistant to 10 standard atmospheres, about 100 meters underwater
Strap Blue alligator leather with black natural rubber underneath, red and white stitching
Clasp Black titanium folding clasp with special treatment