The Beauty Of Life Through Timepieces Blancpain’s ‘the Unique’ Watch Helps Charity

‘We chose Chinese-style butterflies and lotuses as the theme of the dial, and we hope to show the beauty of life in an oriental way-they are not only beautiful, but also add a bit of romance to the watch.’ Bao According to Alain Delamuraz, global vice president and marketing director of Perth, Blancpain’s launch of the ‘The Unique’ haute couture watch for charity, combining micro-painted enamel and gold carving crafts, is a true expression of charity.
下 In late November, ‘Love makes life beautiful-Blancpain’ The Unique ” conference was held in Shanghai. Blancpain presented the micro-painted enamel and gold carving crafts on the square dial, and created the ‘The Unique’ brand new haute couture watch as a lot. All the donations were donated to the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to support the disabled people in China. Discovery and training of art troupes. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain, Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, Chinese cultural scholar Liang Wendao, and famous host Dou Wentao gathered together to witness the watch release .
China Disabled People’s Art Troupe was established in 1987, and has achieved many classic works in 25 years. Among them, the independent large-scale music and dance ‘My Dream’ and ‘A Thousand Hands Avalokitesvara’ are particularly prominent. They have visited more than 60 countries around the world and performed more than 150 shows. While the actors of the art troupe stand on their own, they also conduct a large number of charity performances and cultural exchanges, and set up a ‘My Dream’ harmony fund with their own performance income. In just four years since its establishment, members of the art troupe have donated more than 10 million yuan to public welfare undertakings at home and abroad, and are active in the front line of charity in China.
‘This time, Blancpain sponsored this cultural and arts group in the form of charity bazaar. It is hoped that through its own appeal and appeal with the Chinese Disabled Persons Art Troupe, it will influence people of insight to devote themselves to public welfare and to have more art Talented people with disabilities create a platform for self-worth. ‘Alain Delamuraz said that Blancpain’s watches for this purpose are also focused and show high artistic value.
The Unique watch is made of 18K rose gold and set with 20 rubies. The 45mm dial is made of enamel, and the dancing butterflies and flamboyant lotus are swaying. The watch draws inspiration from traditional oriental scrolls, and uses the skilled micro-painting enamel technology to transform the traditional Chinese ink paintings. The classic picture is vividly restored. The watchmaker used a magnifying glass to first paint the pattern on the flawless white enamel surface with a brush. In order to give the picture a freehand color like traditional Chinese ink painting, the process of grading only needs to undergo repeated experiments to ensure that the color does not fade and distort with the firing. The fire and time when firing enamel need to be handled with extreme care; in addition, the texture of enamel is extremely fragile, and it may be broken at any time during the production process. Therefore, the skills and patience of the micro-painting masters are almost harsh.
背部 The back of the watch’s dial at this auction also uniquely uses gold carving technology to outline a dynamic butterfly shape. The word ‘Pièce Unique’ also reflects the collection value of this orphan. The gold carving technique was introduced to France from France in the 17th century. The sculptor carved various patterns and patterns on the dial or plywood with various kinds of hand tools, so as to give watch works more expressive and personalized artistic style. As a result, this technique has gradually become an important cornerstone of the entire watch system. The most traditional and pure gold carving techniques need to be performed slowly by hand under a microscope. Among them, grasping the strength and speed is the most difficult.
Micro-painted enamel is also a difficult technology in the watch industry. What does it mean for Blancpain to have such a team of enamel and gold carving?
LaAlain Delamuraz: Leaving aside the craftsmanship, the core of traditional Swiss watchmaking is the development of movements, which we have done well. Blancpain has a large movement factory, which introduces new movements every year. We have launched 26 movements in 7 years, which is also the only research and development capability in the Swiss watchmaking industry. On this basis, we will add some value to the watch, which is to give the watch its artistic and cultural value, so we have a team of gold sculptures and micro-paintings.
Many other brands do not pay much attention to the polishing and decoration of the movement, and even some of the brands’ movements are outsourced, but we completely complete the movement from the movement to the craft. The 15B manual winding movement of The Unique watch launched this time is Blancpain’s more classic pocket watch movement. Each Blancpain movement is assembled by a watchmaker from beginning to end. On this basis, we have increased its artistic value. The basic plate of micro-painting is the big fire enamel plate. This is itself a high art, high value, and difficult process. It has to be fired repeatedly 3 to 5 times. The yield is difficult to grasp.
5 years ago we had only one gold carving artist, now we have 6 and this year we have set up our own micro-painting enamel team. We believe that Blancpain’s team of artists in this area will continue to grow, but I must emphasize that these are based on the core of traditional Swiss watchmaking-the development of movements, and then add value to the artistic appearance. This new model is the first micro-painted enamel product to come to China.
宝 Will Blancpain launch a customized service on micro-painted enamel?
Alain Delamuraz: We will accept customer’s customization. Our gold sculpture team is now very mature. We launched gold sculpture models from 5 countries last year. In this series, you can customize the picture, city, and character you want. Because our micro painting team has just been established, but the entire traditional craft team is still expanding. In the future, we will continue to launch series, complete sets, and even continuous products.
去年 After the success of the Chinese calendar models introduced at Baselworld last year, will there be similar models with Chinese elements this year?
Alain Delamuraz: Our Chinese calendar is a combination of the Chinese traditional lunar calendar and the Western Gregorian calendar. In fact, we were doing research and development in this area 5 years ago. We have been paying attention to and investing in China for more than 20 years, so there is no doubt that We will still launch more products that are more integrated into Chinese culture.
是否 Has the performance of the Beijing market improved in November?
Alain Delamuraz: Sales in China have increased by 189% so far. Although the increase is large, our production process is still the same as before, completely handmade. Like the Chinese calendar watch launched this year, many people paid the full amount in line. Wait, we still follow the traditional watchmaking concepts and methods, and we hope to recruit more talented watchmakers in the future, and the output can keep up with the growth rate of sales.
What is Blancpain’s most popular watch now?
Alain Delamuraz: Blancpain’s product range is very comprehensive, from the classic Villeret series, to the sports fifty series, as well as the innovative design of the L-Evolution series, the choice is relatively wide, in the Chinese market is still more classic and traditional design The Villeret series is even more popular.