Combining Tradition And Modernity See The Diverse Face Of Blancpain Watches

One of the world’s top watch brands, Blancpain is also the earliest registered watch brand in the world. It has a history of nearly 300 years. Since its birth, Blancpain has always embraced the unwavering faith in time and watchmaking, and forged extraordinary watchmaking capabilities. Adhere to a low-key, frank and pragmatic brand attitude, to the foundation of watchmaking. Advocating a refined and elegant lifestyle, condensing emotions, arts and culture into a beautiful pursuit of vital importance in human life, known as ‘the founder of classic timepieces’. Among all Blancpain’s wonderful models, Carrousel, tourbillon, moon phase display and perpetual calendar or chronograph are classic and popular with elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship, but if you really want to say a truth and context, still You have to look deeper to find out.

Contemporary design meets traditional craftsmanship
   Blancpain is the first high-end watch factory to create a coaxial Carussell device that rotates for 60 seconds. It is also the first to incorporate Carrousel and a tourbillon device in the same movement, even though Blancpain has long used traditional watchmaking. Craftsmanship conquered the player, but Blancpain did not relax his demands on it.

   The Blancpain L-evolution series tourbillon carrousel watch with its resolute hollow skeleton bridge exposes most of the movement, revealing two of its most famous activity devices. The all-black case and plywood bridges are treated. The bridges use the delicate Frost technique to achieve the gold-plated effect. This technique requires careful brushing of the gold-plated surface with a fine metal brush. Only a very few masters of movement decoration can operate.
BLANCPAIN L-evolution Tourbillon Caruso Watch Tourbillon Chronograph

   Not only is the traditional complex watchmaking technology, but also the avant-garde innovative external design, the L-evolution Tourbillon Carrousel watch looks like a different force from the future to the present, carrying a history of 275 years of watchmaking technology, but with With the contemporary design of the 21st century, in the shuttle of time, he maintains his consistent and proprietary belief and creates his own destiny.
The perfect combination of art and craft
   Blancpain shoulders the important mission of inheriting and continuing traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, in terms of craftsmanship, Blancpain has actively developed the presentation of Blancpain watches in the art of gold carving, enamel painting and various processes that are about to be lost. style.
BLANCPAIN Shakudo copper painted watch

   Red copper paintings performed well at the Basel Show in 2015. This process that achieves special effects through the passivation alloy process can be found only in Japan. Combining what has become Blancpain’s iconic ‘Damascus gold inlay technology’, Blancpain copper painted craft watches use themes of various landscapes, animals, and even the symbol of ancient civilization. And other technologies, showing a unique watch style, pushing the traditional handmade culture to the most extreme beauty.
BLANCPAIN Shakudo copper painted watch

   When we were still immersed in the performance of Blancpain’s loud and loud technology, Blancpain has never forgotten. The highest level of charm lies in the ‘close’. The restrained and low-profile Villeret large date window watch shows Blancpain’s unforgettable Classic beauty. The first use of a large date window in the historically thin Villeret long-powered movement. Due to the design of this large calendar window, the structure is a midnight instantaneous day-to-day structure, so the torque demand is large at the moment of mechanical rotation, and the kinetic energy is stable. It has become an important key for stabilizing the movement. The Cal. 6950 large date movement even pioneered the large date display mechanism plus shock-resistant structure, which is an extremely rare design.
BLANCPAIN Villeret Grande Date Large Calendar Window Watch

Wonderful Women’s Watch Works
   Blancpain has always been good at creating complex functions. In the process of creating women’s watches, it tries to find the more balanced and softer performance in the styles of women’s watches. The day and night display watch launched in 2015 is based on its 1150 movement. Instead of leaving the day and night display in one corner of the watch faceplate, it has generously given half of the faceplate to this day. The day and night display plate, the delicate sun and moon carvings on the plate, with the flowing cloud-like face plate decoration, the sun and moon on the automatic pendulum on the same body engraving totem, exudes a radiant and feminine character.
BLANCPAIN Jour Nuit Day and Night Display Watch

   In recent years, there seems to be a trend for women to wear larger-sized watches. Blancpain women’s watches are designed with larger case diameters. On the one hand, there are already insurmountable size problems on the basis of the movement. On the other hand, There is a large space to show the decorative changes on the faceplate.
BLANCPAIN Chronographe Flyback Grande Date Women’s Large Calendar Window Chronograph

BLANCPAIN Lèman Tourbillon Grande Date Diamants Meteor Rain Tourbillon

   Although Blancpain started to make women’s watches very early, and even challenged the fusion of the smallest size of the movement with the complex mechanical and design aesthetics, Blancpain is most famous for its classic mechanical timepieces. To create the world’s first complex functions, good at blending various complicated craftsmanship and decoration methods, combining art and beauty, it is still easy for the public to misunderstand that Blancpain has only a single appearance.
   The different looks of Blancpain: the contemporary avant-garde design L-evolution, the classic and touching Villeret series, the classic women’s complication watch, and the classical watch with traditional gold carving skills, the strength of the movement from the watch factory In the workshop, the talents of various craft masters are displayed, like the various appearances of the moon in the sky at various times, and the full moon has different phases.