2013 Basel’s New Tag Heuer Watch Summary

Editor-in-chief commenting on TAG Heuer’s booth: The image of TAG Heuer’s sports watch can be said to have long been ingrained in everyone’s mind, but this year I saw TAG Heuer has already exceeded the category of watch brands, but has become a High-tech brands, this year’s TAG Heuer booth features:
1. The booth layout has a strong sense of science and technology. This point has begun to emerge from the selection of the McLaren sports car that combines all the world’s most advanced car manufacturing technology and technology as an important prop for the booth layout.
2. TAG Heuer’s tourbillon concept watch this year can be said to be another subversion in the history of watchmaking. While other brands are still discussing which material is best for gossamer, TAG Heuer has no longer used a gossamer.
3. TAG Heuer’s legendary chronograph has always been a highlight. Mechanical watches with chronograph hands turning 20 times per second are really incredible.
 [Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, Swiss time, the 41st Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. As the watch industry’s top event watch house, it specially sent a special report team to go Switzerland, bring the exhibition report to everyone in the first place. Next, we systematically organized the details of many new products released by the TAG Heuer brand for this exhibition, please enjoy.

 Carrera flyback chronograph

 Carrera’s current flagship watch series can be said to have a very strong momentum, the cool shape combined with the racing car such as men’s passion for sports concepts, carefully crafted, and steadily improve themselves. It can be said that if you want to buy an accountable chronograph watch at a cheaper price, TAG Heuer Carrera is really good.

More watch details: Carrera 1887 chronograph

 When it comes to vintage and avant-garde, these two limited edition watches celebrating the 80th birthday of TAG Heuer’s honorary chairman, Jack Heuer, are undoubtedly the best embodiment. On the asymmetrical design of Calera Mikrogirder, the position of the crown and timing button has been adjusted to the top of the case. Over the past half century, from the invention of the first racing dashboard “Time Journey” to the launch of the first chronograph designed for professional drivers and racing enthusiasts, the Carrera series has inherited racing pedigree. Glowing in the rough, more and more noble. Today, Carrera is still on the track with the world’s top drivers and teams.

More watch details: Calibre 16 Big Date

 Keeping pace with the times, distinguishing themselves and reshaping the classics, Carrera once again perfectly merged the maverick spirit of racing with luxury style to the extreme. I believe that wearing such a watch, you will also have a powerful field like a driver.

More watch details: Calibre 8 Day and Time

 Elegance comes from timelessness, and Calera is the forerunner of timeless elegance. The fine brushing and polishing and Calella’s unparalleled readability keep it standing on the top of the times. Through the sapphire crystal back cover COSC The imprinted movement is clearly visible. The dial is available in silver, smoky gray and black and the corresponding hand colors; the strap can be matched with brown, smoky or black alligator leather, or alternate polished and stainless steel straps, ergonomic H-shaped design Provides stunning comfort.

More watch details: magnetic double tourbillon watch

 Although this unparalleled watch is still just a concept watch, fortunately TAG Heuer’s patented technology has matured and has undisputed advantages in this field, we have reason to believe that in the coming year, Carrera MikroPendulumS Mass production will most likely be achieved.

More watch details: Carella 1887 Racing Chronograph

 The design and innovation of the new watch run through the 1990s, and the brand has continued to innovate since the 21st century. Motorsport has always been the eternal source of inspiration for the Carrera series, but it is even more advanced watchmaking technology that drives the continuous development of this series of watches. The Carrera 1887 chronograph is a masterpiece of cutting-edge technology. This watch is equipped with an all-in-one column-wheel chronograph movement, which is independently produced by TAG Heuer Watchmaking Factory (this is invaluable in today’s watch industry). In 50 hours, the vibration frequency reaches 28,800 times per hour. The higher the vibration frequency, the more accurate the travel time. The movement consists of 320 components. Carrera’s 1887 chronograph has been awarded the “Best Watch of the Year” at the 2010 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards.

More watch details: 1887 chronograph

 This elegant watch is based on the original CARRERA 41mm design, with 18 sparkling rose gold and silver or gray dials, showing a restrained elegance. Equipped with a precision tachymeter, a chronograph dial with hour, minute and small seconds hands, and a black or grey-black alligator leather strap, the classic heritage of racing style makes up this true sports chronograph.

More watch details: 1887 chronograph

 1887 itself is Carrera’s classic, this one is the one worn on the hands of the spokesperson Leonardo DiCaprio, which shows that this is also the main push of Heuer. From the appearance to the configuration of the movement, it is enough to see its extraordinary superior performance, which is why many people choose it.

More watch details: New Heritage Watches

 Stainless steel case and crown, 39 mm case diameter makes the watch elegant and refined, and the Arabic numerals and hour markers on the silver-white dial show a strong three-dimensional beauty, and at 6 o’clock Set the eccentric small seconds dial and attach the date display window to it; a watch with extremely cost-effective performance, I personally think it is more suitable for friends to wear at parties.

Details with multiple models: l new Carrera series mechanical men’s watch

 The watch is equipped with an ETA 2824-2 self-winding movement with a water-resistant depth of 100 meters. The dial is decorated with classic Parisian studs, adding a three-dimensional impression to the overall black dial. The fan-shaped date display window at three o’clock is also classic and generous.

More watch details: TAG Heuer 1/100 second chronograph

 The TAG Heuer CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1 / 100-second chronograph is only available in a limited edition of 150 rose gold, bringing the stopwatch innovation to modern racing enthusiasts seeking extreme precision. So far, watches and stopwatches are two different timing tools with different uses: watches can be regarded as marathon runners, with balanced speed and endurance, while stopwatches are like sprinters, sprinting and explosive. If the two are driven by the same gear, the traditional chronograph movement will wear out quickly. TAG Heuer launches the limited edition CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1 / 100-second chronograph to celebrate TAG Heuer’s ‘150th anniversary of speed control’.

More watch details: Monaco’s new V4 watch

 Upholding the essence, perfect continuity Today’s Monaco V4 has been redesigned, but the basic principles are always the same: transmission belts, ball bearings, linear oscillating weights, V-shaped barrels that resemble sports car cylinders. In addition, V4 plans to obtain the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) astronomical table certification.

More watch details: TAG Heuer Carrera dual time zone real shot

 First in 1987, the S / el (short for sport and elegance) series was introduced, and in 1999 the Lincoln (LINK) series was reborn under a new name, leading the watchmaking process to a whole new level. The unique aesthetics of this series perfectly combines the spirit of excellence and distinguished elegance. The fluent lines and strong contrast set off the power and beauty of stainless steel. The exquisite strap is very representative, which is not only ergonomic, but also flexible and comfortable to wear. The streamlined design is rich in meaning. TAG Heuer launched the new Link series in 2003, which is not only more modern, but also more streamlined and elegant. The full sporting spirit combined with the rare beauty of elegance shows the superb excellence of this watch.

More watch details: One Thousandth Chronograph

 In 2011, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first mechanical chronograph with a frequency of 500 Hz-MIKROTIMER FLYING 1000, which won the 2011 Swiss Watch Awards ‘Best Sports Watch of the Year’. This shows its extraordinary influence.

More watch details:

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The 74th Venice Film Festival Opens. It Is The Eye-catching ‘weapon’ On The Red Carpet.

The 74th Venice Film Festival opened last week on Lido, Venice, Italy. Every year from August to September, filmmakers from all over the world come together, and this year’s battle is no small. Not only big coffee stars, excellent directors and movies, but also supermodels and fashion bloggers have come to the heat. Existing female celebrities are fighting against each other, and many men are showing off. The watches on their hands have also become countless ‘weapons’ for murdering films. Take a look at the various stars on the Venetian red carpet and enjoy their watches by the way.

Actor Bill Skarsgaard Day Vacheron Constantin Masterpieces

Actor Bill Skarsgaard Day Vacheron Constantin Masterpieces

   The 90-year-old Swedish actor Bill Skasgard was born in a family of acting. The one on the right is his brother Alexander Skarsgard. Bill first appeared in TV series and entered the film industry after 2009. Although very young, Bill Day’s watch is still ‘big guy’. Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece series, horn-shaped lug details, gentleman and very original original style of the brand.

Director François Troukens wears Bell & Ross Vintage

Director François Troukens is wearing the Bell & Ross Vintage series (similar)

   Director François Troukens wears Bell & Ross Vintage series, 41mm diameter dial, black anodized aluminum ring and speedometer graduated stainless steel bezel, highlighting men’s atmospheric style. With a casual suit, looking at this Man’s unconstrained look, should be a tasteful director.

Actor and singer Patrick Brue wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch

Actor and singer Patrick Brue wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch

   Patrick Brue is a Jewish celeb singer. He has written many popular songs and is known as the ‘Prince of Love Songs’ in France (I don’t know if it can be understood as French Zhang Xinzhe?). In addition, he is an excellent film actor. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in his hands, I believe everyone is already familiar with it. Looks like foreign male stars really love the Royal Oak series, saying it is a mature male standard.

Actor Ethan Hawke, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon

Actor Ethan Hawke, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon

   American actor Ethan Hawke, a middle-aged man, still has a lingering yuppie. With his son on the red carpet, Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin moonphase master watches are on his wrist. The black dial is solid and elegant, and the moon phases in the dial are simple and clear with a little romanticism. At first glance, the rules are quite satisfactory.
   After admiring the men and their watches on the Venetian red carpet, the charming female stars will be even more pleasing to the eye.

Supermodel Coco Rocha Date Moonphase Watch

Supermodel Coco Rocha Date Moonphase Watch

Supermodel Coco Rocha Date Moonphase Watch

Actor Rebecca Hall

Supermodel Soo Joo Park

 Supermodel Soo Joo Park

Celebrity Caroline Daur

 Celebrity Caroline Daur

Xu Weining Dai Jijia Dating Series

 Xu Weining Dai Jijia Dating Series

   As the sponsor of the Venice Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre contracted the wrists of female stars. Supermodels Coco Rocha, Soo Joo Park, etc. all wear dresses with different styles and Jaeger-LeCoultre dating watches, while the pale pink dating watches have become the unified choice for supermodel-lined dresses.

Monaco Princess Beatrice Borromeo

Princess of Monaco Beatrice Borromeo Date Rolex Collection (similar)

   As high-value couples in the European royal family, Monaco Prince Pierre Casiraghi and Princess Beatrice Borromeo also attended the film festival. Princess Beatrice impressed with a pink dress from Valentino. On her hand, she wore a Rolex women’s log watch, a combination of firmness and softness, which truly showed the nobility and elegance of the royal concubine.

   Although the Venice Film Festival is not as famous as Cannes or Oscars, the lively scenes are still very interesting. So in addition to looking at my watch, I also collected a set of ‘Easter Egg Series’ for everyone. Here are the goddesses with beautiful eyes and beautiful faces.

Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova

British supermodel Stella Maxwell

Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana

Brazilian model Izabel Goulart

Brazilian model Izabel Goulart

American actress Amanda Seyfried

American actress Jennifer Lawrence

French actor Charlotte Le Bon

‘Wolf Warrior 2’ heroine Lu Jingshan
There are not only classic watch viewing, but also ‘egg entertainment’ egg appreciation. Is the red carpet of the 74th Venice Film Festival worth seeing?