Swiss Mido’s ‘inspired By Architecture’ World Tour Officially Launched In Hong Kong

On August 25, 2016, Swiss Mido launched a world tour of ‘Inspired by Architecture’ in Hong Kong, aiming to appreciate the world’s famous buildings and find the inspiration of the next watch of Mido . In recent years, more and more people in Hong Kong have begun to explore the value of cultural relics. The Swiss century-old watch brand Mido has been inspired by representative world architecture and has created a legend of watch across the ages. Therefore, in order to promote the architectural art and launch the ‘Inspired by Architecture’ World Tour, Hong Kong, the first stop in the world, took the lead in launching.

From left to right: Mr. Liao Bier, Mr. Wu Guosen, Vice President of Swiss Mido Hong Kong, Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Mido, Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, President of Swatch Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and Liang Zuyao

    Activities in Hong Kong include the Midi City Tour in depth designed by Walk in Hong Kong and the Mido Watchmaking * Architectural Paper-cut Art Exhibition for free participation by the public, allowing Hong Kong people to experience the excitement of architecture from a new perspective. In the election of the source of inspiration for Mido, Hong Kong’s classic buildings will compete with iconic buildings around the world for the blueprint of the next Mido!

Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Mido

Event site

Inspired by Architecture Unveiling Ceremony of World Tour

Mr. Franz Linder, global president of Swiss Mido, Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, president of Swatch Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Mr. Wu Guosen, vice president of Swiss Mido Hong Kong, and event guests presenting Mido watches

    The event was unveiled in Hong Kong, the world’s first stop on August 25. Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of Swiss Meitu, Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, the president of Swatch Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and Wu Guosen, the vice president of Hong Kong for each watch He presided over the ceremony together, and invited Hong Kong’s top stage actor Liang Zuyao and the famous film and television actress Liao Bier as star guests. The opening ceremony attracted a large number of media and guests to attend. The unveiling ceremony is also the venue of the “Mido Watch Art * Architectural Paper-cut Art Exhibition”. The various architectural art works and the exquisite Mido watch series are displayed side by side. Another audience enjoyed it.

Tang Zhenye’s daughter Tang Aijia, sons Tang Junci and Tang Junyao, and Huang Rihua’s daughter Huang Yiqing

    At the event site, Mido broadcast the ‘Inspiration from Architecture’ global event promotional video, and the opening ceremony began slowly. Four celebrities later modeled a series of beautiful watches inspired by architectural gems, including the Belem Celli series (Immanuel II arcade), the Helmsman series (Sydney Harbour Bridge), Big Ben Limited Edition Observatory watches (Big Ben), Commander (Eiffel Tower), starfish series (European Cape Lighthouse) and Bruner series (Royal Albert Hall), perfectly express the elegance, style and functionality of Mido watches Both qualities. The star guest Liao Bier then appeared in a noble evening dress wearing Belem Celli Heritage, and expressed her great appreciation for the recognition and love of the concept of ‘inspired by architecture’.

Liao Bier wears Belem Celli Heritage watch and shares her love for Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ concept

    At the same time, the opening ceremony showed the micro-films shot in Hong Kong. Mido invited the stage actor Leung Zuyao to take a lead role in traveling through the historical buildings of Hong Kong. The magnificent beauty of Hong Kong’s classic buildings was photographed from a superb aerial angle and inspired Hong Kong people Refocus on the buildings that accompany you silently.

Architectural Paper-cut Art and Mido Watches

    Subsequently, Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of Swiss Mido, Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, the president of Swatch Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Mr. Wu Guosen, Liang Zuyao and Liao Bier, the vice presidents of Swiss Mido Hong Kong, hosted the opening ceremony. ‘Inspired by Architecture’ World Tour officially launched.
    From its debut in Hong Kong, Swiss Mido’s ‘Inspired by Architecture’ global journey through Berlin, Taipei, Moscow, Tokyo, Venice, Bangkok, Lucerne, New York, Seoul, Mexico, and Beijing reveals a city every week. The last stop will be arrived on November 10, 2016-Beijing, China. A total of 60 of the most classic and representative architectural treasures in the 12 popular tourist destinations around the world will be presented to consumers around the world under the leadership of Mido.
How to participate
    In the course of this global inspiration journey, Swiss Mido will release video clips through the official Weibo and WeChat platforms, revealing 5 landmark buildings selected in each city. Netizens can like, comment or share their favorite buildings for the buildings posted every week, and upload building-related stories and inspiration photos. At the same time, the official website of Swiss Mido ( will also show inspiration photos uploaded by netizens around the world. In addition, Swiss Mido will invite different celebrities from these 12 inspirational cities to share their travel strategies and their favorite Mido models, which will inspire netizens. Inspiration, invite netizens to participate in and share their stories and inspiration photos related to architecture. Every Thursday, the Swiss Mido will announce an award-winning netizen who participates in sharing architectural photos and give a Swiss Mido watch.
    On November 10, 2016, Swiss Mido will arrive at the last stop of the ‘Inspired by Architecture’ global journey-Beijing, China. At the same time, it will unveil the 5 most distinctive landmark buildings in Beijing. In January 2017, Mido will announce the “most popular among global netizens” building, and it will also become the next watch design inspiration building for Swiss Mido. Swiss Mido will also randomly select a lucky person from the netizens participating in the sharing, and he will get a free trip to the city where the ‘most popular netizen in the world’ building is located. At the same time, this latest watch, inspired by the ‘most welcomed by global netizens’ building, will be officially unveiled as a 3D model at the Basel International Watch Fair in March 2017.