Swiss Watchmaker Pioneer Tag Heuer Hangzhou Shengshi Present

As one of the star brands of LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods group, TAG Heuer has always been a world leader in the field of avant-garde luxury watches and chronographs. Its new Hangzhou concept store opened in 2009. On September 25th, the grand opening of Hangzhou Tower, the most fashionable shopping center in Hangzhou. This brand-new image store is currently the only store-in-shop in China that integrates TAG Heuer watches, mobile phones and eyewear in addition to specialty stores. The famous domestic movie star Liu Ye attended the unveiling ceremony and participated in the ribbon cutting. As a domestic first-line star, Liu Yan’s deep and extraordinary temperament and his continuous breakthrough and enterprising spirit in the acting career are in the same vein as TAG Heuer. An old Chinese saying goes: ‘The times create heroes’. TAG Heuer believes that the elite who are loyal to TAG Heuer are the true heroes of the times. Through their own efforts, they transcend themselves and reach the peak, so as to have a perfect quality of life. Their passion, wisdom, motivation, and ostentatious attitude are changing values ​​from themselves to the larger field.

    During the opening ceremony of TAG Heuer’s new store in Hangzhou Tower of Sambo, the media and VIPs of Hangzhou Tower enjoyed the cocktail party while admiring TAG Heuer’s latest models in 2009. Among them, the TAG Heuer Classic Carrera series and the first Swiss luxury communication tool MERIDIIST launched in 2009 are two highlights, which impressed each guest.