Breitling Launches New Watch To Pay Tribute To The Times

The watch body is made of stainless steel, which comes from the best of cutting-edge technology: Breitling (Breitling) made another breakthrough to launch Avenger Seawolf Chrono, which is the only one in the world that is highly waterproof and can be 1,000 meters underwater ( 3,300 feet) watch with deep operation chronograph function. In order to prevent water from entering the watch through the button, most watches cannot operate the chronograph function underwater. Only Breitling has achieved a major breakthrough in technology. It has developed a magnetic button that allows the control device to be driven through a metal casing, thus preventing The buttons are in direct contact with the movement. This Breitling exclusive patented device uses unprecedented technology to be both powerful and effective. The sturdy stainless steel housing is equipped with an automatic pressure reducing valve, and the top surface and sides are alternately sanded and polished, just like the indicator on the bezel. The surface is decorated with “aviation” -type figures, large hands, and fluorescent indicators, which can remain clear and easy to see in the dark depths of the ocean. The watch is displayed in an original and effective way. It has a 60-minute accumulator in the center and a 2 o’clock position. There is a 1/10 second totalizer. All three indicators are equipped with detailed checkered patterns, and dazzling light is refracted with different angles. To meet the needs of water sports, Avenger Seawolf Chrono has a 10-minute countdown before the rowing-type starting gun fires. Just like Breitling’s electronic watch, this deep dive watch uses a unique SuperQuartzTM, which is 10 times more accurate than an ordinary movement. This “professional wrist instrument” spanning the three fields of sea, land and air will be a milestone for Breitling.
Technical characteristics:
Series: Aeromarine (sea and air series)
Product name: Avenger Seawolf Chrono
Movement: Breitling movement type 73, SUPERQUARTZTM super quartz movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory, temperature-sensitive adjustment quartz electronic movement (SUPERQUARTZTM), accurate to 1 / 10th second timer, 60 minutes and 12 hours totalizer, calendar .
Case: stainless steel case. Water-resistant to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) and automatic pressure reducing valve. Screw-down crown, one-way rotating bezel, double-sided anti-glare sapphire arched crystal glass.
Diameter: 44.00 亳 m
Strap: cowhide, crocodile leather, diving professional tape or Professional titanium strap.
     A tribute to the pioneers, a tribute to an era: In launching the Chrono-Matic 49 automatic chronograph, Breitling also re-launched a timepiece that was once very popular in both watchmaking methods and in the moment of history. model. As far back as 1969, Breitling created the movement of the first self-winding watch. The entire automatic chronograph series is based on this major invention. At the same time, her original and outstanding appearance is also the pioneer of the popular oversize watch. As of 2008, the design of the Chrono-Matic automatic chronograph with a diameter of 49mm was inspired by a large original model, combining modern design with obvious 60s and 70s flavors, simple right-angle lines, and geometric straight lines. Hands with square or arrow-shaped tips. The accumulator with a red edge shapes the technological effect. The accumulator is traditionally arranged at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock on the surface. It is engraved with the Breitling logo from 1950-1970, and the Breitling brand name. letter. In keeping with its consistent style of innovation, Breitling also modified some details to clearly highlight the contemporary spirit, such as the use of black stainless steel with plastic molds to create a ratchet sliding bezel to adjust the ring slide rule. The new braided steel wire bracelet is specially designed for this model. It is matched with the pure thread shape of the case, which creates a strong contrast. In addition to the stainless steel version, the Chrono-Matic 49 automatic chronograph is also available in 500 red gold limited editions and comes in different color finishes, including luxurious bases with black or bronze finishes created by the “épargne” method . Chrono-Matic 49 automatic chronograph uses Caliber 14 this reliable and high-performance movement, as other Breitling movements are certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). Classical taste blends with contemporary design, perfect harmony, whether in the sky, on the ground or in the sea.
Technical characteristics:
Series: Navitimer
Product name: Chrono-Matic 49
Movement: Breitling Caliber 14 movement (crown on the left), Swiss Official Observatory certification (COSC), automatic winding, high vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour, 40 stone bearings; accurate timing to 1/4 second, 30 Minute and 12-hour totalizer; calendar display.
Case: stainless steel or 18K red gold. Water-resistant to 3 bar; bi-directional rotating bezel with circular slide rule; arched sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare treatment on both sides.
Diameter: 49mm
Strap: Barenia leather strap, crocodile leather strap, rubber marine race strap / wire braided aviation classic strap.
COCKPIT & COCKPIT LADY (Cockpit Watch / Lady’s Watch)
     Breitling launched a new style of Cockpit and Cockpit Lady watches, with a refined and elegant design concept as the surface design. This move not only highlights the characteristics of the product itself, but also strengthens the close relationship between men’s and women’s clothing. Built on a cutting-edge spirit, the new model retains the time scale design of the giant Roman numerals. The square arc pattern in the center of the surface makes the surface more vivid, and adds depth and dynamics. Increase the size of the time hand to make the watch more beautiful and easier to read; the carefully crafted date window shows the fine craftsmanship. There are many types of metal, surface color, and strap type (bracelet or belt) to choose from. Cockpit and Cockpit Lady are suitable for those who do not need timing functions, but like elegant, durable, reliable watches and those who are looking for Breitling professional instruments. Kneading function and luxury, all sports watch equipment: screw-fastened crown and case back, scratch-resistant double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, rotating indicator bezel, Cockpit water-resistant to 1,000 feet ( 300 meters), while the Cockpit Lady can reach 330 feet (100 meters). Both models are available in stainless steel and two-tone versions, stainless steel and rose gold, and precious rose gold, or in the steel and gold versions, you can choose to have a gemstone bezel. Gorgeous design coupled with outstanding technical performance, carry forward the spirit of the entire Breitling-in the sky, on the ground, in the sea. Movement: BREITLING Caliber 71, using Breitling’s patented Super Quartz movement (SuperQuartzTM), with battery exhaustion and calendar display.
Case: stainless steel, two-tone, stainless steel and rose gold, and limited edition rose gold. Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), unidirectional rotating bezel, triple-tight waterproof gasket, arched sapphire crystal, anti-glare on both sides.
Diameter: 31.8 mm.
Strap: Barenia calf leather, crocodile leather, lizard leather, DIVER PRO rubber strap, Pilot strap