Classic Blancpain Russell Watch

If there is a rotating device on the dial, most people will think it is a tourbillon. After all, everyone’s familiarity with this watchmaking term is not inferior to Eason Chan’s hit song ‘Tourbillon’. However, there are two rotating devices on the dial of this watch, which are very eye-catching. If you are not so familiar with watches, after a few seconds of thinking, you will say in a skeptical tone, is this really a tourbillon?

Blancpain tourbillon caroline l-evolution watch
   Half right. Above the dial is the tourbillon, and below is Karrusel. So, what is Caruso used for? In fact, its purpose is the same as the tourbillon, offsetting the effect of gravity on the balance spring, and making the travel more stable and accurate.
   The Caruso device was first invented by the Danish watchmaker Bonniksen in the 19th century. So what’s different from the tourbillon invented by Master Breguet? You might as well remember it briefly: the rotation of the tourbillon device frame is a part of the power of the watch, you can imagine this is a ‘power circuit’; The carrousel device train is two ‘power circuits’. It has one more gear than the tourbillon device, one drives the frame to rotate, and the other transmits power to the balance wheel and escapement system.

   In the past, Carloso’s main purpose was to achieve the function of offsetting gravity, and he did not use rotation time as a requirement. Coupled with the complexity limitation, the rotation time of Carrousel in the past was mostly 30 minutes to 50 minutes. Perhaps for these reasons, coupled with the tourbillon being nearly a hundred years before the invention of Caruso, the popularity and technology are more popular, so the tourbillon seems to be higher than Caruso in application, production and popularity.
   In fact, Carrousel is not necessarily lower than the tourbillon in terms of complexity. In the past, there have been debates in the industry about who is better than Caruso. In the watchmaking world, there are not many Caruso brands, and Blancpain is one of them.

Blancpain 2322V2 movement
   Blancpain’s Carloso is very different from the previous Carloso. They deepened Carloso’s technology to a new level, and developed a carrousel that can rotate like a tourbillon in one minute. People use ‘one rotation per minute’ to judge whether it is Caruso or the tourbillon myth.
   This is not enough for Blancpain: Since you want to play with technology, then you have to play it thoroughly! Blancpain has two speed control devices that are also resistant to gravity-
The tourbillon and Caruso are combined together. This 2232V2 movement of Blancpain presents Caruso and the tourbillon at the same time, and is mounted on the L-Evolutio watch series.

Blancpain Le Brassus watch with Caruso and tourbillon at the same time
   In fact, in 2013, Blancpain first launched a watch with a carrousel and tourbillon at the same time. At that time, the 2322 movement was used and assembled in the Le Brassus series, taking a refined and elegant style.
   The 2322V2 model is more technological and line. First it was loaded into the L-Evolution series with a racing genetic style. Digital scales and asymmetrical bridges and chassis highlight modernity, reminiscent of the mechanical feel of a racing engine. Both the bridge and the main splint have undergone a fine matte polishing and plating, and the texture is cold and delicate.

   The multi-layered hollow movement makes it more visually rich in space. The dark gray matte color tone, with hexagonal screws, has a sense of masculine power. The use of such design elements is also the first attempt of Blancpain. Compared with the 13-year model, the 2322V2 abandons the date display function, and the position of the tourbillon and Carloso is shifted counterclockwise by about 30 degrees, which makes the watch present a completely different style.

   Details are also unique to this watch. Whether it’s fine-grained movement details or a finely polished 47.4mm platinum case. If you are careful enough, you can also find the laser-cut, “JB” Logo logo on the movement above the carrousel below the dial. This is also the first time the brand has used such details to decorate such small parts. It is conceivable that this watch with a platinum case equipped with 2322V2, a combination of a tourbillon and caroline, and a manual winding 7-day power reserve is only sold in the world.

   Many people ask what is the significance of the Caruso + Tourbillon watch? Let’s put it this way, even if the watchmaking industry and watchmaking technology have advanced to this point, the accuracy of mechanical watches has been very high, and the daily travel time error The value is so small that we humans are almost insensitive, but the accuracy of mechanical watches is still not as good as that of electronic devices. However, people still like mechanical watches, and precision mechanical watches with tourbillon devices are still the goals of many people.

   The tourbillon has also continuously developed various changes, such as multi-axis, three-dimensional, carving, and so on. What it means to us is the charm of many handmade creations and meticulous mechanical operations, as well as the handicrafts and intentions contained in it, as well as the special rarity. Of course, a watch with a tourbillon is naturally more expensive than a watch without a tourbillon.