Athens Quadrato 3d Surface Watch Introduction

When the market is full of round-shaped models, the Swiss Athenian watch, with its innovative and adventurous brand spirit, launches a unique square case. When the Quadrato perpetual calendar is launched, the Athenian watch It shows a strong brand spirit, and the Quadrato dual time zone watch founder model provides another new choice of two time watches. The Quadrato of Athens is designed with a symmetrical square case, which evokes memories of the 70s. Adding geometric line design elements and the characteristics of modern trend, 42mm large diameter and retro round shape, interpreting the grandeur of mature men and gentlemen.

 The most important consideration when choosing a dual time zone watch, in addition to whether the instructions are clear, ‘easy adjustment’ is exactly the purpose of the Athens watch’s development of the GMT quick adjustment button. The Athens dual time zone watch clearly distinguishes between time zones that are easy to adjust and time zones that are not easy to adjust. Quadrato dual time zone watch, round window at nine o’clock, with enlarged Arabic numerals, 24-hour system, clearly shows the home time. The second time is not easy to adjust, so it is displayed in the way of the hour hand to mark the time of travel, making the Quadrato dual time zone watch the perfect travel companion for business and tourists traveling around the world. You do n’t need to take off the watch when you wear it, you can easily switch between the two places, because the patented hour hand quick adjustment button, the (+) button in the ten o’clock direction and the (-) button in the eight o’clock direction, just press The hour hand can be moved forward or backward for an hour instantly, and the time between the two places can be quickly changed without affecting the minute hand.

 Another technical advantage is that when the hour hand is adjusted, the date will be linked. Even if you cross the international date change line, you do n’t need to spend time to adjust the date window. This is a great pioneering work of Dr. Ockling It is also an intelligent design not found in other dual time zone watches.
 The three-dimensional dial design of the Athens Quadrato dual time zone watch, with radial hour markers, a circular home time window and a square independent small second dial, intersects a rich geometric visual style. The small seconds dial, the home time window and the large date window all perfectly present a wonderfully balanced aesthetic. The pointer also adopts the Founder concept design, adding luminous and hollow design, which is convenient for reading in the dark and does not cover other displays. Available in stainless steel and 18K rose gold, stainless steel models with blue steel automatic plate, rose gold models with 22K gold automatic plate, can be viewed from the back of the sapphire crystal, enjoy the Athens patent movement movement and meticulous carving process. Water resistant to 50 meters.

Whether The Movado Waterproof Watch Really Does Not Enter The Water

Many people feel at ease when they buy waterproof watches, and then complain about water ingress. Is the waterproof watch really water-tight? In order to get out of this misunderstanding, the watch house will answer your questions.
  First introduce a new watch-Movado TC ™ new series watch, ultra-thin, comfortable, simple features and male and female choices make it the focus of fashion. The watch is made of solid pure stainless steel, with a flexible three-row link bracelet, alternating polished and matt links, with hidden folding clasps. Women’s watches have a rainbow-colored white mother-of-pearl dial that adds a touch of warmth to their dazzling modern look; men’s watches have impactful frosted sunburst dials available in dark blue and black, silver The hollow hands, slim cylindrical hour markers and Movado’s iconic concave sun dots at 12 o’clock are paired with a strong visual presentation. In addition, its waterproof depth reaches 30 meters.

  However, despite this, this type of watch still has the problem of water ingress.
  The ordinary Movado waterproof watch is not a diving watch. Although it adopts sealing measures to prevent the invasion of sweat and harmful gases, it is not absolutely water-resistant. At the same time, some unavoidable phenomena will occur during the use of the watch: every day, the winding needle, the rubber ring inside the crown or the crown tube will gradually wear; the glass is affected by temperature and expands and contracts, which will cause it to interact with the watch There is a gap in the upper frame of the case; the waterproof rubber ring of the back cover is aged or corroded by the influence of sweat, which will reduce the waterproof performance of the waterproof watch. Therefore, you should never wear a general waterproof watch to swim or bathe. Pay attention when washing clothes, washing dishes, and cooking. Do not splash water on the watch or allow water vapor to enter the watch. Otherwise, the parts inside the watch will rust with water, affect the quality of the time, and even lose its use value.

  Of course, some people will question why another ordinary watch can be waterproof? This is just a coincidence. Because everyone knows that the use and operation frequency of the watch are different, the degree of wear of the rubber ring will not be the same, not to mention that there are many objective factors, such as local weather, working environment, etc., will also affect the life of the waterproof ring.
  Although the watch is waterproof, it can’t be completely reassured, it’s just more likely that it won’t enter the water. Therefore, replacing the waterproofing ring at regular intervals, and frequently checking and maintaining the watch are the correct choices for the way the watch enters the water.

Inheriting German Watchmaking Technology Glashütte Pays Tribute To The Father Of The Brand

Proud of its rich 165 years of precision German watchmaking craftsmanship, Glashütte Glory has launched a limited edition watch-‘Observation Watch 1911-Julias Asman’. This extraordinary timepiece, limited to 25 pieces worldwide, was hand-finished in the Glashütte watchmaking factory to serve as two pioneering pioneers-Mr. Julias Asman and Roald Amon Mr. Mori pays tribute.

Observation Table 1911-Julias Asman
Mr. Julias Asman founded the watchmaking company at the age of 25 and was one of the four founding fathers of the watchmaking industry in the town of Glashütte. Pocket watches, ship clocks and observation watches made by Mr. Julias Asman and his staff have laid an important foundation for the company’s reputation. Especially the watch is famous for its extraordinary precision and outstanding craftsmanship. Mr. Roald Amundsen ordered many Julias Asman watch watches before embarking on his voyage to study history, one of which was Ball Young, a young watchmaker in the town of Glashütte. Wei produced in 1907/08. This watch produced by Lowe was extremely accurate, and he was urged to send it to the German Navy Observatory in Hamburg for testing. The German Naval Observatory is an official agency that tests and certifies the accuracy of chronographs produced in Germany. It was there that Mr. Roald Amundsen discovered the watch and bought it in 1910. On December 14, 1911, the Norwegian polar explorer and his expedition team became the first people to reach the South Pole in the world.
Observation tables are also known as ‘nautical charts’, which are used by navigators to confirm the position of the ship in the sea as accurately as possible, along with ship clocks and other instruments. Ammonsen must have made good use of his observation watch during the journey of the polar ship Fram to Antarctica; after his expedition departed from the Framenham base in Whale Bay, he observed The time of the watch becomes the only criterion: set an observation watch as the time of departure, and use it as the same function as the ship clock. Set another observation table as the destination time, and the time difference between the two can use the method of spherical trigonometry to calculate the position of the expedition’s route to the South Pole. Of course, the use of a compass and sextant is also indispensable. As a result, Amundsen’s watch was extremely important for his expeditionary mission: without them, he would never reach his destination, let alone win for Norway. Today, at the Fram Museum in Oslo, there are many documents showing the historic expedition, including an observation table produced by the town of Glashütte used by Amundsen. The dial is clearly engraved. ‘J. Assmann-Glashütte’.

Glashütte Limited Watch 1911-Julias Asman
Before 1971, even in the turbulent years, the production of the watch in the town of Glashütte had never stopped. The Glashütte brand launched 25 limited edition exquisite watches in 2012, named after the ‘watch’, just to commemorate Julia Assman’s watch and Amundsen’s outstanding achievements in the Antarctic. The silver lacquer dial of the observation table 1911 is composed of three layers of independent white lacquer. The third layer is finely textured and silvery. Separate small seconds and power reserve indicators are located at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the dial, respectively, and the large Glashütte-style calendar window is at 6 o’clock. Slim blue polished minute and pear-shaped hour hands, black Arabic numerals are located in the rolled rail-type graduated ring.
Glasutti limited edition watch 1991-Julia Asman has a round case made of white gold and a brown calfskin strap, which evokes memories of the years of adventure and silhouettes of the explorer Amundsen. The back of the case is engraved with a number marking the limited edition (01/25), and the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass is engraved with the date of Amundsen’s arrival in the Antarctic and its centennial date-December 14, 1911-2011 December 14. Also engraved with Julius Assmann–Glashütte
I / SA (Julia Assmann-Glasutti / Saxony), and ‘Tribute to R. Amundsen’.

特别 Special movement in honour of Julias Asman
Observation table 1911-Julias Asman’s movement-100-14 movement, is a well-made automatic winding movement. The traditional watch is a manual winding movement. In order to give the wearer maximum comfort, the Glashütte brand chose an automatic winding movement for this limited edition watch. ‘AB AUF’ on the dial shows the power reserve, not just the passage of time. The movement has a reset mechanism to ensure that the second hand is synchronized with the standard time. In contrast to other resets, the second hand is not connected to the winding shaft or crown. Regardless of whether the crown is pulled out, the vibration system and the movement are continuously running, which can greatly reduce the wear of the movement parts. Starting the reset device requires pressing a separate reset button. The two-way winding oscillating weight transmits power to the patented reducing gear, and then transmits the power to two smaller series barrels. Most of the power was transmitted to the mainspring, which was soon full of power.
不 It is not difficult to find through the sapphire crystal case that the 100-14 automatic winding movement is the best gift to Julias Asman. The movement has the traditional characteristics of Glashütte: three-quarter splint, gold sleeve. The gold rotor with double G logo is the hallmark of Glashütte’s high-end mechanical watches.