Iwc Finishes The Race Tortour

Representatives of the seven IWC teams

Successfully completed the TORTOUR cycling rally

IWC team finishes TORTOUR cycling rally on behalf of Lawrence

 Schaffhausen, August 23, 2018-The multi-day tenth TORTOUR cycling rally kicked off this week. Seven teams from IWC Schaffhausen participated in the competition on behalf of the Lawrence Foundation of Switzerland. This is the second time that IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr has appeared on the starting line. So far, the participants have raised 60,000 Swiss francs for the social sports program of the Lawrence Foundation of Switzerland.

IWC Team Representative Lawrence Finishes TORTOUR Cycling Rally_IWC IWC CEO Glenn Haier (middle)

 ‘TORTOUR’ and ‘torture’ (meaning torture) are often confused because they are similar in pronunciation. This is also reasonable. After all, participants in the highest difficulty group of the competition need to complete 1,000 kilometers in Schaffhausen, Difficult schedule across multiple Alps. They traveled day and night, and the support team was always on standby to go all out.

IWC team represents Lawrence to complete TORTOUR cycling rally

 ‘TORTOUR Bike Rally combines competitive sports, extreme endurance and team spirit in a unique way and a perfect opportunity. I am excited to be on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brand with so many people from the IWC family The members stand together on the starting line and support the Lawrence Public Welfare Foundation, ‘said Christopher Glainger-Hale, chief executive of IWC.

IWC Team Representative Lawrence Finishes TORTOUR Cycling Rally_IWC CEO Glainger Haier (right)

 The riders from the AMG ROTWILD team and the sports enthusiasts of the watchmakers form the seven participating teams of IWC. At the same time, Jürgen Kallfass, who played on behalf of IWC and the Lawrence Public Welfare Foundation, fully demonstrated his spirit of struggle. His team successfully completed the 1,000 km race and is the seven IWC team The only team that broke into the ‘TORTOUR’ category. Glenn Haier’s team participated in the 550 km mid-long challenge, together with Swiss professional rider Simon Zahner and IWC watchmaker Samuel Vuillemez And finally won the sixth place. As in previous years, the game started on Thursday at the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. IWC has been sponsoring the TORTOUR event for the first time since 2009.

IWC team represents Lawrence to complete the TORTOUR bicycle rally_IWC IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ Special Edition (Model: IW324703)

 During the pre-match warm-up phase, contestants sought support on the crowdfunding platform. The total donation has reached 60,000 Swiss francs. All donations will be used to support the Laureus Girls in Lawrence Foundation in Switzerland. Sports) project. Compared with other activities, girls are not as keen on sports as boys. The Lawrence Foundation uses sports to help young girls 11 to 17 years old to increase their self-confidence and their personality development.

IWC team represents Lawrence to complete TORTOUR cycling rally

 Lawrence Foundation of Switzerland
 As a branch of the international organization ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’, the Swiss Lawrence Charity Foundation was founded in 2006 by Schaffhausen IWC and Mercedes-Benz. Its goal is to gradually enrich more and more Switzerland. Youth life. The foundation’s focus is not on achievement, but on enjoyment from sports and other social activities. Every year, the Lawrence Public Welfare Foundation supports and assists more than 10,000 children by supporting four sports social programs in Switzerland.
TORTOUR Bicycle Rally

The TORTOUR bike rally is the world’s largest multi-day extreme cycling competition, and is also held for professional riders and amateurs. The 1,000-kilometer non-stop cycling race was held in Switzerland for the first time in 2009, and the route crosses multiple Alps. This highly demanding event is organised by TORTOUR GmbH based in Schaffhausen and receives constant attention.