2014 Zenith Watches China, Hong Kong And Taiwan Same Price Policy Implemented

Swiss luxury brand Zenith of French luxury goods group Hennessy-Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH), the Swiss watch brand Zenith, has implemented the same price for new watches in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the pricing is also Same price as the Swiss franc.
 Zenith watches have always been favored by Chinese consumers for their precision craftsmanship. However, due to various factors such as taxation, their prices in the Mainland were much higher than those in Hong Kong and Europe. According to survey data, the prices of domestic watches in Hong Kong and the Mainland differ by approximately 15% -25%. In addition, considering the exchange rate difference, the actual difference is 20-30%, which makes most consumers tend to purchase watches overseas. Subsequent issues of watch repair and maintenance have always been a problem for consumers who purchase watches overseas.
 The Zenith brand’s decision to adjust prices this time has changed the biased pricing strategy of luxury brands towards China, provided domestic consumers with more considerate after-sales service, and strengthened the relationship between mainland consumers and brands. Contact, allowing more Chinese people to stay in the country to purchase watches, has brought a better consumption environment for mainland China, and greatly reduced the follow-up problems of overseas watch repair and maintenance. The potential for high-end consumption in China is huge. Compared with Hong Kong, there are more retail stores in the Mainland and it is more convenient for consumers to buy. This measure will give watch enthusiasts more opportunities to experience the Zenith timepieces at close range. Consumers of Zenith watches have paved the way for more convenient watch purchase channels.