2013 Lange Watchmaking Competition Simple And Practical Four-pointer Device Wins

Lange again presents the International Young Watchmaker Award
This year’s € 10,000 prize was won by Austrian contestants

 Lange held the award ceremony of the 4th Lange Watchmaking Contest on December 5, 2013. This event emphasizes the importance of nurturing a new generation of precision watchmakers. Vienna entrant Paul Wudy (23) from the Technical School of Karlstein in Austria received a prize of 10,000 euros for his second time zone display. The young watchmaker took the award from Walter Lange, founder of contemporary Lange brand, and Wilhelm Schmid, president of Lange, at a press conference in Glashütte.

 Paul Houdi (right) receives awards from Lange President Wilhelm Schmid (center) and company founder Walter Lange (left).

 Lange invited famous watchmaking colleges from all over the world to participate in the competition. In the end, eight new watchmakers from Germany, Austria, Japan, Denmark, Finland, France and the Netherlands were qualified. They visited the Lange watch factory together this summer, familiarizing themselves with Lange’s traditional watchmaking culture during the one-week study. On the last day of the event, the contestants accepted the competition task. Each of them should design and produce a fully functioning second time zone display device based on the ETA 6498 movement within five months.

 Among the entries, the four-pointer device designed by Paul Hudi can show a 30 minute to 15 minute difference between the two time zones, which impressed the jury. Experts especially appreciate that the table is clear and easy to read, and simple and practical.

 Paul Hudy’s 2013 entries

 A jury of five experts began reviewing each entry in November. In addition to Anthony de Haas, Walter Lange and Lange Product Development Director, other judges include watch reporters Gisbert L. Brunner and Peter Braun, and Peter Plaßmeyer, director of the Dresden Mathematical Physics Salon. Uniqueness and innovation are the primary scoring criteria. The technical performance, workmanship and aesthetic elements of the work are also important criteria.

Omega Launches World’s First Master Astronomical Table

Omega and METAS work together to launch the world’s first master astronomical watch, which is enough to change the watch production and certification process of the entire fine watch industry, and will open a new horizon for fine watchmaking.

   Just a few days ago, Omega held a formal global press conference for the world’s first master astronomical watch at its headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. This not only became an important milestone in the history of brand development, but also set a brand new process standard for the watchmaking industry.
   In 2014, Omega and the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) jointly released a new watch certification standard. Through this new standard, watches can be tested and certified with unprecedented accuracy and performance standards. After a year of hard work, a complete certification process has been established. Globemaster has also officially become the first watch of the ‘Master Observatory’ class to pass the new META laboratory test and certification located in the core area of ​​the Omega Watch Factory.
   The presentation table was co-chaired by Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, led by Dr. Christian Bock, director of METAS, Stephen Urquhart, president of Omega, and Andreas Hobmeier, vice president of production and procurement. At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Hayek first explained the following important moments.
   ‘Everyone knows the importance of beautiful products, historical heritage and technological innovation in the watch industry, but at the same time there is one thing that is also very important: trust: the trust provided to users. In cooperation with an impartial third-party independent body like METAS, we can once again emphasize to consumers that the Swiss watch industry is still a world leader in the pursuit of precision and innovation. ‘
   Dr. Christian Bock also explained at the presentation that METAS has always played an important role as a key partner in the establishment of the new ‘Master Observatory’ certification standard, and emphasized the concept of trust again.
   ‘METAS is the official agency that leads all precision measurement in Switzerland, so trust is our core value. And most importantly, we must agree with consumers and clients. This is exactly what we need to ensure. The main reason why the new testing standards set by mechanical watches must be open to all brands. ‘
   Although COSC is still the most important part in the Omega watch manufacturing process at this stage, this test standard set by METAS effectively doubles the credibility of watch certification, including all Omega watches. Watch brands adopting this certification standard can show the quality and performance of their own watch products to the greatest extent possible.
   The ‘Master Observatory’ certification must complete 8 test items in 10 days. The watch under test must simulate the real wearing environment, such as being exposed to a high magnetic environment of 15,000 milliGauss to achieve the set test. standard.
   After introducing each test project, Andreas Hobmeier, Vice President of Production and Purchasing, showed everyone the world’s first Globemaster watch certified by the Master Observatory, and also briefed the brand’s efforts on this watch.
   ‘The so-called sense of trust can only be obtained through practice. During this time, the Omega team has been working very hard to work closely with the METAS team to ensure that every detail can be perfect. A watch that has passed all the tests of the ‘Master Observatory’ and obtained certification has always been honored. ‘
   Consumers who buy watches certified by the Master Observatory can obtain all the test data and certification results of this watch by entering the serial number and verification code of the watch purchased on the website.
   Through this new milestone, Omega has revealed the future direction of the brand. At the same time, it will become an important achievement for the brand as a pioneer in the contemporary watchmaking industry.

Video Interpretation Of Hermès’ New Carre H Series-fluo Hip Hop X2018sihh

The 2018 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon (SIHH) brought us a lot of surprises. This year is very different from previous years in that Hermes has also joined the SIHH, so as the first time to participate in the SIHH What kind of surprise will Hermès bring us? Through the video, let’s enjoy the new Carre H series watch.

Hermès new Carre H series

   Obviously, it is completely different from the previous Hermes watch, but still has the shadow of the saddle design. The round-shaped design also makes it more distinctive.
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