Louis Vuitton Pre-basel Pure Black Flying Swivel Time

The Tambour éVolution watch series was first launched in 2013. It reinterprets the Louis Vuitton LOUIS VUITTON ambition Tambour watch from a new perspective, bringing a watch series with male masculine beauty : The black metal-based composite material (MMC & mdash; Metal Matrix Composite), which was originally used in F1 racing and aerospace, was added to the design of the watch, creating a strong line and futurism. Feeling.

Designed for the modern urban man who likes to travel, the Tambour éVolution series uses lightweight, wear-resistant high-tech materials that were originally mainly used in F1 racing and aerospace, and black metal-based composite materials have been added to the design and production of watches

Tambour éVolution GMT Dual Time Pure Black Force Watch with DLC steel case, lugs and crown

The Tambour éVolution series is designed for the modern urban man who likes to travel. Now this series has launched three ALL BLACK pure black styles including GMT dual time, Chronograph, and Spin Time GMT dual time. The combination of diamond-like carbon (DLC & Dash; Diamond Like Carbon) steel and black MMC makes this watch with excellent design and wear-resistant lightweight technical performance. The new black calf leather embossed carbon effect embossed strap and the stainless steel large V decoration on the screw-down crown further strengthen this avant-garde design, reminiscent of Gaston on the first Steamer Bag V logo by Mr. Vuitton.

Tambour éVolution Chronographe GMT Dual Time Black Power Watch with-LV92 Automatic

Tambour éVolution Spin Time GMT watch with black power, equipped with the LV111 automatic movement developed and assembled by the La Fabrique du Temps workshop in Louis Vuitton

In terms of movement, the two timepiece models and the two timepiece models are equipped with LV71 and LV92 movements, respectively. These two high-precision automatic mechanical movements have a 42-hour power reserve and oscillate 28,800 times per hour. The pendulum with the LouisVuitton logo can be seen through the transparent case back, and the LV logo can also be seen through the hollow design. The proprietary Spin Time movement was patented in 2010, and the second time zone can be displayed by flipping the rotating aluminum cube time scale. The LV111 movement, developed and assembled by La Fabrique du Temps at Louis Vuitton, is a style that combines legibility and reliability in any case. The LV 111 movement works like a time-of-day display system, advancing every 60 minutes. It drives a turntable with a small fork-shaped bar for one twelve turns at a time. The fork-shaped rod of the turntable pushes the Maltese cross-shaped component connected to the axis of the cubic time scale. The cross-shaped component rotates a quarter of a time and rotates two adjacent time scales at the same time: the current time scale is displayed With the triangular arrow mark, it will rotate into a matte surface with no number in an instant. At the next moment, the specimen is originally matte surface. At the same time, an outward pointing triangular arrow (indicating 01:00 to 12:59) or Inward pointing triangle arrow (indicating 13:00 to 00:59).