Wang Lihong Endorses The Seiko Gentleman New Watch

As a series of SEIKO’s iconic gentleman watches, PREMIER has successfully marketed the world as soon as it is launched. The design of the PREMIER watch is derived from ancient Roman architecture. The multi-layered three-dimensional dial is as mysterious as the finely carved palace in ancient Greece, while the stainless steel strap is integrated with modern and modern design style. The classical and modern appearance has successfully conveyed the harmonious beauty of Eastern and Western cultures, just like the integration of Wang Lihong’s own multiculturalism and the combination of music that has been cultivated for a long time.

Wang Lihong acted as the spokesperson for SEIKO twice, interpreting the new PREMIER style with unique taste
 ‘SEIKO PREMIER Perpetual Calendar with Perpetual Electricity’ is endorsed twice by international superstar Wang Leehom, and interprets the new PREMIER style with its elegant temperament and unique taste. The advertising endorsement watch worn by Wang Lihong has a stable and calm dark gray faceplate, and sword-shaped hands and timescales that symbolize decisiveness and neatness, shaping Wang Lihong’s distinguished king style. The delicately carved elegant Roman scales seem to escape the popular taste of today, bringing the mysterious palace in ancient Greek legend to life between the sleeves of the wrist. However, the cold and stable face plate is finely embossed with straight lines, which is more clever. Stylish high-tech texture, perfect balance between classic and modern.

Taking human as the source of kinetic energy, a watch that brings you harmony
 The ‘SEIKO PREMIER Large Window Perpetual Electric Perpetual Calendar Watch’ at the 12 o’clock position of the face plate clearly presents a double grid date window, allowing users to easily grasp the pulse of time when wearing it, plus a sapphire crystal Technology, but also set off the demeanor and style of the owner.

SEIKO’s original Kinetic Auto Relay Perpetual is powered by the ‘person’ itself. Its movement is equipped with an automatic disk like a mechanical watch, which will rotate with the swing of the wrist and can be maintained when fully charged. Up to six months away. In addition to the need for batteries and environmental protection concepts, it automatically enters sleep power-saving mode when not in use to save energy. When you wear it again, you can instantly return to the correct time by simply shaking the watch. The monthly movement of its quartz movement is within plus or minus 15 seconds, and the perpetual calendar design can display the date to February 28, 2100, up to 101 precision mechanical parts, showing SEIKO’s full watchmaking technology and level. SEIKO believes that a watch is a personal accessory that has a close relationship with people. There is only one watch that brings you two characteristics of ‘harmony’ and ‘interaction’, allowing you to have the feeling of mastering and mastering time at any time. .

SEIKO PREMIER Perpetual Calendar
Model SNPO53J1
Limited 7D48 perpetual calendar movement
Specifications Stainless steel case strap / sapphire crystal mirror / daily waterproof 10 bar / magnetic resistance / large window date / date. Month. Leap year. 24-hour display / automatic tracking of human power / perpetual calendar (automatic correction to February 28, 2100 day)

New Equipment For School

It’s over, classmates, it’s time to take it easy and get ready to go to school. Do your homework and hurry up (chao). The girl is not hurrying to make an appointment. You should charge your mobile phone without phone charges. Go to charge, the computer should download the lesson (xi) quickly, ready to buy without a watch in your hand, it’s okay to pretend not to lose one year.

Casio G-SHOCK series GW-3000BD-1A

Model: GW-3000BD-1A
Domestic public price: 4190
Movement type: solar power
Movement model: TOUGH MOVEMENT
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details:
Product model: SRPA21J1
Domestic public price: 3600
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 13.4 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: CAL.4R36
Case material: stainless steel, unidirectional rotating bezel
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details:
Product model: C032.407.11.091.00
Domestic public price: 6200
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: light kinetic energy
Movement model: ETA Powermatic 80
Case material: 316L matte steel; green aluminum bezel with Super-LumiNova® luminous coating
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: certina / 60329 /
Watch comments: Some people say that recommending a watch at this price to college students is a bit expensive, indeed it is a bit expensive. After all, many college students do not have this economic strength, but the number of people who bring Apple to the university with four pieces is really innumerable. This Certina is a new model that has just been launched. The reason why it is so attractive is that its green dial and bezel are so irritating and youthful. It is a cheap version of the Rolex ‘Green Water Ghost’. The green dial, combined with the green aluminum bezel, is really dazzling. Green is replacing blue, which means that it is rising. This watch is a sports model in Certina, DS double insurance technology plus Movement 80, the configuration is very good. It is waterproof at 300 meters and is very professional. For college students, having such a sports watch has a very personality and 666. You can also know that it is irritating ten meters away.
Summary: University time is still very comfortable. Although there are a lot of professional courses, at least there are no other burdens and pressures. It is also the most refreshing stage in the entire student career. Occasional social training can also give yourself more experience . Bringing a watch will immediately give you a sense of maturity, which is good equipment for school. At least it is not good to watch the time with a mobile phone.

Tissot Tissot Lloyd Series ‘fu’ Limited Edition Welcome New Year

In the traditional essence of the Chinese nation for more than 1,000 years, ‘blessing’ symbolizes happiness and blessing. ‘Book of Rites’ says: ‘Blessed, the name of Baishun is also.’ In the world of Tissot, a famous Swiss watch brand with a long history of more than 160 years, time is like the ‘blessing’ culture of Chinese celebrities Time can control a happy life. Today, Tissot watchmakers have combined the century-old exquisite watchmaking traditional craftsmanship with the traditional Chinese ‘blessing’ culture, and have achieved this outstanding timepiece work that means ‘Baifu Chengxiang’-the Tissot Leloc series ‘ ‘Fu’ limited edition. The simple and classic design makes the entire watch look like an exquisite palace of art. The twelve scales surround the embossed ‘Fu’ word, bringing the happiness and perfect blessing to the consumers all over the world. This limited edition of 4,999 watches makes this blessing even more precious.

 Tissot Rock series ‘Fu’ limited edition (limited to 4,999 pieces worldwide), suggested selling price: RMB 4,850

Blessings are always together
The limited edition of the ‘Luck’ series of the Le Locle series is a special gift from the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot during the Chinese New Year. The word ‘blessing’, meaning ‘Baifu Chengxiang’, leaped above the dial in relief, changing the monotony of ordinary watches, full of festive and auspicious festival atmosphere. The detailed and orderly Roman numerals and bar scales show an elegant attitude towards life, surrounding the blessing; at six o’clock below the dial, the English name of the Leloc series is engraved with vintage handwritten italics, adding nostalgic charm; things Fang cultures collide, blend, and combine here, and the three-dimensional relief displays the beauty of conflict and harmony. Turning the watch, the sophisticated design is also reflected on the back of the watch. The Tissot nameplate outlines the perfect outline, and there are medieval vintage carvings surrounding it, allowing you to experience the precipitation of time. All of this is incorporated into the limited edition of 4,999 watches, and the blessing of the Chinese New Year is even more precious.

Tissot Rock series limited edition

Precision and power
The limited edition of the ‘Luck’ series of the Le Locle series not only has an elegant appearance and beautiful meaning, but also tells its indissoluble bond with the city of time with its timeless and excellent performance. This self-winding ETA2824-2 movement, made in Switzerland, features 25 gemstones to keep track of your time. With the sound of new year’s festive firecrackers, why not enter into the new year with your eyes full of happiness, and give yourself an auspicious wish, so that you can live comfortably and be blessed forever.

Beautifully carved and engraved back cover with limited number