Professional Pulse Chronograph Longines Classic Retro Series L2.787.4.16.2

Longines is a very well-known watch brand. Its watches have won the love of many watch lovers with its long history of indicators, superb watchmaking technology, and exquisite and elegant appearance. The Longines classic vintage series is one of the most outstanding watch series of Longines watches. This series of watches has maintained a high level of heat for a long time. The following editor will make an excellent classic vintage watch. The intuitive experience is shared with everyone. This full Sina piano classic replica series of professional pulse chronograph stopwatch is just one of its masterpieces. Its design inspiration also follows a previous masterpiece. The original was used for medical timing at that time, but it is not limited to this. The official price is 18,700 yuan.

In design, Longines always has its own unique understanding, but with the efforts of Longines watchmakers, each watch has an elegant style. The case of this masterpiece is 38.5 mm and looks a bit small, but the white dial gives a clean feel. Because the original intention is to make a doctor’s pulse chart for the doctor to test the patient’s pulse, there are some flowers on the disk, which is slightly complicated.
 The original use of this watch was for doctors. In the 1930s and 1950s, many advanced chronograph watches liked to have a pulse meter on the watch, but now they have been replaced by tachymeters. Doctors and lawyers in foreign countries are all particularly decent and high-yield occupations, so only high-end watches will have such equipment, and cheap watches generally do not go for fun. This pulsometer can come in handy when the doctor is examining the room, without having to turn on the light, you can read it in a place with light after the test.

Its movement is the L652.2 self-winding movement, which is a movement rebuilt by Longines based on ETA2094. It is not a nominal self-produced movement, but there are also major changes in it, which should be the smallest chronograph movement in the world.
The diameter of this watch is slightly smaller, even if it is considered that the people it is applied to are not very burly, it still looks a little cramped. However, the overall temperament is very good, which is also a consistent feature of Longines watches. It is very lightweight and professional, and it is an excellent doctor watch, and the price of less than 20,000 is not very expensive for doctors.
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