Just For The Feeling Of Sports Tasting Omega Ocean Universe Women’s Watch

They all say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Why is this? I haven’t figured it out until now. This may have become a truth. In short, remember that it is right to give women diamonds of. Earlier we introduced many representative models of the hippocampus series, or men’s models, but do not belong to this series only belongs to men. In the world of watches, men and women are always equal, and even more preferred Women, just like this upcoming Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean women’s watch, not only has any technical, performance parameters and men’s watch, but also has a precious metal case and diamonds. I have n’t understood the diamond version, but today I understand, in fact, most of our time is not in sports, all we want is the feeling of that sport.

 When it comes to loyal fans of the ocean universe, it should be Nicole Kidman. Nicole is an omega celebrity ambassador. It can be said that each of the latest omega ladies’ watches has stayed on her wrist. For many watches, she only has a fondness for the cosmic jewelry of the ocean universe, so that even after a shooting event, she did not even want to take off the ocean cosmic jewelry watch on her wrist, and that was just a photograph Used sample sheet.
 Nicole once said, ‘She is very satisfied with her unbelieving life. She thinks that young actors lack enough emotional experience to be convincing, and mature women are particularly beautiful.’ The ocean universe in red gold with diamonds is just like a mature woman. The deep temperament is blooming with the warm luster of red gold, and the 42 brilliant diamonds express the firmness and elegance of a mature woman. confidence.

 This watch should be said to be the flagship model of the Ocean Universe Women’s Watch. I first need to explain what a flagship model is. In our daily life, we usually use the most expensive or most expensive model in the same series. The product is called the flagship model, and it is also roughly the same in the world of watches and clocks. The difference is that the world of clocks is not only expensive, but also embodies honor.

 Almost all brands will use precious metal materials when launching flagship watches, and they will also be set with diamonds and various gems, so please do n’t take the cost-effectiveness to measure the flagship watch. Some people may think that the gold watch is flashy, but in fact this is the case. Because of the extremely soft texture of pure gold, it is not suitable for industrial processing. Therefore, the gold used in watches and clocks is all 18K gold except platinum, which is 75% gold and 25% other metals (metals are different, the color of gold is also It’s different). In fact, due to the unique physical and chemical properties of gold, this gold alloy is superior to stainless steel in other aspects except that it has no scratch resistance, such as corrosion resistance, never rust, and irreplaceable gloss. The most important thing is that Value preservation (on earth, gold mines are always rarer than iron mines)!

 As the flagship model of the Ocean Universe and a member of the Omega Seahorse series, this watch must also inherit many of the features of the Omega diving watch since the 1940s, such as 600 meters of water resistance, a unidirectional rotating bezel and decompression. Helium exhaust valve. In terms of appearance design, except for the strap, all other exposed parts are made of 18K red gold. At the same time, the top bezel is also inlaid with 42 luxury diamonds. When attending the event in the evening, the size of the 37.5mm Xiu Xiu accompanied by red gold and diamonds, whether it is paired with elegant formal clothes or luxurious dresses, can bloom the exquisiteness unique to mature women.

 The bezel of the flagship model has been changed from the original digital scale to an extremely luxurious 42 diamonds. Some people may ask that precious metals are still useful, and diamonds are not useful at all. I repeat, there is no cost-effectiveness for flagship models. The reason for setting diamonds is mainly the charm of table diamonds and the inlaying process.

 I need to talk about the difference between watch diamonds and ordinary jewelry diamonds here. First of all, no matter how small the watch diamond is, 57-face perfect cutting or emerald cutting is required. Second, the diamond on the same watch must ensure its chromaticity. It is completely consistent with the clarity, and the price of surface diamonds is generally three times that of jewelry diamonds. In addition, the minimum standard clarity of general table diamonds will reach VVS1, and the chroma will also be above F. For example, the clarity of diamonds used by some big-name (like Omega) watches can reach IF.

 Although we see that the bezel of this watch has the same shape as the ordinary bezel, making this bezel is making a piece of jewelry. All diamonds must be hand-set by craftsmen. If the setting is uneven, it will be completely Concealing the brilliance of the diamond, this watch uses the most traditional four-claw setting technique, and the gap between the diamond and the diamond is fine and uniform.

 In fact, the use of precious metals as appearance materials, not only the material itself is very expensive, the processing difficulty will increase accordingly, after all, gold alloy is still more precious and rare than stainless steel, so we must be careful everywhere. Finally, we will also see a variety of precious metal marks under the lugs, such as the 750 logo, the St. Bernard dog head logo, the balance logo, etc. These interesting logos you will never see on a steel watch.

 This watch uses a black alligator leather strap. The bamboo pattern above tells us that this strap comes from the best part of the crocodile. The buckle is also made of 18K gold. This allows you to bring the watch every time. Every time you can feel the smoothness that is unique to the gold buckle.

 In terms of movement, how can this watch show weakness, using a reduced version of the calibre 8521, an exclusive self-made 8501 coaxial winding automatic movement. Mantissa 2 represents a reduced version, mantissa 1 represents a distinguished version, the common version code is 8520, assembled in a steel watch, this movement has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory and certified by the Swiss Official Observatory.

 Due to its slightly smaller size, this movement has been changed to a single barrel design, and the power reserve has also been reduced from 60 hours in the 8501 to 50 hours. Although the power has been reduced, the configuration can not be reduced at all, and it still uses an 18K red gold pendulum. And the ultra-luxury configuration across the balance plywood, the main substrate is not only made of rhodium, the surface of the movement is also luxuriously treated, and is decorated with a unique Arabic-style Geneva ripple.
 The most important thing is that this movement has also been upgraded to the latest Si 14 silicon cardless hairspring, which not only greatly improves the antimagnetic performance of the watch, but also makes the movement more accurate and reliable. Therefore, Omega is the watch Provide up to 4 years of after-sales service. And this configuration is really very rare among women’s watches.

to sum up:
 The RMB price of this watch is 228400, which is not five times that of the ordinary steel marine universe watch, so it is definitely a nobleman in diving watches, although people rarely wear such a masterpiece of jewelry to dive; but it But it is enough to be the shining focus of people rushing to talk, and can attract countless envious eyes. And if you do n’t care about the alligator leather strap, it’s not bad to use it for diving. In fact, if there is no particularly severe bump, those diamonds will not fall into the sea. I do n’t know that using the diamond circle to calculate the oxygen storage will What does it feel like …

November 28 Review Of Ten Fine Watch Auctions In Hong Kong Rich Artists

On the afternoon of November 28, the auction of the important watches of Filix Hong Kong was held in Connaught Road, Hong Kong. There are 168 lots in this auction, among them are rare rare items with higher value and less existence. The Watch House has selected for you the 10 most watchworthy watch boutiques at the important watch auction of Hong Kong. This is what 10 lots are the ‘heavyweight players’ that cannot be missed in the editor’s mind. Let’s go together Take a look.

Lot.847 Rolex Daytona 6265

Basic information: stainless steel case with a diameter of 36 mm. Equipped with a timing function, using a manual winding cal.727.
Valuation: 1200000-2000000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 1008000-1680000.
Price (including commission): 3.334 million Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 2805,000.

Watch details: Rolex Daytona chronograph is one of the most popular watches on the market today, after adding the name ‘Paul Newman’, it is even more valuable. The ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona, which sold 120 million yuan some time ago, broke the record of ‘the most expensive watch in history’ in one fell swoop. This piece appeared at the 6265 ‘Panda Plate’, which is the head of the important watch auction of FELIX Hong Kong. It also has the iconic small square dial of ‘Paul Newman’ and is in good condition, so it is reasonable to sell more than 3 million Hong Kong dollars.
Lot.881 Panerai Luminor 1950 series PAM00396

Basic information: Ceramic case with a case diameter of 48 mm. Equipped with two-time, central-axis rotating tourbillon, day and night display and power reserve function. Using a manually wound cal.P2005 / B movement.
Estimate: HK $ 190,000-380,000, approximately RMB 159,000-319,000.
Price (including commission): 375,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 315,000.

Watch reviews: In the watch auction, Panerai’s performance has been not eye-catching. The reason why this ‘ordinary-looking’ PAM00396 was able to make a price close to 380,000 Hong Kong dollars is also the same as the constant criteria of ‘thinness is rare’ at auction. This is a limited edition produced in 2012. This watch is limited to 100 pieces, and its number is 67. At the same time, in addition to the design of the Luminor 1950 series of pillow-shaped case and bridge protection, the movement is equipped with a tourbillon design, equipped with two places and power display, is rare in the design of Panerai.
Lot.908 Patek Philippe 2523

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a case diameter of 35.5 mm. Equipped with world time display function, manual cal. 12-400HU movement.
Valuation: 10 million to 20 million Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 8.4 million to 16.8 million.
Transaction price (including commission): 22.3 million Hong Kong dollars, about 18.87 million yuan.

Watch Reviews: Collectors call it the most stunning 2523 ever. Obviously, its rare appearance design and well-preserved appearance after more than half a century add a lot of points to its price of more than 20 million Hong Kong dollars. This is a 2523 made by Patek Philippe in 1953, equipped with World Time function. In addition to this attractive design, this 2523 has a well-preserved appearance (you can see from the protruding corners of the lugs that even the lightest polishing is easy to see). Secondly, there are two imported trademarks on the back of its case, which are sold by the famous French jeweller Jean Gillermin.
Lot.921 Rolex Day Calendar Series 18038

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 36mm, with date and day display functions, automatic cal. 3055 movement.
Estimate: 200,000-300,000 Hong Kong dollars, about 168000-252,000 yuan.
Price (including commission): 437,500 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 367,000.

Watch Reviews: Pink dials for the day of the week calendar series are very rare. It is not easy to find such an exquisite look. It is worth mentioning that this watch also needs a name called ‘Marilyn’, which shows that its status is distinguished and distinctive.

Basic information: stainless steel case with a diameter of 37 mm and a manual winding cal. 2892A2.
Valuation: 32,000-48,000 Hong Kong dollars, about 26800-40000 yuan.
Price (including commission): 85,000 Hong Kong dollars, about 71,000 yuan.

Watch comments: Christmas is getting closer and closer. Just at this auction, this timepiece appeared. The brand ALAIN SILBERSTEIN is not well known in the country. It is a watchmaking brand from France. The brand design mostly uses bright colors. This watch named ‘Santa’ is limited to ten. It is designed with a Santa Claus presenting a gift. The black dial is matched with a black leather strap. The transaction was valued at approximately HK $ 30,000.
Lot.942 Philip Dufour

Basic information: 18K rose gold, case diameter 37 mm. Use a manual winding movement.
Estimate: 960000-1440000 Hong Kong dollars, about 800,000-1200000 yuan.
Price (including commission): 1.75 million Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 1.47 million.

Watch Reviews: For those who know the watchmaking industry, the name Philip Dufour is a symbol of classics and masters. As a modern watchmaker, Philip Dufour created many of today’s most coveted watches. His watches have clean and classic lines, and his excellence in watchmaking skills has prevented his watches from reaching mass production. The limited production also makes his watches difficult to obtain at auction.
Lot.944 Patek Philippe 5073P-001

Basic information: Platinum case with 42 mm case diameter. Equipped with perpetual calendar, moon phase display, automatic cal.R27Q movement.
Estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-56,000, or approximately RMB 2,680,000-, 47,000,000.
Transaction price (including commission): HK $ 4,550,000, about RMB 3,800,000.

Watch Review: This is a delicate and eye-catching precious watch. The platinum material and diamond setting technology used are amazing. In fact, this is one of the few most luxurious pieces in Patek Philippe history to date. The bezel and lugs are inlaid with rectangular diamonds. It should be understood that, compared to round diamonds, square diamond technology is more difficult to achieve. The total number of diamonds on this watch is 5.288 carats. The impeccable design and quality of the movement are rare.
Lot.954 Omega Speedmaster 3690.30.01

Basic information: 18K case with 42mm case diameter. Equipped with timekeeping function, manual winding cal.1861.
Valuation: 160000-320000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 134000-268000.
Price (including commission): 662500 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 556500.

Watch Reviews: This watch, dubbed ‘The Golden Panda’, was launched on October 17, 1997 in a limited edition of 40 models. The dial has a silver-white design and a black bezel design, which is indeed similar to the color of the national treasure panda.
Lot.966 Breguet Gold Pocket Watch Perpetuel N ° 9

Basic information: 18K yellow gold case, case diameter is 54mm. With power display function.
Estimate: 960000-1440000 Hong Kong dollars, about 806,000-1209,000 yuan.
Transaction price (including commission): HK $ 2.8 million, approximately RMB 2.35 million.

Watch Comments: At this auction, in addition to watches, several pocket watches and even clocks appeared. I chose one of the most representative pocket watches to introduce to everyone at the end of the article. A great collector David Salomon once wrote that ‘carrying a delicate Breguet pocket watch makes you feel like a genius brain is hidden in your pocket’. You must know how much benefit the genius Louis Breguet created from the horology and watchmaking skills. As the Breguet’s first self-winding pocket watch, this Perpetuel N ° 9 also has a history-changing status, so its role is self-evident.
Lot.968 Patek Philippe 1579

Basic information: 18K gold case with a case diameter of 36 mm. Equipped with a timing function, using a manual winding cal.13.
Estimate: HK $ 1.2 million–2400000, approximately RMB 1000000-2010,000.
Transaction price (including commission): 3,200,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 2,700,000.

Watch Comments: Patek Philippe was launched on the market in 1943. The most striking feature is the unusual shape of the case, which collectors call a ‘spider ear’ design. The Breguet digital time scale in its dial is also the most classic design of that era. Although the Breguet-style digital time scale and hour hand design are still used in the design of watches, but who can really interpret it? What is the truth of this? You know, this Patek Philippe 1579, produced in 1952, has been more than half a century to this day. It is rare that such a good design can get such a good preservation.

Bvlgari Superstar Favorite Octo

BVLGARI’s most iconic OCTO series models have been loved by many well-known male stars or international famous directors. When attending major occasions, they chose to wear Basel watches this year. The latest OCTO series models in the exhibition!
 When the well-known actor Adrien Brody attended the event in Rome in 2014, he was wearing BVLGARI’s latest OCTO stainless steel watch with a diameter of 38. He played the leading role of Clark in the movie ‘Prequel’ Kent’s well-known American actor Tom Welling was taken on the streets of New York and wore a 38-size OCTO stainless steel watch with the latest diameter of BVLGARI 2014.

 Well-known actor Adrien Brody attended the event in Rome, wearing a BVLGARI OCTO stainless steel watch, showing the intellectual and handsome side.

American actor Tom Welling’s casual style with BVLGARI OCTO stainless steel watch, in a low-key, more star-like temperament.