Bvlgari Classical Symbol Tell Modern Language

The latest Serpenti series
 BVLGARI presents a new and unique jewelry series. The design combines the two most representative symbols of BVLGARI: one is the strong temperament and smooth curve of the snake, and the other is the modern essence of Tubogas.
 The new Serpenti series echoes Tubogas’s modernist lines. The tubular mesh-like appearance expands easily without welding. It is one of the classic styles of BVLGARI and a symbol of creative taste in the 1980s. This is a high-tech style, influenced by the gorgeous and delicate style of decorative arts; under the geometric line design, it is full of eclectic contemporary creativity.
 Tubogas technology has its roots in earlier snake-shaped bracelet watches. The first Serpenti of the 1940s was already a very serpentine design, with a meandering shape of Tubogas, so it could be wrapped around a finger or arm to produce various effects.
The latest collection features two winding bracelets and two rings, reminiscent of the serpentine’s serpentine sense, entwining women and their curves, and with the elasticity of Tubogas. This collection also cleverly uses a variety of different material combinations, such as the combination of rose gold (feminine, soft) and stainless steel (modern, robust). In addition, the snake head and snake tail paved with diamonds (total weight 3.30 carats) also add a light and precious atmosphere.
 The new Serpenti series not only satisfies the thoughts of wearing and matching, the body movements are more convenient and smart, but also expresses a multi-faceted modern style.
It is like an amulet with a teasing meaning, which can be worn from morning to night without getting tired. This new series of serpentine jewelry enhances the calm sexy and generous grace of modern women.

Rose gold wrap ring.

Wrap bracelet.

130th Anniversary under the Serpentine Insignia
 BVLGARI is celebrating its 130th anniversary in 2014 at 10 Via Condotti. For generations, BVLGARI’s creative world has been known to perceive and express the desires of modern women; at the core of this creative world, we have found the Serpenti series. This is a self-contained series; it is because of this classic jewellery, not other series, that BVLGARI did not choose other series, but it is this classic jewellery that celebrates the Roman BVLGARI craftsmen. Rome, the eternal city, symbolizes eternal rebirth, like the transformation of snakes, and the continuous reinterpretation of Serpenti.

Extreme temptation, timeless sexy
 BVLGARI celebrates its 130th anniversary and has created a unique necklace, called Ultimate Temptation, which echoes one of BVLGARI’s most symbolic signs: the snake shape.
 Turner’s exquisite diamonds weigh more than 50 carats; seemingly random, but this inlaying work actually finds a balance between the design drawings and the master craftsmanship. Among them, 70 diamonds followed each other, spreading along the tail of the snake, and finally reached a beautiful 12.16 carat gem pendant, refracting the light to infinity, expressing the ultimate temptation.
 Diamonds with a total weight of about 100 carats perfectly embody the precious atmosphere; the necklace quietly transforms into a gorgeous snake tail from the pure snake body, suggesting that hidden treasures are still hidden under the snake skin, which is yet to be discovered.

Ultimate Temptation diamond necklace.

Praising for Rebirth: Serpenti Pendant
 BVLGARI created three Serpenti diamond pendants, paired with white gold necklaces imitating snake scales, to pay tribute to this most symbolic serpentine emblem.
 At the heart of each serpentine jewel, the soft and smooth shape curls up on paved diamonds weighing more than 18 carats, radiating gemstones: red sapphire, garnet, or emerald; this is gorgeous and indulgent Temperament is the typical style of Roman jeweler BVLGARI, which is loved by the world.
 The selection of these three kinds of gemstones not only shows the fun and color of BVLGARI, but also reflects the richness and beauty of BVLGARI, as well as the gems of different lathe workers.
 The 16.92-carat red scorpion is cut into a geometric drop shape, so it can better set off its polyhedron, transparency, and rich colors. Garnet is a pear-shaped cut, like water droplets, but has a softer and smoother outline; this 30.97 carat gemstone has a unique brilliance, which is extremely rare among gems of this size. Finally, the 23.76-carat emerald tries to maintain its original beauty as much as possible. It only cuts water droplets, respecting the natural form of the gemstone, and at the same time it can highlight its mysterious liquid green.
 These masterpieces are just one piece. BVLGARI derived design inspiration from this and developed beautiful pendants, all lined with paved diamonds weighing 17 carats; making the new Serpenti collection even richer.

Between legend and myth
 Serpenti jewelry is a messenger of BVLGARI classical heritage. Since ancient Egypt, the serpentine has been a powerful symbol, giving protection and strength to those wearing snake-shaped emblems. Long Roman history, more than 2700 years closely linked to the serpentine. It is also an inseparable accessory for the goddess of love Aphrodite and the fashionable Romans of the first century BC. Roman scholar and politician Pliny said those people like to wear two or three earrings, called crotalia, which means ‘rattlesnake’ in Latin. Naturally, the snake shape has become the character of BVLGARI.
 None of the ancient kings was as closely linked to the snake as the Egyptian Queen. She fell in love with Caesar and Marc Anthony, and her fate was entangled with the Roman Empire. When she first arrived in Rome in 46 BC, the cheering Romans could admire the beauty of the Egyptian queen set against the swirling gold serpentine bracelet.
 Almost 2000 years later, in the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor could not help but asked her favorite jeweler BVLGARI (located at 10 Via Condotti, Rome) to create a Serpenti bracelet for her; in the movie ‘Egypt At the filming site, she wore the bracelet as the Queen of the Nile.
 In the ‘Dolce Vita’ and the 1960s, the wave of hedonism spread around the world, with fashion, joy, and youth as the noble; from music to fashion, from beauty to jewelry, the world is enthusiastically seeking evergreen and everlasting magnetism Amulet magic weapon, so the snake-shaped emblem became a curious style symbol.
 After that first wave of fashion, BVLGARI fully developed its jewellery lineage and the most advanced technology, so Serpenti jewelry has all the classic characteristics of BVLGARI: outstanding craftsmanship, amazing mix of materials, passion for color, and Wearing comfort. This classic emblem also appears on all BVLGARI watches, handbags, scarves, sunglasses, leather bracelets and more.
 By the beginning of the 21st century, the meaning of the serpentine emblem was: return to magic, return to mythical symbolism. In addition to the excellent and vivid decorative qualities, the serpentine shape perfectly expresses the atmosphere of the times by meandering the long cylindrical shape and the undulating sense of femininity. It eliminates all the obstacles that have appeared in the contemporary era, but BVLGARI has always been willing to surpass it. . Nowadays, the serpentine shape can better symbolize the ability of self-development and declare the world for a unique style; the so-called style here is the spirit of the modern era that has become commonplace: self-exploration.

Seiko New Wild Fire And Intellectual Flame

The Seiko Brightz Phoenix series launched is based on Japanese original design concepts and Seiko’s watchmaking technology. It is loved by many consumers. Brightz Phoenix once again introduced the wild fire as the design concept and launched the wild fire. And two limited edition watches of the flame of knowledge.

 The wild fire uses the red flame symbolizing enthusiasm and the ashes after burning to create the concept of ‘black’. The fire red and black carbon fiber dials are combined with the moon phase display and Kinetic Direct Drive interactive human power electric movement to launch a full-scale movement. A limited edition of 15 red moons in Taiwan. The flame of knowledge is based on the concept that when the burning temperature increases, it will turn into a blue flame. Blue and calm black create a limited indigo blue limited mechanical chronograph, which describes the calm and calm nature of enthusiasm. A Telemeter ranging indicator is added to the watch face.

 Brightz Phoenix uses the fire of life as the design concept, and uses the fiery red color that symbolizes enthusiasm to create a Kinetic Direct Drive interactive human power movement combined with the moon phase display for the Red Moon Limited Watch. The dial is specially made of ‘special glossy carbon fiber’. The design concept comes from the ash generated by the flame after burning. The black carbon fiber has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which can increase the practicability of the watch and reduce the maintenance. frequency. In the model, the complex functions of the moon gear displayed by mechanical gears can be operated by only a single crown; the conical crown is well designed in shape and size, which conforms to the concept of ergonomics.

 In 2009, the limited flame mechanical chronograph of Intellectual Flame is a concept of limited indigo blue mechanical chronograph made of blue and black, using the concept of blue flame when the burning temperature is high. The watch metaphors a calm, calm and restrained image, hiding the inner passion. The watch is equipped with Cal. 6S28 movement, which is a movement developed based on the mechanical chronograph that is most suitable for oriental wear. Limited mechanical chronograph and Seiko’s exclusive development of Magic Lever’s two-way refining structure, allowing the automatic disk to be refined regardless of left or right, increasing the rate of refining. The power reserve time can be maintained for up to about 50 hours, and through the ‘horizontal clutch’ design, the watch is exquisite and thin.
At the same time, the dial inner ring is added with a Telemeter ranging mark, and the watch adopts a new buckle. The design of the see-through bottom cover can be seen with a special corrugated gold-plated automatic disk. Leather strap.