Xiang Rui Welcomes Which Monkey Chronology Would You Like To Be Generous With?

The Chinese love of monkeys has become a culture. Since the Monkey King Monkey King, who was created hundreds of years ago, people have a preference for monkeys. With the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, all kinds of zodiac souvenirs have sprung up the entire market. The most talked about is the opening work of the fourth edition of the monkey zodiac stamps painted by Mr. Huang Yongyu, it is said that it is really difficult Seeking scenes. For the watch market, at the beginning of each new year, some brands will also launch limited edition zodiac watches to express their appreciation for the new year. Today the editor will take stock of the 11 monkey year limited edition watches that have been released for everyone to enjoy. There are various craftsmanship and aesthetics, and everyone is welcome to come and evaluate.

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Swatch limited zodiac watch-monkey proud

 The Swatch Limited Zodiac Watch continues its classic paper-cutting art, showing an elegant Chinese style. This watch is named ‘Monkey is proud’. The fresh white dial is printed with a red spirit monkey holding a peach. It has a sense of classic puppetry. It is reported that this monkey is in the classic ‘Journey to the West’ The hero of the protagonist, Monkey King, who has lived forever because he secretly eats peaches, this watch has the auspicious meaning of longevity and health.

 The watch is equipped with a sky blue plastic case and a printed silicone strap with radiant red, white and blue starlight patterns. This watch is available worldwide and in Swatch stores in China.
Panerai Year of the Monkey Limited Edition-Luminor 1950 Sealand Watch

 Panerai first introduced a limited edition of the Year of the Ox from 2009. This year of the monkey is the eighth edition of the Chinese zodiac, and it is limited to 99 worldwide.
 The new Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Monkey Limited Edition watch and the other zodiac series watches use the same design, engraved on the stainless steel case with a detailed relief of the monkey pattern, this work is done by a senior Italian sculptor. It’s a great job.
 When you open the cover with the carved monkey pattern, you can see the simple gray dial, small seconds at 9 o’clock, and the date display window at 3 o’clock. The stainless steel case diameter is 44 mm. It is equipped with a P.9000 automatic movement. , With 3-day moving reserve.
Hublot Classic Fusion Monkey King Watch

 We all know that Hublot has an inextricable relationship with art. In order to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, Hublot and the top Chinese artist Yue Minjun jointly created this classic fusion monkey king watch. The dial image is entirely designed by Yue Minjun. The design references the Qi Tianda Sheng from the classic literature ‘Journey to the West’ as a prototype. The image is reshaped by the artist’s brush. The Qi Tian Dasheng on the disk is given a magical imagination. , Colorful, expressing the fearless spirit of dare to challenge authority in the exaggerated expression of open mouth laughing.
 The uniquely designed watch takes blue as the background, and Sun Wukong with a pink face laughs. The yellow hoop curse on his head echoes the yellow square scarf around his neck. At 12 o’clock, there is a three-dimensional crescent-shaped hoop curse. The five-digit time scales appear in an irregular form, each number representing a different meaning, such as the four o’clock position represents ‘four masters and apprentices’, the seven o’clock position and the two o’clock position symbolize the ‘seventh change of Monkey King’, and The 10 o’clock position and the 8 o’clock position also represent ‘the eighteen thousand miles that the four teachers and students of Sun Wukong have learned.’
 There are three styles of this watch, namely rose pink, Chinese red and blue. The case and bezel of the three watches are also made of different materials. Each watch has a personal signature on the bottom of the watch. .
Blancpain Chinese Calendar

 Blancpain’s zodiac watch is still relatively low-key. This time it is still a Chinese calendar, which can be said to be a major feature of Blancpain and a tribute to traditional Chinese culture. Every year in China When the Lunar New Year comes, a limited annual calendar watch will be pushed. The special feature of the monkey year limit is that a small window at 12 o’clock displays a spirit monkey pattern, and a realistic monkey image is carved on the movement rotor.

 In addition to the zodiac spirit monkey image at 12 o’clock, there is a small dial at 12 o’clock (two hours per hour), the lunar date and lunar month at 9 o’clock, and the five elements and the zodiac at 3 o’clock Element, there is also a moon phase display window at 6 o’clock.
Piaget Art & Excellence Year of the Monkey Zodiac Watch

 Piaget celebrated the Lunar New Year through the traditional hand-painted silk enamel technique. The master watchmaker turned the dial into a magnificent stage and interpreted the image of the monkey with the most exquisite and detailed decoration technology.
 The design of the Art & Excellence Year of the Monkey theme watch adheres to the unique style of the series. The black and white solid color is used to shape the lingo monkey. Inside the watch is a 430P manual winding movement created by Piaget. The watch is limited to 38 pieces worldwide.
Chopard L.U.CXP Collection

 The Chopard L.U.CXP series diy watch is a watch that combines the most traditional manual craftsmanship and superb watchmaking skills. In order to welcome the Lunar Year of the Monkey, the Chopard limited zodiac watch is still from this series. Chopard takes the Chinese traditional New Year’s painting Golden Monkey as the theme, and invites Japanese lacquer masters to make limited editions by hand, which shows the ancient heritage and also implies the wisdom and auspiciousness of the new year.
 The dial is designed by the Japanese master of the field of Maki Eiji, Masaura, and is drawn by the master of Maki Eizumi Koizumi. The golden dial brings out a peaceful atmosphere. A golden monkey dwells on a fruit-bearing branch to pick honey. Peach, the whole design has eight peaches, symbolizing harvest and luck.
Vacheron Constantin Master of the Monkey Year

 The Vacheron Constantin Year of the Monkey limited edition watch also aims at China’s ancient paper-cutting art. With the cooperation of master sculptors and enamel masters, these two zodiac watches with a limit of 12 pieces each have been completed.

 The center of the dial is occupied by a half-curved spirit monkey. The lifelike monkey is made of exquisite gold carving and big fire enamel. It is made of 18K rose gold and platinum respectively. The embedded design is carefully combined through different reliefs of different depths to create a deep depth effect, which makes the entire dial look more three-dimensional.
Athenian Gold Monkey Watch

 Athens used exquisite infill enamel technology to create this gilt gold monkey watch. The dial design is full of comics. A dancing monkey looms between the panels, showing a lively, playful and witty nature. Limited edition of 88 pieces worldwide.
 Compared with other monkey images, Athens has a lighter body and more agile movement. It is a little more natural in the background of palm leaves. This vivid picture is the master of enamel using the technique of filling enamel for the wrist. The table is infused with life.
Breguet Queen of Naples Collection Haute Couture Zodiac Year of the Monkey

 The craftsmanship of the Breguet Limited Year of the Monkey watch is completely different from other brands. It is the crystallization of the fusion of the shell relief process and the Chinese zodiac culture, showing the unique aesthetics of Breguet watchmaking.
 The master watchmaker used the ancient rare fritillary embossing process to display a lively and playful spirit monkey image in the center of the dial, so that the original quiet surface showed agility and vigor. The surface of the plate is carved by hand to form a multi-layered relief. The monkey’s hair looks delicate and soft, always giving people the urge to touch it.
 The classic goose-shaped case is made of 18K white gold. The bezel is set with top diamonds. The eccentric hour and minute dial is located below the watch face and is hand-engraved with the Breguet brand’s classic seal. Winding movement.
Harry Winston Premier Year of the Monkey

 At first glance, the hollow monkey by Harry Winston is designed specifically for women. It is more vivid and energetic. The pink mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with a golden monkey pattern. The hollow design adds an artistic sense. The long tail At the 12 o’clock position, the emerald diamond hour markers highlight the wonderful line.
 The watch is 36 mm in diameter and the case is made of 18K rose gold. The bezel and the extended lugs are set with brilliant diamonds, a total of 74, weighing about 2.47 carats, with a black silk strap. Mechanical movement. Limited to only 8 pieces.
Girard Perregaux Year Limited Watch

 In order to welcome the Year of the Monkey, Girard Perregaux launched three limited editions of the Year of the Monkey, each featuring three types of spirit monkeys, with modern mosaic-style enamel art and classic watchmaking techniques, while also integrating traditional Chinese culture.
 Girard Perregaux used modern oil painting techniques to create rat monkeys, primates, and golden monkeys with tiny triangle patterns of different colors on the enamel dial, showing a variety of watchmaking techniques. The watch case is made of GP1966 pink gold with a black alligator strap and pink pin buckle. The watch is limited to 8 pieces.
Summary: I have seen such a multitude of limited year of the monkey zodiac watch, it is truly amazing the mysterious essence of watchmaking technology, whether it is ancient lacquer painting, exquisite gold carving, complicated filigree enamel, or fritillary relief craft It is the crystallization of human wisdom and the testimony of discovering the true meaning of beauty. Each watch is an art piece.
On behalf of all staff of the Watch House, our editors wish you all: Happy Chinese New Year and good luck!

Second-hand Patek Philippe 1415 World Timepiece Introduction

Estimated price: 60,000-80000 USD
Commission price: USD 84000 (about RMB 573,459)
Overall description: case diameter 31 mm, thickness 9 mm. Caliber number 929572, case number 647114, model number 1415 HU, manufactured in 1946, sold on May 12, 1949, good condition, solid case in 18K gold three-piece, polished and frosted, bidirectional rotating world Timepiece ring with grooves on the side of the case. The bezel is engraved with the names of 41 cities around the world, teardrop-shaped lugs, buckle-back, frosted silver dial, gold numerals and baton. Standard, 24-hour second time zone bezel on the outside of the dial, ring-shaped unique hands in gold, 18K gold Patek Philippe buckle, with Patek Philippe case and file extraction information.
Movement configuration: 12 & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; -120 movement, rhodium-plated, with Fausses pattern, 18 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel accurate correction in 8 directions, self-compensating Breguet type Curved hairspring at the end, Whiplash trim, signature on dial, case and movement.
评论 [Review]
Patek Philippe began production of this series of watches in 1939, and officially stopped production in the 1960s. The number of Patek Philippe 1415HUs currently known is very small. I believe that what impressed everyone the most was the one that set a record for watch auctions at the Antiguron auction in April 2002. It is said that there is only one platinum version of 1415HU in the world.
14 This 1415 world-time gold case in the auction, although not as valuable as the platinum version, is enough to be worthy of being a strange commodity. This watch last appeared in the Antigoron’s auction hall, in the first thematic auction held by Antigoron in 1989 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Patek Philippe. & Mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; Art of Patek Philippe & rdquo ;. After 20 years, his style remains the same.