Bettis Jewellery Watch

At this year’s Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo, Baucher Lay brings two watch pieces that inherit the brand’s century-old outstanding jewellery craftsmanship to its Bettys Collection, which celebrates the new era of women’s spirit, delicate and elegant. The design is matched with the intricately set flashing diamonds, which will surely make women pursuing the perfect magnificence.

Diva Haute Joaillerie Jewellery Watch
Diva Haute Joaillerie Jewellery Watch is set with numerous brilliant-cut first-class diamonds and square diamonds on the white gold case. The dial of the dial is shaped like an hourglass; the hollow gold ring design makes the case lighter and dazzling. Each one is embedded into the hollow gold ring, as if shining in the night sky. The pinnacle of this Betty’s collection is a carat, dial and bracelet with a total diamond weight of 20 carats, all carefully set by the outstanding jewellery craftsmen of Bucherer. The watch design is ingenious, luxurious and charming, without fear of time baptism, enough to be passed down from generation to generation; precious metals and rare gems are brilliant and interlaced, elegant and overflowing, just like all high-quality timepieces of Bucherer, not only the time is accurate, but also the watch is magical. Sublime beauty!

Technical specifications of Diva Haute Joaillerie jewelry watch
Model: 00.10590.02.99.32
Movement: CFB 1851 quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold, set with 98 TW vvs square diamonds and 254 FC TW vvs diamonds (5.4 carats), double-sided anti-refractive curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 34 mm, thickness 9.45 mm
Dial: 18K white gold with 110 TW vvs diamonds and 88 FC TW vvs diamonds (2.6 carats)
Bracelet: 18K white gold, set with 360 TW vvs square diamonds (12 carats), 18K white gold folding clasp
Limited release: 88 pieces

Bettich Diva Joaillerie Jewellery Watch
 The Biva Diva Joaillerie jewellery watch is full of passion and creativity and noble style. It is stunning: the white gold case and bracelet are exquisitely crafted, and the individuality is known at a glance. The bracelet and the case, which are intertwined and hollow like a halo, sublimate the unique design features and elegant style of the Beatrice series; the dazzling diamonds make the hollow gold ring more luxurious. On the dial, the perfect combination of diamonds, mother-of-pearl and white gold Roman numerals, the arc is just right, just like a visual feast, beautiful like art. The beautiful design of the Diva Joaillerie jewellery watch, with precious materials and ingenious shapes, makes the beauty dazzle.

Bettich Diva Joaillerie jewelry watch technical specifications
Model: 00.10590.02.99.31
Movement: CFB 1851 quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold, set with 370 FC TW vvs diamonds (4.15 carats), double-sided anti-refractive curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 34 mm, thickness 9.45 mm
Dial: 18K white gold with mother-of-pearl, set with 96 FC TW vvs diamonds (0.5 carat) and two 18K white gold Roman numerals
Link strap: 18K white gold with 404 FC TW vvs diamonds (7.85 carats), 18K white gold folding clasp
Limited edition: 88 pieces

Parmigiani Pershing Samba Madeira Pays Tribute To Brazil

Parmigiani Parmigiani’s elegant and dynamic Pershing series adds another masterpiece-Pershing Samba Madeira watch, its birth is an extraordinary work for the palace of high-end watches-Parma In the name of Johnny, decorated with bright colors and lively samba rhythm, Pershing Samba Madeira expressed his respect and praise for the country of Brazil.

Pershing Samba Madeira watch

To pay tribute to the music tradition of a country through a watch, watchmakers often just display a few elements on the dial that represent musical characteristics. This is also the most common practice. However, Parmigiani in Fleurier was not content to do just such a superficial article-they completely built the entire watch into an instrument. The Pershing Samba Madeira complication watch depicts a guitar in close-up. The sound hole of the guitar and the tourbillon cage exactly match the appearance and size, which is exquisite. The charming escapement rotates non-stop in the sound hole of the guitar. This guitar is given life and uses time to play endless movements perfectly.
At a closer look, the dial actually uses a wood inlay craftsmanship process, showing a beautiful ‘mural’ -like picture, delicate and colorful, of which the fun can only be truly understood by using a magnifying glass. Wood inlay is a traditional craft. The main process is to first outline and cut out the required inlaid wood chips, and then assemble these tiny wood chips, like a mosaic puzzle, to finally show an extremely delicate and delicate decorative effect. . The entire process is completely completed by hand. According to the design draft, each piece of wood is custom-formed after carving, including 6 hair-like guitar strings.
In January 2013, Parmigiani launched two tourbillon watches with the same musical theme. They are Tonda Woodrock and Tonda Woodstock, both of which use wood inlay craftsmanship to present guitar patterns, showing the British flag and the American Stars and Stripes respectively , A tribute to British and American rock music. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is praised by Brazil, so the background pattern of the guitar is also like the Brazilian flag: Brazil’s national motto “Order and Progress” (Ordem e Progresso) crosses the starry planet; the color on the Brazilian flag: green , Yellow and dark blue all over the dial wall and Hermes strap, exuding the beautiful passion of Brazil.

Perming Samba Madeira watch (back)

This unique watch has a 192-hour power reserve, and its PF510 movement is composed of more than 237 parts, all of which are hand-finished using the purest traditional watchmaking techniques. The back of the movement features superb chamfering, the bridge is decorated with exquisite Geneva ripples, and the superb craftsmanship of the entire watch is also used to the utmost.
The elegant titanium case and the 18K rose gold bezel are in perfect contrast, showing a harmonious balance of beauty. The Pershing Samba Madeira watch is limited to one and comes with a watch display case decorated with hand-painted patterns in the colors of the Brazilian flag.
Parmigiani has been a partner of the Brazilian Football Confederation since 2011. The release of Pershing Samba Madeira once again confirms Parmigioni’s relationship with Brazil and Parmigioni’s love for music-this The love of cultural bridges.