Glashütte Classic Reappears Three-handed One-line Retrograde Tourbillon Watch

Masterpiece created by Glashütte — 3-needle, 1-line retrograde tourbillon, the combination of traditional watchmaking technology and the pursuit of perfection. Platinum, limited to 100 pieces worldwide.
     The hour, minute, and second hands display a long time in the tradition of watchmaking in Glashütte. This time display is usually used as a standard time display for the most accurate time. This standard time display requires extremely high precision in time.
     The 3-needle, 1-line retrograde tourbillon is a reproduction of a classic standard time display. The hour, minute and second hands are separated and arranged in a clear and easy to read manner. The tourbillon is undoubtedly the visual center of the dial. The solar radiation pattern extending from the tourbillon visually creates the illusion of energy flow.
     The black galvanized dial consists of three time rings with delicate hand-carved patterns. The middle minute hand ring is the basic part of this creative dial. The left side is occupied by a small round tourbillon ring, and the right side is surrounded by a 154-degree hour ring. The hour ring is made of polished silver Arabic numerals and has a retrograde function.
     The central raised minute hand, like a circle on the dial, is adorned with solar radiation. The tourbillon is fixed by a conical bridge, which visually perfectly represents the beating heart of this watch.
     Platinum case and movement design is another important part of this precise and amazing watch. The case is brushed and chamfered, and the hand-carved gear bridges are crowned with egg-shaped agate stones. This precious watch is powered by the Type 46 manual winding movement, which once again demonstrates Glashütte’s top watchmaking craftsmanship. The tourbillon combined with retrograde hour display is the first in Glashütte’s watchmaking history.
     The movement has a single barrel and a power reserve of 60 hours ± 5%. Because of its perfect design, the tourbillon offsets the errors, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the seconds, minutes and retrograde hour hand to run stably. The kinetic energy is transmitted from the central pinion to the power module connected to the retrograde hour mechanism. A needle wheel jumps forward 14 degrees per hour to control the hour display.
     Like all Glashütte mechanical movements, the manual-winding Type 46 movement is composed of Glashütte’s proud traditional watchmaking elements. In addition to the hand-carved gears, experts will also find 18K yellow gold sleeves inside the exquisite movement, chamfers, finely polished steel parts, and double sunburst on the winding balance under the sapphire crystal case back. Platinum three-needle, one-line retrograde tourbillon is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.