Now Is A Good Time To ‘bottom’ Omega Ocean Universe Gmt?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Today I would like to tell your brothers a fact. For the deeper brothers who are familiar with watch trading and playing, recently and a while ago, you may have felt that the Omega Ocean Universe GMT is particularly special in transactions and circulation around you. Omega is in the bezel, it is a watch series, a variety of brands, even so, we can still feel that a large number of marine universe GMT entered the market, a large amount, many watch manufacturers are selling this watch.

I think many brothers have discovered that in the recent and previous paragraphs, the amount of GMT in the hippocampal and marine universe is very large.
   I have three feelings about this.

   1. Is the old model of Omega Ocean Universe GMT clearing?
   2. Will the Omega Ocean Universe GMT be updated?
   3. Now is a good time to buy Ocean Universe GMT?
   Let me specifically address these three issues.
Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe is cleaning up the old models?

Omega uses the Seahorse Marine Universe GMT with the 8605 movement.

   First of all, let me say, why do I think it is clearance, not other reasons? There are a lot of watches on the market, it must be that this watch is ‘excessive’. Let me give an example. In a period of last year, a lot of Rolex 36mm DJs suddenly appeared on the market. Among them, 116234 and 116234G (the one with the drill) are the most. At first I didn’t know why this happened, but later discovered that a large number of 36DJ came out with ceramic ring steel di (or other popular sports labor). Ceramic ring steel shell Daytona super fire. At that time, there were two main ways to buy ceramic ring steel Dayton in China. Either the secondary market increased the price or tied it. Buying a Daytona also bought a ‘no fire’ labor There are other watches tying, for example, I encountered a tying Hublot chronograph). Someone accepted the tying, bought the ceramic ring Gangdi, held the tying 36DJ, and then sold the 36DJ. So there are more 36DJs on the market.

A while ago, there were a lot of DJs in Rolex 36, especially 116234 / 116234G.

   However, as a brand with sufficient supplies all year round and not engaged in ‘hunger marketing’, there are a large number of marine universe GMTs on the market. Some domestic watch manufacturers get a lot of marine universe GMT, and then the next level of distribution, moving bricks, the shipment is relatively large, the discount is relatively large, so I think it is Omega Marine Universe GMT is cleaning up the old models.
Omega Seahorse Marine Universe GMT to be updated?
   Frankly speaking, now that Omega has reached the 8900/8800 movement, the ordinary hippocampus and marine universe GMT is still using 8605 (8500 series movement), the next change must be you.

We can see that the bezel of Omega Ocean Universe “Dark Ocean Black” (top) and the general marine universe GMT (bottom) are significantly different.

   Let me specifically explain the current situation of the Omega Ocean Universe GMT. As we all know, the Omega Seahorse AT has just been updated, and now the Seahorse AT has a movement of 8900 (small size is 8800). In fact, what many brothers don’t know is that the first watch used by Omega’s new 8900 series movement is not the hippocampus AT, but the hippocampus ocean universe.

‘Dark Ocean Black’ (top) and the general marine universe GMT (bottom) we can see that the movement model and the bottom cover are also different.

   Omega’s first watch to use the new 8900 movement was the ‘dark sea black’ of the hippocampal ocean universe. Omega used the 8900 GMT two-time model 8906 on the ‘Dark Sea Black’ of the seahorse marine universe. The general marine universe GMT uses the old model 8605. In addition to using the new movement, the ‘Dark Ocean Black’ of the Seahorse Marine Universe has modified the watch case and dial, which is a new generation of marine universe GMT. You can take a look. If you look at the bottom of the watch first, we can see that the bottom of the ‘Deep Ocean Black’ is different from the Omega GMT, because of the new locking bottom cover used by ‘Deep Ocean Black’ ( (Same as 8900 seahorse AT); then we take a look at the surface of the dial, the ‘deep sea black’ bezel is a 60-minute scale, the GMT 24-hour numbers on the dial outer ring, so both the diving outer ring and the Two places. And now the general marine universe GMT, the bezel is a 24-hour number.

Omega’s new Hippocampus Ocean Universe uses a movement 8906 and a new bottom cover.
   Therefore, Omega has used the new 8900 movement and the new bottom cover on the ‘dark sea black’, the new 8900 seahorse AT, and the new marine universe (non-GMT). The new movement has begun to spread, and the old Ocean Universe GMT must be gradually eliminated.

Is it a good time to buy a seahorse, marine universe?
   Recently, the situation of the Omega Ocean Universe GMT is very similar to the car modification and replacement. When the new car is about to go on sale, the price cut of the old model is very strong. Many people buy an old model at this time. I was very impressed in the previous two years. When Mercedes-Benz’s new generation of E-Class was about to go on the market, many people went to buy the old E-Class, and there were many old E-Class on the road in Beijing.

Seahorse Ocean Universe GMT price of Calibre 8605 is very good now.
   Therefore, as we now see, the old model of Ocean Universe GMT using the 8605 movement appeared on the market in large quantities, with large quantities and good prices. Brothers who like Ocean Universe GMT can pay more attention. Of course, some people will say that you all say this is the Ocean Universe GMT using the old model of 8605 movement, why can you buy the old model? Because Omega’s ‘renewal’ is very fast, new technology is immediately used in new models of watches, in fact, the difference between the latest and ‘old’ models is not so great. For example, for a car, 17 models are old models, 18 models are new models, and 18 models only add parallel line assistance, automatic parking, and a daytime running light. In fact, there is not much difference between the 17 and 18 models. Omega often has a similar situation.

The biggest difference between the Omega 8500 series movement and the 8900 is that the 8500 does not have 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic, but this does not matter.
   The Seahorse Ocean Universe GMT using the 8605 movement, as we all know, the 8605 movement is a two-time movement developed from the 8500 movement. The difference from the current Omega 8900 series is that there is no 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic. But the 8500 series had used silicon hairsprings. To be honest, the 8500 was absolutely enough. If 8500 is not enough, other movements, even Rolex 3135, don’t live. In addition, the locks on the Omega’s latest hippocampus and the 8500’s hippocampus are not the same. This thing has little effect on us. So as long as everyone thinks, the appearance and appearance of the 8605 Seahorse Ocean Universe GMT, I like it. The 8605 Seahorse Ocean Universe GMT is also a ceramic circle. I like it, then you can buy it.

The public price of the ‘deep sea black’ of the hippocampal ocean universe of the Omega ceramic shell has reached 84,000, which is already a level with the Blancpain 50 噚 deep submersible.
   The public price of the 8605 Hippocampus Ocean Universe GMT is 57 thousand in the black circle and 59 thousand in the blue circle. The actual prices are very good now. I won’t show the price in the article, everyone can experience it for themselves. I think it’s worth it. After all, it’s a watch close to 60,000, not a regular price of more than 40,000 like the hippocampus AT and hippocampus. You know, the public price of the Omega ceramic shell’s hippocampal ocean universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ GMT is 84,000. The 840,000 Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe is more expensive than the steel shell 50 噚. So now the bottom of the 8605 Ocean Universe GMT, brothers who like Omega, it is still possible to copy it, after all, the price is good.