Mb & F Launches Hm3 Poison Dart Frog Watch

HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch is inspired by the very surprising yellow-banded poison frog, limited to 10 pieces.

The amphibian yellow belt poison dart frog is one of the most toxic species. Its skin color is bright. It hides in the tropical rain forest with yellow and black peculiar stripes. Similarly, the high-tech zirconium watch of the Poison Dart Frog The shell is also camouflaged with a smooth black PVD coating. The black case contrasts with the vivid semi-circular dial-the dial is set against an oversized date dial-on top of a complication movement designed by watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht.
Real-world amphibian frogs have prominent eyes, allowing them to see scenes in different directions without turning their heads. Poison Dart Frog’s semi-circular hour and minute dials have a similar effect, although the significance on this watch has become that the wearer can easily read the time without turning his wrist.

This size and shape of the semi-circular turntable presents many technical challenges for MB & F. The semi-circular hour and minute turntable is made from a single piece of aluminum metal after the machine obtains its optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Its weight is only 0.5 grams, and it is pressed from the outside to the inside. It has a thickness of 0.28 mm like a piece of paper, which minimizes the power required for rotation.
Even the production of external semi-circular sapphire crystals requires extremely high precision, and only advanced industrial processes can achieve this. This is because any slight imperfection may affect the magnification effect of the sapphire crystal, so the appearance and polishing treatment must be completely consistent.
HM3 Poison Dart Frog may use a compelling smile to present time, but the internal ‘engine’ designed by watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht is used for details such as manual polishing and precise adjustment. It is serious and meticulous.
HM3 Poison Dart Frog is a limited edition watch for The Hour Glass, limited to 10 pieces.
Original source: MB & F

Manchester United’s First Runway Show In China Passionately Interprets The Legend Of Hublot ’emoji’

On July 26, Hublot, the top Swiss watch brand, joined hands with Manchester United, the world’s top football club, to present a wonderful fusion event for the Chinese audience for the first time. Head coach Sir Alex Ferguson brings 19 players including Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand, Javier Hernandez, Shinji Kagawa, etc. The passion staged the catwalk show, showing Hublot classic watches. Later, Sir Alex Ferguson and Hublot China’s brand director Loic Biver co-hosted the Hublot Charity Auction. All the funds raised will be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund through the Manchester United Foundation to support youth charity. cause. As a British football magnate with a century of glory, Manchester United has an outstanding record and has become one of the world’s most watched football powerhouses. Manchester United’s aggressive and undefeated Red Devils spirit has created a unique legend in football history. In 2008, Hublot and Manchester United reached an innovative strategic partnership: Hublot, as the first world luxury watch brand to be aligned with football, officially became Manchester United’s ‘Official Timer’ and successively Launch of three limited edition watches named after the ‘Red Devil’. Among them, the ‘Three Generations of Kings of the Red Devils’ limited edition watch is inspired by the legendary Manchester United home. The dial is embedded with precious grass leaves from the lawn of Old Trafford Stadium. A tribute to the legend. That night Hublot specially prepared an exclusive watch tailored for Manchester United players for the charity auction. The signature of Sir Alex Ferguson engraved on the back of the watch made it a unique piece. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to UNICEF through the Manchester United Foundation, dedicated to improving the lives of young people in backward regions around the world. Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson said: ‘We are pleased to bring this extraordinary fashion show and charity event to China for the first time. UNICEF aims to provide support and protection to more young people around the world, and We are honored to join hands with Hublot to work together for this cause. ‘Regarding this cooperation, Louis Beaver, Brand Director of Hublot China said,’ It is a great honor to see what Hublot has always upheld. ‘ The concept of ‘fused art’ has been manifested in the firm and stable relationship between Hublot and Manchester United. Sharing and caring are the core concepts we share. I believe Manchester United’s aggressive Red Devils spirit and Hublot The innovative charm of the brand’s innovative breakthrough watch is perfectly integrated, opening up a new chapter for philanthropy around the world. ‘On the catwalk, Manchester United players Leo Ferdinand, Kagawa and others wore Hublot watches and dressed in classic British fashion. They changed from the heroic and heroic on the green field in the past, and turned into a stylish and irresistibly stylish man. Their professional performance and kingly style did not lose the court. On July 24th, Sir Alex Ferguson was also invited to participate in the opening ceremony of Hublot’s new exclusive store located at 1079 West Nanjing Road. This is also Hublot’s second boutique after the first boutique opened in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, and it is also Hublot’s 44th boutique worldwide. The new store design inherits the DNA of the Hublot brand and cleverly combines the concepts of luxury, innovation and fusion. The fusion of unique materials is the most prominent logo of Hublot, and it also plays a decisive role in the design of the specialty store. The black marble floor with leather furniture, glass and alloy counters and high-tech details complement each other, giving the entire Swiss-style store a more modern feel. In addition, Hublot’s senior professional staff will bring customers an exclusive experience.
    The Manchester United Foundation aims to help young people in backward regions of the world improve their lives through football. The Manchester United Foundation not only provides football training, education, skills training to young people, but also teaches them personal development and the ability to improve their lives.