New German Watch Brand Nomos Launch Conference Held In Beijing

On December 3, 2013, the famous German watch brand NOMOS held a small media meeting in the Grand Watch City of Beijing and Macau, releasing its new watch and two new self-produced movements. Since 1990, NOMOS has been producing award-winning timepieces in Glashütte, Germany. These watches have long been regarded as classics, including Tangente, Tangomat, Ahoi, Orion, Tetra, Ludwig, Zurich and Club. The Lambda and Lux ​​watches, equipped with the new DUW 1001 and DUW 2002, combine the essence of the previously popular models, becoming a new symbol of this development over many years. The House of Watches is fortunate enough to appreciate the extraordinary charm of the new watch for the first time.

The press conference was held in the club on the second floor of the watch city, and the elegant decoration is well matched with Nomos’ minimalist style.

The brand has prepared a variety of delicious refreshments and drinks for media friends.

   At the beginning of the event, Ms. Matina Etti, Nomos Global Sales and Marketing Manager, shared with us the legendary charm of Nomos. The Nomos watch perfectly inherited the watchmaking essence and design style of Glashütte, Germany. Finishing, chamfering and polishing of parts, mirror polishing of pawl and carving of pendulum splint are all done by hand. Ms. Matina Etti said, ‘We want to create masterpieces that highlight the craftsmanship of watches and unique watches that demonstrate our extraordinary strength. These watches are still fascinating after decades and their value will continue to grow over time. . ‘

   These four ‘manufactured by Glashütte’ manual winding watches are the protagonists of today. The barrel case is called Lux, and the round case is called Lambda. The attention to detail and the efforts in production and production are perfect in both works. Lux and Lambda’s case is made of white gold, which is exquisite and charming. Lambda watches are also available in rose gold with a silver-plated dial with beading.

   Lux means ‘brilliance’ in Latin, and here is the name of this charming new work. This is the first tonneau-shaped watch in Nosmos history. The tonneau-shaped case can fit the wrist perfectly, which can give a lot of space to the movement. The dial of the Lux watch is available in all white and blue-white styles. Choice, the pale blue on this dial is like the urban sky on a sunny day, while the central white area is complemented by delicate details. There is no doubt that it will not make people forget it, even in today’s confusing era of fast-paced consumption, it will also make you unforgettable.

Because the Lux case has linear lugs, the strap can be changed at will.

   The new barrel of the new DUW 2002 movement ensures that the watch only needs to be wound every 84 hours, that is, twice a week. Other distinctive features include the screw balance on the gooseneck fine-tuned and hand-carved balance wheel splint (engraved with the words ‘Mit Liebe in Glashütte gefertigt’, meaning ‘made by Glashütte’). Embossing, and five gold sleeves arranged almost in a straight line: every aspect of the movement exudes unlimited fun in the production process. DUW stands for ‘Deutsche Uhrenwerke NOMOS Glashütte’ and aims to declare the fact that this small watchmaking company has become a veritable movement maker.

I strongly recommend that brands make this ad a reality.

   In mathematics, the Greek letter λ (Lambda) is a symbol of intrinsic value. For Nomos, it is synonymous with precision timepieces, made by the brand combining advanced science and technology with advanced watchmaking techniques. The Lambda watch symbolizes reason and precision, but its heart-warming qualities can inspire your emotional inner. The collection is available in white gold and rose gold in warmer tones. Both models are exquisite and exquisite, reflecting the most exquisite craftsmanship.

   The winding feel of this watch is very soft, and you ca n’t bear to give up when not full. In addition, the power reserve display of this watch can be accurate to the hour and the winding efficiency is very high. It can be twisted for one hour, so you only need to twist 84 down.

   Whether it is the lettering on the crown or the perfect transition between the lugs and the case, it is all about Nomos’ unique German rigor and extreme pursuit of detail.

   The DUW 1001 movement has many differences compared to other movements. First, the ruby ​​bearing of the movement is loaded in a polished gold sleeve, and then fixed to three-quarter clamps with two or three blue steel screws. All splints and main splints are manually chamfered and polished. Three-quarters of the splints are embellished with stripes that capture the wonderful light. This exquisite sunburst is only visible on Nomos-style watches. The dual barrel ensures long-term power reserve, allowing this time-keeping watch to be wound only twice a week.

   Because Nomos’s strap is made of special Holvin premium Cordova horse leather, the buckle has also been carefully designed into the shape of a stable.

   Finally, by the way, because the engravings of the above-mentioned four watch movements are all completed by the president’s wife and all are made of precious metal, the four models use a non-independent numbering limited sales model, and a total of only 300 The price is between 139800-159800. Friends who like Nomos should not miss it. (Text / picture / watch home Mao Zhuang)