How About Tag Heuer Watches? How Does Tag Heuer Watch Rank?

About TAG Heuer
   The founder of TAG Heuer-Edouard
Heuer) in 1860 in the small town of St.
Imier) founded his own small watchmaking studio, and as a result, TAG Heuer, which played an important role in the world of high-end watches and international sports, was born. Edward Heuer loved sports and creating accurate timers throughout his life. The need for precise timing of various sports and athletic events has given endless inspiration to TAG Heuer’s design and technology; the essence of competitive sports-‘challenge yourself, pursue success, and excellent quality’ has become the brand spirit of TAG Heuer. . The plant has only one conviction from the founders of Edward Heuer and his later generations, which is to take the measurement of time to a new height. Since the establishment of the watch factory, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. Regardless of watch technology, material selection and style design, TAG Heuer has created a series of models of distinguished watches.
  Over the past 144 years, TAG Heuer’s ‘challenge, pursue success, and excellent quality’ spirit has been perfectly reflected in the creation of many ‘world firsts’:
  In 1882, TAG Heuer applied for a patent for its first mechanical stopwatch. Since then, TAG Heuer has been the authority and representative of leading technology for sports chronographs. In 1887, the ‘vibration gear’ technology invented by TAG Heuer is still being manufactured by most The watch manufacturer used it on mechanical chronographs; in 1916, TAG Heuer invented the first stopwatch accurate to 1% of a second, which opened a proud page in the history of watchmaking and became the third in Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam. The special chronograph for the Olympic Games; in 1930, TAG Heuer developed the world’s first chronograph with automatic winding function; in 1933, TAG Heuer released the world’s first chronograph on the racing dashboard Autavia, This makes it easy for racers to read the time of the race; in 1972, TAG Heuer invented the world’s first square chronograph diving watch Monaco; in 1975, TAG Heuer released the world’s first quartz watch chronograph …
  These are just a few of the many patents that TAG Heuer has obtained, and it is these patented technologies that are always leading in the industry, which have established TAG Heuer’s important status in the watchmaking industry in Switzerland and the world.
  In addition to TAG Heuer’s outstanding precision timekeeping function, founder Edward TAG Heuer believes in this watch design philosophy-he believes that a watch should not have unnecessary details-TAG Heuer should be given a glance Discerning styles that blend aesthetics, technology, and functionality into the design of the watch. TAG Heuer has always practiced the design concept of ‘technology determines function, function inspires design’, and almost every style launched has become a classic in the history of watches. MONZA, first introduced in 1930, has become the most iconic classic style of TAG Heuer with its unique cushion-shaped case shape and real crocodile leather strap. And a recently re-released version of MONZA
The Calibre 36 not only uses the classic design of the 1930s in shape, but also is equipped with a mechanical movement with a balance frequency of 36,000 revolutions per hour, which can accurately measure time in 1/10 seconds. The name of the CAR-RERA, introduced in 1964, is derived from Carrera, Mexico, the most dangerous track in racing history.
Panamerica Mexico’s design pays special attention to its accuracy and clarity, which is reflected in its oversized chronograph buttons and crown, and its streamlined shape is considered one of the classic symbols of TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer launched the world’s first automatic chronograph with a square case in 1969, MONACO. In 1970, the famous international movie star Steve McQueen even made a sensation in the movie ‘Le
Mans ‘, also choose Monaco watch.
  (TAG Heuer) has always been a favorite of celebrities from all walks of life. TAG Heuer is currently a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team and two of its top young drivers-the 2008 F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton and the 2009 F1 World Champion Jane Jenson Button’s partner, Kimi Raikkonen, Formula 1 Champion and Ferrari F1 driver in 2007, World Chief Golf Player Tiger Wood, World No. 1 Women’s tennis player Maria Sharapova, National Motorsport Superstar Jeff Gordon, Formula Three Champion Sébastien
Bourdais, promising genius Bruno Senna, and Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, and Chinese sports superstar Yao Ming Love on your wrist, fully showing TAG Heuer’s brand style combining sports and charm!
How about TAG Heuer watches
  Comments from netizens: TAG Heuer is better than Longines and much better than Tissot. TAG Heuer is more famous abroad than Longines. It is not as well-known in China as Longines. As the name suggests, it’s elegant, restrained, and unobtrusive.
  Comments from netizens 2: Swiss watch brands (TAG
Heuer) TAG Heuer becomes Fondation
Special member of the de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) Haute Horlogerie Foundation. FHH is a premium club in the Swiss watchmaking industry. This partnership represents 150 years of history. The brand has a history of 150 years dedicated to the pursuit of ultra-high precision and inspired by continuous innovation. As part of this partnership, (TAG
Heuer) TAG Heuer watches will be the two most important watch exhibitions this season-Munich Time and Salon in Paris
Grand at Belles Montres
Carrera Calibre 8 RS Grande Date GMT. This unique and exquisite watch belongs to the Grand Carrera 2007 series. It goes hand in hand with the mysterious Monaco and Link series. It was once again established (TAG
Heuer) TAG Heuer’s unrivalled ingenuity and enhanced its position (TAG
Heuer) among the top Swiss watchmakers. FHH was founded in Geneva in 2005 to commemorate the tradition and value of fine watchmaking. ‘FHH as a whole has been recognized and appreciated by the entire fine watch industry,’ TAG Heuer (TAG
(Heuer) Jean-Christophe
Babin said, ‘We are very proud to be an active member, and from this we will fulfill our commitment to the value of creating fine watchmaking.’ FHH further promotes the Swiss watchmaking culture and superb skills. The foundation established by tradition is professional, unique value that is reliable, creative and innovative. FHH spreads this value to more people. Therefore, for TAG Heuer watches (TAG
Heuer), becoming a partner is a matter of course.
  Netizen evaluation 3: Watches suitable for young people, I like it very much, it is Obama’s favorite!
  Netizen evaluation four: Steel is extremely soft, one touch one nest, miserable! !! !! !! !!
  Netizen evaluation five: TAG Heuer’s rough is still so expensive, most of the money is spent on buying that brand, it depends on the choice of the landlord, anyway, I think it is far worse than OMEGA at the same price. .
  Netizen evaluation 6: Someone in the watch industry has said that a watch should not have unnecessary details! This sentence is proud of the founder of TAG Heuer Edward Heuer, a Swiss who made watches into art. In Switzerland, watches are almost assembled, but TAG Heuer, with its simplicity and generosity, is not luxurious, but at the same time the owner does not lose to any watch with the precision and excellent performance, just like a Formula 1 car racing in time. Gem decoration, but as long as you wear it, you don’t want to take it off. TAG Heuer believes in sports aesthetics, which is a balance of power. The movement is not so gorgeous, but the thrill is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In 1930, TAG Heuer launched a watch that has been popular until today, that is, MONZA. This is a watch with a cushion appearance and a strap with a crocodile leather decoration. It is very classic. In fact, TAG Heuer’s sports aesthetics also stem from the fact that TAG Heuer has worked with many F1 teams. The Ferrari team cooperated. In 1985, TAG Heuer again sponsored McLaren. Until 1992, TAG Heuer successfully became the official F1 timer. Later, TAG Heuer also successively served as the timing facility for skiing and sailing projects. TAG Heuer’s spokesperson can also be regarded as promising, starting from China, there have been He Rundong, Chen Daoming, and the Chinese diving team known as the China Dream Team to do the endorsement. TAG Heuer, a simple and concise watch without too much to say, represents action and vitality. This is TAG Heuer’s sports aesthetics!
  Netizen evaluation seven: TAG Heuer is indeed a good watch. This brand belongs to the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH. The company has strong backing support, and is very good in the research and development of watches. Every year, there are impressive new works. But its price is not low, the cheapest TAG Heuer watches are also around 6,000 yuan, more than 1,000 yuan can not buy the authentic TAG Heuer!
How does TAG Heuer watch rank
  Overall, TAG Heuer TAG
Although Heuer is the fourth largest watch factory in Switzerland, his world ranking is average. One reason is that TAG Heuer has always focused on the manufacture of sports watches rather than the manufacture of popular watches. TAG Heuer’s ranking in the world’s famous watches is pretty good, the grade is almost the same as Longines, Tissot, close to Omega. In fact, TAG Heuer is really great, especially the sports / racing series, which is very popular with young people. TAG Heuer entered the Chinese market in 2002, and its luxury watch brand recognition in China has reached the top ten.
TAG Heuer’s most popular watches
6 Automatic 39mm WAS2111.FC6293

Number: WAS2111.FC6293
Series: Calella
Style: Automatic, 39 mm, men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥
Movement model: Cal.6
Number of gems: 27
Power reserve: 44 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 100 meters

5 Automatic watch 41mm aluminum ring series WAN2110.BA0822

Number: WAN2110.BA0822
Series: Diving
Style: Automatic, 41 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Back through: dense bottom
Water resistance: 300 meters
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