New Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Campaign Wins 2012 Best Watchmaking Advertising Awards

The new Roger Dubuis ad is refreshing because it breaks through the traditional watchmaking advertising, and won the ‘paper / poster’ category issued by Swiss publishing giant Ringier on October 26 Premier Prix du Jury award. Four blockbuster visual effects draw people to explore the extraordinary world of this Geneva watchmaker through imagination, fearlessness and fantasy. The advertisement conveys the essence of Roger Dubuis ‘brand, and expresses to the audience the high-quality watch series is the only proof of Roger Dubuis’ top reputation.

   Since 2007, the Swiss publishing group Ringier has begun to award the best watchmaking advertising award of the year. The award considers the advertising campaign from the perspective of technology and aesthetics to determine the best work. At the 5th Grand Prix, the new ad of Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis was selected as the best watchmaking ad of 2012 by a vote of judges composed of independent propaganda, publishing and advertising experts. Roger Dubuis conquered the judges with the concept of tension, imagination and perfection. The powerful symbols and visual elements in the advertisements combined with fantastic scenes expressed the brand DNA of Roger Dubuis.
   One of the most recognized qualities of Geneva-based watchmaker Roger Dubuis is the ability to turn dreams into reality. Since its establishment in 1995, this outstanding watch maker has continuously sought ways to surprise people. Inviting people into a dream-like, fantasy world is the source of inspiration for this watchmaker’s designers to create the boldest design, their design ideas are the cornerstone of the new watch style. The new La Monégasque, Excalibur, Pulsion and Velvet collections are part of this eye-catching world with a unique fantasy. The new Roger Dubuis advertising campaign interprets these four series and is also a tribute to the spirit of invention and creativity that has driven the brand’s growth all the way. Click here to watch the making of this campaign.

Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis
   Just as the ads place high demands on creative artists, the production team spent months letting the images express the brand’s strengths and passions, modern spirit, aesthetic innovation, superior technology and attractive qualities. Advertising also consumes a lot of work of the production team, expressing Roger Dubuis’ brand DNA through strong symbols and visual elements. The advertising concept is 100% produced by Roger Dubuis to ensure that the advertisement can implement the brand’s vision. At the same time, Roger Dubuis also reviews the concepts and all elements used in the images, and strives to perfectly represent the brand’s appearance in the advertising works.
2012 Watch of the Year

Velvet Rose Gold Diamond Watch
   Roger Dubuis, the watchmaker in Geneva in 2012, shined with award-winning watch designs.
   For the second consecutive year, the Montres Passion magazine, a Swiss publishing group’s Ringier magazine, has selected women’s watches, which has attracted a lot of attention. This year, the rose gold diamond model of the Velvet series has won Prix du Jury’s favor with its fearless beauty and straight style for the second consecutive year, and won the title of watch of the year.

   The Velvet Collection is the embodiment of passion. The collection carries glamour and elegance, just like a masterpiece. The ingenious mechanical movement, the distinctive modern lines, and the ability to constantly create surprises give the Velve Masterpieces a unique charm. The fascinating qualities of this series are from the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis.
About Roger Dubuis
Founded in 1995, Roger Dubuis has always been a benchmark for fine watchmaking. Roger Dubuis relies on bold innovations in the 21st century, using ingenious watchmaking technology and powerful breakthrough designs to create exquisite watches.
Fearlessness and luxury are the labels of the brand, and unswerving perseverance is the driving force for the continuous development of the brand.
The four collections of Roger Dubuis watches are rich in creative concepts and mechanical details, representing four different worlds: players, warriors, adventurers and peerless celebrities. Roger Dubuis’ La Monegasque, Excalibur, Pulsion and Velvet collections are sold worldwide through brand stores and exclusive sales networks.
Roger Dubuis joined Richemont in 2008. Since then, the Geneva watchmaker has taken a new step in the pursuit of excellence, exploring new designs and developing unique technologies. Roger Dubuis has a full range of watch factories, and it is also the only watchmaker in the world with all its movements engraved with the Geneva Seal, which is the guarantee of Roger Dubuis’s exquisite craftsmanship.

Audemars Piguet Brand Ambassador Novak Djokovic

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