Chanel Limited Premiere Tourbillon Diamond Watch

Last year was the 25th anniversary of Chanel’s first watch, Première. To commemorate this special day, Chanel introduced the first highly sophisticated mechanical ladies’ watch. This is Chanel’s first use of a floating tourbillon movement after the first J12 tourbillon watch in 2005. Première watch with floating tourbillon and diamonds won the ‘Best Ladies Watch’ award at the 12th Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards held on November 14, 2012. The mysterious world of complication mechanical watches.

 Première floating tourbillon watch from the unique movement, shape design to Seiko mosaic assembly, each step with the most precise and rigorous attitude and professionalism, to create the ultimate perfect classic.

 The octagonal dial of the Première watch is inspired by the iconic contours of Paris’s Fontaine Square, while echoing the shape of the bottle cap of Chanel N ° 5 perfume. The new ‘Première’ watch is the result of close collaboration between designers, engineers and watchmakers at Chanel and Renaud & Papi (part of APRP SA), the advanced research and development department of Audemars Piguet. The first floating tourbillon. The watch’s floating tourbillon is designed to be Ms. Chanel’s favorite camellia pattern, quietly turning in the center of the ‘Première’ watch, low-key to almost mysterious. Glittering petals and pavé diamonds complement each other, showing the beauty and exquisiteness of camellia. The floating tourbillon rotates once every minute, and the rotating petals show the elapsed seconds.

 This ‘Camellia Float Tourbillon’ movement is mounted on a rectangular bottom plate that is ‘tailored’ to the case, with a power reserve of 40 hours. The case, bezel and crown are set with baguette-cut diamonds, round diamonds or precious stones. The jewelry setting of this watch takes 23 hours of labor, and it takes more than 100 hours to assemble.
Première floating tourbillon diamond watch, limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide.

New Year’s Day Recommended 10 Beautiful Watches Show Female Style

In the shopping malls, they do not let their eyebrows be raised, they are decisive and capable, and they strive for reason during the negotiations. Outside of work, they actively enjoy life and harvest family and friendship. The reasonable arrangement of time has made their lives full and full, and watches for them are not just observing time and rushing to win a minute contract, they are also a symbol of taste. Gorgeous DIOR VIII Jewellery Watch Wisdom Chanel Camellia Tourbillon Watch Tenderness Piaget Four Seasons Jewelry Watch Appreciation Liberty Moon Phase Women’s Watch Gorgeous Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Lady’s Watch Decisively Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jewelry Ladies’ Watch Queen series watches are rigid and flexible, and Patek Philippe Women’s Watches unique Jaeger-LeCoultre flip long strap women’s watch elegant Omega LADY MATIC women’s watch

What Watches Do You Wear In The Movie ‘speed ​​and Passion’?

Last week, ‘Speed ​​and Passion: Special Action’ was released as the first outside film of the ‘Quick Excite’ series. The story features Dawn Johnson’s Foreign Security Agency agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as the mercenary killer De Carter Shaw, and they no longer focus on the speeding family. Before I saw the Douban score was only 6.4, so I didn’t want to see it. As a result, many table friends left a message in the background to remind them to change the series of articles. After watching it, I found that it is really a brainless popcorn cool film, comedy + action. Fortunately, the main actors in the movie all wore watches, so we can continue to look at them. The big man Johnson wears a Panerai Lummor 1950 series PAM305. Panerai’s history originated in 1860. At first, Panerai’s main business was distribution. In addition to agency Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other brands, it also engaged in the repair of watches and clocks and the wholesale of movement parts. In the early twentieth century, Panerai began supplying and maintaining various military instruments for the Italian navy. In 1916, according to the requirements of the military, Panerai created Radiomir, a radium-based luminous material, used as a luminous coating for instruments and dials. This invention is the first element of the success of the Panerai brand. Strong night light can help divers read various times and data from the bottom. With Radiomir luminous, Panerai has received more orders for military instruments from the Italian Navy, and the cooperation between the two is getting closer. In 1936, with the help of Rolex, Panerai provided the Italian Navy with 10 ‘Radiomir’ prototype watches. And gradually evolved Radiomir 1940 and Luminor 1950, these three models are the most classic series of Panerai brand. Johnson chose the Luminor 1950, which is the most waterproof and protective. The large case size is very suitable for it. At the same time, this PAM305 uses a titanium alloy case, so it is not heavy to wear and is very suitable. The American ‘Guoda’ Jason Statham wore a Rolex Submariner, which is what we often call a water ghost. However, he chose not a modern model in production, but an antique watch. At the beginning of the show, he visited his mother in prison and gave a close-up shot in less than 0.5 seconds. Although it is fleeting, we can still recognize a few points: 1. No calendar 2. No magnifying glass 3. Large tooth rotating outer ring 4. Thin lugs, and at the same time, other lenses can get information with shoulder pads. The model that finally locked out was the second-generation Rolex Submariner, but because the dial’s picture was too dim, it was impossible to determine whether it was Ref.5512 or Common Ref.5513 certified by the Observatory. The Rolex appearing in the play should be Jason Statson’s own collection, because he is really a ‘labor fan’. Previously, he was photographed several times wearing Rolex antique GMT Ref. 1655 and antique Daytona. Ryan Reynolds’s agent wears a 168566 from a Chopard racing series. Compared to the Rolex Water Ghost and Panerai Luminor 1950, Chopin has a much lower probability of appearing. The main feature of the racing series is the collection of racing elements. For example, the strap will have the texture of racing tires, and then the power reserve display is similar to the old car oil gauge. At the same time, the scale also uses large Arabic numerals to improve recognition. The MI6 agent played by Vanessa Kirby did not wear a watch at the beginning, but replaced it with an Apple watch during the final showdown. Apple watch sells too well, anyway, when you don’t know what watch to wear, the probability of choosing this one is the lowest. The most beautiful supporting role in the play, Mexican actor Eiza González, played Ms. M, wearing a Rolex log Ref.126231. Only two simple shots were given in the movie. One was confirmed to be a rose gold five-bead chain, and the other was equipped with an oyster plate buckle. This combination indicates that it is a new log series equipped with a 32 series movement. In addition, I checked Eiza González’s self-portrait beauty video, and confirmed that this watch is a light-colored mother-of-pearl disc + diamond scale, and it was finally determined to be this Ref.126231-002. Eiza González, like Jason Steinson, is also a ‘worker fan’. She has been photographed wearing Rolex diaries many times before, and is also rose gold + mother-of-pearl + diamond scale. It’s just that the old ones are the old ones, and the new ones appear in this movie. —END —

Zenith El Primero Flagship Series Hollow Watch Rolling Stones Special Edition Rock Style, Passionate Wrist, Tribute To The Legend

Since 2014, Zenith has been accompanied by the endless rock legend, the Rolling Stones, with footprints all over the world. To pay tribute to this famous British band, the Zenith brand marked by the North Star has specially created the same legendary rock style series. Black ceramics, skeleton dials, high-speed El Primero star-speed ‘engines’, and designs that pay tribute to rock musicians around the world — 250 chronographs spark fiery passion with these key features!

   This brand-new Zenith chronograph is a wrist-worn legend for the Rolling Stones, and its design is naturally inspired by these British superstars. The atmospheric 45mm black ceramic case surrounds the hollow dial, paving the way for stunning mechanical wonders. In this three-dimensional, three-dimensional display, the small seconds dial with the red lips logo of the Rolling Stones once again pays tribute to these legendary musicians in a distinctive way. It’s time to shake up!

Unleash the unique style of a rock star

   The insatiable spirit of this famous rock band blends harmoniously with the bold and creative spirit of this North Carolina-based watchmaking brand. The El Primero Skeleton Tribute to The Rolling Stones ceramic watch that represents this fusion-Zenith’s first use of ceramic materials in its timepieces-is a collection of rock features. This watch with dark black and red embellishment shows a strong sporty structure and is equipped with a race-level column wheel chronograph movement. The cut-out design makes the El Primero star speed mechanism vividly appear. Wrapped in a case that is water-resistant to 100 meters, the hands in the hollow display are reminiscent of the neck design of a 1950s Fender Telecaster electric guitar with luminous nickel-plated hour markers. The central second hand with a star-shaped logo at the tip is red with the date display, which complements each other; the cutout numbers echo the dark red dot at 6 o’clock. Inspired by the mouthpiece of the band’s lead singer Mick Jagger, the famous ‘lip tongue’ logo appears on the second dial, like a vinyl plastic record on a turntable turntable, constantly spinning to create a strong Visual echo effect.

Legendary chronograph movement

   Its column wheel ‘engine’ has a vibration frequency of 36,000 vibrations / hour, which contributes to a tenth of a second of travel time accuracy. It is truly a ‘famous descendant’-its predecessor is the world’s most powerful model created by Zenith in 1969 Precision production chronograph. This El Primero Calibre 400B calibre is composed of 326 parts. It combines excellent performance with ultra-high precision. Its winding automatic rotor has the famous red logo of the Rolling Stones and is decorated with Geneva ripples. The movement drives the central hour and minute display, small seconds, chronograph function, speedometer and date, while providing more than 50 hours of power reserve.

   This natural and rebellious masterpiece uses a black calfskin strap with hot stamping to decorate rock style elements, with red stitching and black PVD-plated titanium three-fold buckle, which can be described as the main rock style. One last stroke. Each of the limited 250 watches comes with a dedicated display case.

Price: RMB 87,200
Technical Parameters:
El Primero 400 B Automatic Movement Case, Dial and Hands
Movement: 13 ¼ law minutes; (30 mm diameter) Diameter: 45 mm
Movement thickness: 6.6 mm Surface diameter: 37.8 mm
Number of components: 326 Thickness: 14.05 mm
Number of gems: 31 Crystal glass: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
Vibration frequency: 36,000 times / hour (5 Hz) Case back: Transparent sapphire crystal
Power reserve: at least 50 hours Material: black ceramic
Process: The oscillating weight is decorated with ‘Geneva ripple’ Waterproof depth: 5 ATM (50 meters)
‘Pattern and Rolling Stone logo Dial: Black elements screwed onto the movement
Function: Time scale: black nickel plated, faceted and black coated
SuperLuminova luminous material
Rolling Stones logo on small seconds at 9 o’clock. Hands: black nickel-plated, faceted and coated with black SuperLuminova
Center hour and minute display Strap & bracelet
Chronograph: Black calfskin strap with protective rubber lining
And decorated with hot rock prints
-Centered chronograph hands
-12 hour lap at 6 o’clock
-30 minutes lap at 3 o’clock
Date display at 6 o’clock

Introduction To The Use Of Breitling Flight Slider

Slide Rule, which literally means slide rule, generally refers to two scales sliding relative to each other to measure or calculate. So Slide Rule is also called slide rule. Specifically for Breitling, the Slide Rule for Pilot, which was first applied to watches in 1942, is a very unique feature of this brand watch, and it is also widely used. Let’s take a look at how to use this feature.
 The basic principle of the flying slide rule is very simple, which is to simply calculate the multiplication and division by the relative rotation of the inner and outer scale circles. From this, many practical functions are derived, such as unit conversion, ground speed calculation, fuel consumption, climb rate, and so on.
Let us first understand the most basic multiplication and division.

 Multiplying AxB: Rotate the outer ring scale A to the position corresponding to the inner ring scale 10. At this time, the value of the outer ring corresponding to the inner ring scale B is the result of AxB. For example, calculate 13×7: Rotate the outer ring so that the scale 13 corresponds to the position of the inner ring 10. At this time, the outer ring scale corresponding to the inner circle scale 7 is 91, which represents 13×7 = 91.

 Division calculation A ÷ B: Rotate the outer ring scale A to the position corresponding to the inner ring scale B. At this time, the outer ring value corresponding to the inner ring scale 10 is the result of A ÷ B. For example, calculate 12 ÷ 8: rotate the outer ring so that the scale 12 corresponds to the position of the inner ring 8. At this time, the scale of the outer ring corresponding to the scale 10 of the inner ring is 15, which represents 12 ÷ 8 = 1.5.

Involving three-digit operations
 Because the maximum scale of the slide rule is 99, when using a flying ruler for calculations, if there are three digits, errors are easy to occur. A small scale between two integer scales is used. For example, calculate 132×7. Align the 13.2 scale of the outer circle (the first minute scale to the right of the 13 scale) with the 10 scale of the inner circle. At this time, the 7 scale of the inner circle corresponds to the outer circle between 92 and 93, indicating that the result is 920 to 930. In between, the actual is 924. So by dividing the scale, you can perform more digit calculations.
Practical application
Based on these basic principles, we can perform many practical operations.
First, the unit conversion
1.MPH and KPH conversion

Conversion of MPH to KPH
 The conversion factor between miles per hour and kilometers per hour is approximately 1.6, which is 1MPH = 1.6KPH. Then rotate the 16 scale of the outer circle to the 10 scale of the inner circle, and the inner circle represents MPH, and the corresponding outer circle number is the result of converting MPH to KPH. For example, 10MPH = 16KPH and 60MPH = 96KPH.
2.MPH to MPM

MPH to MPM Conversion
 If you need to convert MPH miles per hour to MPM miles per minute, you can also use the flying slider. For example, convert 156MPH to MPM, and rotate the outer ring scale of 15.6 to the MPH mark at 12 o’clock in the inner ring. At this time, the 10 scale of the inner ring corresponds to 26 of the outer ring, which represents 156MPH = 2.6MPM.
Second, speed time distance calculation
1.Speed ​​calculation

Computing speed
 After measuring the time required to pass a distance through the timing function, you can calculate the average speed of that distance. For example, using milestones on the road and measuring the time of 45 miles with the timing function is 30 minutes, then the 45 scale on the outer circle is aligned with the 30 scale on the inner circle. 90 means an average speed of 90 MPH, and kilometers are also applicable.
2.Time calculation

Time calculation (more than 1 minute)
 When the required calculation time is longer (more than 1 minute), the time can be calculated as follows. With a known speed of 156 MPH, the time required to calculate the form is 486 miles. Align the outer ring 15.6 with the inner ring MPH mark. At this time, the inner ring scale corresponding to the outer ring 48.6 is 18.7, which means it takes 187 minutes.

Time calculation (within 1 minute)
 When speed is large and distance is short, the time required is usually measured in seconds. In this case, another calculation method is needed. For example, how long does it take to travel 1.5 miles at 120MPH? Align the 12 scale of the outer ring with the 36 scale of the inner ring (starting from the second, originating from 3600 seconds per hour). At this time, the scale of the inner ring corresponding to 15 is 45, which means it takes 45 seconds.
3.Distance calculation

Distance calculation
 Known speed is 148MPH, calculate 28 minutes driving distance. Align the 60 scale of the outer ring with the 14.8 scale of the inner ring. At this time, the 28 of the outer ring corresponds to the inner ring scale of 6.9, which represents a driving distance of 69 miles.
 It should be noted that the calculation of speed and time uses division, so the speed and distance values ​​are reflected by the outer scale, and the time values ​​are reflected by the inner scale. In contrast, the distance is calculated as multiplication, so the speed and distance values ​​are reflected by the inner scale, and the time values ​​are reflected by the outer scale.
 For the same reason, you can also calculate each other between the fuel consumption rate, sailing time and fuel consumption through the flight slider. At the same time, you can calculate each other among the climb / descent rate, climb / descent time, and climb / descent distance. For further information, you can refer to Breitling’s official instruction manual.

The World’s First Oval Seven-day Chain Three-question Watch

Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium Winding Minute Repeater is the world’s first oval minute repeater and the first 7-day chain minute repeater. It is also the first to apply Audemars Piguet. Minute repeater for the new escapement system-this means that its escapement system does not require oil lubrication, which improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs.
Audemars Piguet’s overall performance this year can be ranked among the top three SIHH, and this minute repeater also wins with its overall performance, which can be called a perfect work. At the same time, the unique and contemporary millennial series is one of Audemars Piguet’s most classic series. The new millennium minute repeater is equipped with a movement that uses the latest research and development achievements of the watch factory-Audemars Piguet’s exclusive escapement system. It not only minimizes the power loss rate, requires no oil lubrication, more accurate travel time, the best performance is stable and durable, and has excellent shock resistance.
The balance-hairspring adjustment mechanism is also different. It is not only a hairspring, but has a double-layer hairspring structure. Even if instability occurs, the balance can be restored by the automatic compensation, so it has better isochronism.
The movement is equipped with three barrels, two of which can provide up to 7 days of power reserve, and the third barrel is designed to strike the timepiece device, which is 2.5 times larger than the ordinary barrel To make the minute repeater watch have a perfect timekeeping sound. As for the safety device, this watch also uses a dial and balance wheel stop device to facilitate time adjustment and prevent users from operating incorrectly during the time reporting process.
On the novel ‘stage’ of the titanium horizontal ellipse case, various mechanical devices are hidden and coordinated with the dark gray K gold eccentric hour and minute dial at 3 o’clock and the small seconds dial at 7 o’clock. The hammer and gong of the timepiece device together played a harmonious and beautiful 3D music dance show on the wrist.