Bryce Launches New Br 03 Rafale Watch

Get creative inspiration from the history of human aviation and advanced technology in this field. The Bell & Ross product series pays tribute to key moments in the history of civil and military aviation from 1900 to the present. The military has always been a pioneer in many fields, and many military innovations have benefited all aspects of civilian life, such as the Internet, global positioning systems, and even the first business jets. Dassault Aviation possesses the highest level of expertise in how to structure avant-garde technological links between military and civilian.

   Bell & Ross and Dassault Aviation each carry out their brand work under the same enthusiasm of aviation. In 2013, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Falcon business jet, Bell & Ross specially launched the Vintage Falcon limited edition commemorative watch, in order to pay tribute to the civil aviation achievements of the 1960s. This year, the two companies joined forces again to launch the new BR 03 Rafale watch, celebrating the success of Dassault Aviation’s multipurpose fighter Rafale.

New Aesthetics Appreciation Of Movado Edge Series Watches

At this year’s Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, the biggest highlight of Movado watches is the new Movado Edge series watch, designed by the famous industrial designer Yves Béhar himself. The inspiration of two top talented industrial designers, Nathan George Howett and Yves Béhar, brings a new aesthetic experience to the legendary Movado Museum dial.

   The core design concept of Movado Edge is a new material, texture and three-dimensional structure. The concave texture on the dial can capture the beauty of light and shadow and attract people’s attention. When the wearer’s wrist moves, the vision of the dial also changes, symbolizing the idea that time is the mark of our life changes.

   Movado Edge updates the brand’s modernist aesthetics with a deeper industrial design perspective, giving the brand a new personality with new visual tentacles. To pay tribute to Movado’s heritage of Bauhaus-inspired design, this series of minimalist and geometric aesthetics shows the fusion of art and design.

   The dial reinterprets Howett’s original design in three dimensions, with iconic dots emerging on the dial’s brand new curved plane. The texture carved on the dial’s edge symbolizes sunlight and can be used as a minute scale. This design element reflects beauty and practicality, and integrates inspiration, function and design.

   40mm polished pure stainless steel case, round aluminum frosted blue dial, the edge of the dial is carved with a texture that symbolizes sunlight, and it is decorated with a raised iconic sun dot at 12 o’clock, with rod-shaped hands, part The hour hand is red or yellow.

   Black leather strap or black rubber strap with stainless steel classic tongue buckle.

   This new collection includes men’s and women’s models, as well as chronographs, and is also available in steel, belt and rubber straps. Women’s 34 mm.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

2012 Baselworld New Basel World: Tudor Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Heritage Black Bay is the newest member of the Heritage collection that Tudor first launched in 2010. Its inspiration was inspired by a diving watch that appeared in 1954. Since its introduction, Tudor This watch has been innovated and improved until the 1980s. Its arched dial displays exquisite vintage-style details, rare burgundy bezels and ‘snowflake’ hands, which make this iconic model stand out from many divers’ watches.
In order to highlight the original features, the design of the original case has been improved. The perfect match with the exquisite and extended lugs makes the 41 mm stainless steel case more modern. The watch is waterproof to 200 meters (660 feet ), With its arched glass, it is more elegant. And the same black arched surface with large luminous hour markers makes the time clear at a glance. The pink-gold hands exude a touch of nostalgia due to the oxidizing effect unique to older models.

From the burgundy one-way rotating bezel to the matching burgundy winding crown, the Tudor rose logo is printed. Tudor’s dedication to the perfection of details is evident.
Heritage Black Bay uses a new folding buckle developed exclusively by Tudor, and is available with a black textured strap, stainless steel or vintage leather strap to choose from, adding to the elegance and modernity of this watch.
This watch is equipped with a mechanical movement with automatic winding number 79220R and a 38-hour power reserve.

Love Broadway Hamilton Broadway Double Calendar Watch Tasting

Broadway is an important north-south road in New York City, starting from Battery Park in the south and running through Manhattan Island from south to north. Because of the numerous theaters on both sides of the road, it is an important place for the development of American theater and musicals, so Broadway has become synonymous with musicals. Hamilton, a well-known watch brand active in the film industry, is proud to present a Broadway-inspired watch series, adding a new member to its watch series with sports and urban style timepieces. And this new member is the Hamilton Broadway Dual Calendar watch presented to you today. (Model: H43515735)

Sporty and urban style Broadway

Bustling Broadway

   Broadway’s history can be traced back to the early 19th century, when Broadway became the center of American theater Broadway art. The performances are relatively elegant musicals and operas. Broadway’s performances are mostly based on classic repertoires. Actors’ performances are subject to the needs of the plot. The group’s body language and outstanding music singing are used to express the theme of the party. The tone of Broadway performance is black, exaggerated, humorous, funny, natural, relaxed and lively is the consistent performance style of Broadway.
Tribute to brand roots

Hamilton Broadway Double Calendar

   This is not the first time Hamilton has named a watch in this world-famous neighborhood. The brand’s first pocket watch collection launched in the 1890s was named ‘Broadway Limited’ (Broadway Limited Edition). In 2016, Hamilton took inspiration from New York’s urban style and created a series of sporty, modern watches that showcase 21st century watchmaking excellence, a tribute to the American roots of the Hamilton brand. It is reminiscent of the spirit of Broadway in the legendary theater district of New York.

Watch dial display
   42 mm stainless steel case, smooth lines, exquisite atmosphere. The black multi-layered dial is decorated with vertical lines, and the urban fashion is striking. The dark gray inner ring complements the black dial to facilitate viewing.

Dial display on watch
   The avant-garde skyscraper-shaped hour and minute hands plus the red pointed second hand are coated with a Super-LumiNova® luminous coating, and the hour markers also coated with a luminous coating form a beautiful landscape on the wrist in a dark environment for a special environment. The viewing time provided the conditions, and it was very beautiful in itself.

Watch dial display
   At 6 o’clock, the date display window and day display window add a special charm to the watch. At the same time, it also increases the practicality and ornamentality of the watch, with clever layout, simple and beautiful.

Watch crown display

   The non-slip texture design of the crown is polished and has a soft texture that is not slippery, which facilitates the operation of the watch. The upper end of the crown is the Hamilton brand logo. The polished edges are smooth, classic and beautiful, and the brand is full of charm.

Watch lug display

   Equipped with polished and satin-finished Hamilton’s signature double faceted lugs, the same stainless steel as the case, with smooth lines and delicate texture. It emits the unique luster of stainless steel, highlighting the men’s tough atmosphere.

Watch movement display
   The back cover of the watch has a back-through design, and the movement of the movement can be seen through the anti-glare coated sapphire mirror back cover. Equipped with H-30 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve is about 80 hours. Water-resistant to 50 meters.

Watch strap display
   The black leather strap has a central stripe and contrast stitching for a comfortable fit. With stainless steel folding clasp, the watch will not fall off accidentally. The buckle is exquisite and elegant, with the Hamilton logo, and the brand is full of charm.

Watch overall display

Meeting of urban fashion and outdoor trends

Leather and steel strap display

    All case designs and constructions are unique, with strong contours and tension. The simple and stylish black surface is decorated with vertical lines, creating a pleasing look looking up. The decorative ring under the bezel and crown also uses vertical line patterns to form a constantly recurring theme variation, giving the watch a unique style and personality. A broad line in the center of the surface makes the rich urban flavor arouse, reminiscent of the legendary New York Avenue shuttle between skyscrapers. This pattern extends all the way to a smooth leather strap with striking stitching that contrasts with the three-row bracelet.

Hamilton Broadway Double Calendar
In summary: fast-paced work, leisurely and happy life we ​​form part of the city’s operation. Just like the famous Broadway streets, it is full of charm. If you like Broadway style or urban fashion elements, then hurry up and start this exquisite and practical Hamilton Broadway double calendar watch. Price: ¥ 7300

Flying Passion And Passion Zenith Pilot Pilot Watch Series

‘ZENITH is a brand destined to be born for pilots! In addition, with all the essential advantages of all watches in a beautiful case, you really should have a Zenith!’ This admiration comes from Moran According to Léon Morane, the pilot who set a record speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour for the first time in 1910 praised Zenith. Since the beginning of the 20th century, due to the vigorous development of air transportation, aircraft and spacecraft across the ocean and over the polar regions have begun to appear, and the demand for high-precision instruments on aviation tools has increased. Zenith was one of the first manufacturers to produce aircraft instruments. Zenith watches perfectly interpret the grand ambitions that inspire pilots to fight in the sky. The brand’s timers and watches are accurate and reliable, and they accompany pilots to sail thousands of miles, reflecting their ambition to conquer adversity, accurate control of distance and the ambition to transcend themselves.
     The instruments made by Zenith meet the technical requirements of the aviation industry: not only can withstand temperature changes, magnetic field changes and body vibrations, but also they are accurate, reliable, durable, clear and easy to read. The Zenith Pilot’s Watch is not only an in-flight instrument, but also a good helper for pilots, and strives to protect the safety of pilots. Because of this, in the 1930s and 1940s, Zenith Type 20 pilot watches were used as airborne instruments on many aircraft, including the famous Caudron aircraft.
The pilot watches of the early 20th century were all the magnificent barbed crowns of Louis Blériot, as well as the luminous hands and numerals are typical characteristics of pilot watches at the time
     Today, Pilot watches inherit the style of their predecessors, showing the glory of the glorious era and the ambition to conquer the sky. The mechanical structure of the watch embodies the long history of watchmaking in the watch factory, and its outstanding aesthetics interpret the infinite creativity inspired by the free flight. Pilot watches are synonymous with exploration and discovery, conveying passion for adventure, symbolizing a flourishing future, dedicated to lovers of flying and aviation history, dedicated to mechanical lovers, and those who love large spaces. Three watches, three outstanding works that explain the fun of flying. Three perfect mechanical masterpieces, the best travel companions of our time. Three precise and reliable instruments embody a comfortable and comfortable spirit of freedom and a dream come true: explore the unknown and unknown sky, and soar in the air at ease. Each Zenith Pilot watch is the incarnation of the flying god Icarus, the pilots Blériot and Morane, or the inventor da Vinci. Wear Zenith Pilot watches on your wrist today and let these great men with flying dreams be with you.
Crossing the English Channel
     Overlooking Sangatte Beach, it looks like a streamer on the horizon. Off the ground is the first step on an adventure. Throw the markers set along the coastline behind your head, and fly to the depths of the vault, perhaps there, the mist and the sky merge into one, and watch the waves of clouds disappear. Defeat strong winds, noise, fear and gravity. As small as a drop in the sea, as big as a giant bird. Like a dragonfly that challenges turbulence, gently glances over Cap Blanc Nez. Like a small spot in the blue sky, looking from a distance, it is smaller than a seagull. The steep cliffs of Port Dover attract attention. Fly towards the lush field of England on the other side. A 30-minute flight is as long as life. As far as I can remember, the strait is a vast world; it pays tribute to the most wonderful and original ‘heavier than air’ pilots.
ZENITH and Bririo
     Calais, July 25, 1909, 4.15 a.m. Brillio is ready to fly the Blériot XI. The wind increased at night, and the British newspaper Daily Mail raised the challenge of flying an aircraft across the English Channel, which seemed to be the best time to respond to this challenge. The range is 40 kilometers … For some, this is an unrealistic dream, but Brillio completed the adventure in 37 minutes. People have always called it ‘the king of breaking the limit’, but from this moment, Brillio became the unquestionable ‘father of aviation’. At the time, he was wearing a Zenith watch on his wrist …
Historic Zenith Type 20 pilot watch
1939 Zenith Type 20 Pilot’s Watch
     On March 19, 1912, Louis Blériot stated: ‘I am very satisfied with this Zenith watch that I wear daily, and I will recommend it to people who seek high precision.’ The watch is equipped with luminous hands and numerals to make the time legible. In addition, the crown of the watch is easy to operate and can be easily adjusted even when wearing gloves. The seconds counter at 6 o’clock completes the time information. The Zenith Type 20 Pilot’s Watch has a power reserve of up to 36 hours. Since 1939, most French aircraft have been using this precision instrument. This sturdy, reliable and accurate watch has won praise from aviation manufacturers and professionals. This instrument is installed on the dashboard of many aircraft, including the Caudron Simoun C.635. This aircraft is not only a training aircraft for the French Air Force, but also an aircraft used by Air Bleu for international and transatlantic transportation.
     The watch is fixed on the dashboard, the case is made of light alloy, and the rolled bezel is convenient for users to grasp and refine the watch. The dial is subtle and generous, and is equipped with a specially thickened luminous numerals, which are legible when read. The small second hand is set at 6 o’clock, and the luminous hour and minute hands make the time clear. In order to meet the reliability and accuracy required by the aviation industry, the watch movement is specially equipped with a bimetal balance, with an anti-magnetic automatic compensation hairspring, and a Swiss fork-style escapement.
PILOT series new work 1: Pilot’s watch of the first-ZENITH TYPE 20 Pilot’s Watch New Type 20 Pilot’s Watch
     A watch that pays tribute to its pioneers. The new Type 20 pilot watch draws inspiration from a long history, perfectly integrates the latest technology, and ingeniously interprets the successful aesthetic style of Miles Soaring. The Pilot Watch Type 20 pilot watch has a diameter of 57.5 millimeters, and its design is reminiscent of the most amazing flying great work of the early 20th century. This watch pays high respect to aviation pioneers, condenses infinite time and space, and embodies the ambition of great discovery.
     This watch uses all design elements flexibly and cleverly. In order to reflect the ideal of human beings trying to conquer the blue sky, the watch chooses to fix time in a wide space and accurately record the elapsed time. The components in the case all show the characteristics of aeronautical instruments. The case diameter reaches 57.5 millimeters. It is specially made of titanium to balance the weight of the movement. The notch crown of the watch is reminiscent of the crown of a pilot’s watch. This special design makes it easy for pilots to adjust the watch even when wearing gloves. The 27 mm lugs are decorated with ring handles for a clean and simple design, with a vintage leather strap fully hand-stitched and trimmed. The retro style extends from the strap to the black dial, and the wearer of the luminous component on the dial can read the time at a glance. Under the sturdy double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, the embossed hour markers covered with Superluminova are clearly visible, and the hands are also covered with fluorescent material.
     The small seconds counter is set at 9 o’clock and the power reserve indicator is set at 3 o’clock. The two present a perfect visual balance. This remarkable aesthetic is mainly to make time clear and easy to read. In addition, this outstanding design incorporates the concepts and functionality of traditional flying watches.
Chronograph master ZENITH Pilot Montre d Aeronef Type 20 with 5011K manual winding movement, diameter: 50 mm, thickness 10 mm, components: 34, gems: 19, frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour, power reserve: 48 hours, COSC: Swiss Observatory certification.
     Through the case’s transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can see the delicate structure of the 5011K manual winding mechanical movement. The movement has a diameter of 50 mm, and its surface is exquisitely decorated, just like the 19 jewel bearings and the large straight lines that form the rhodium-plated bridge form the Geneva ripple. This movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory and its distinguished name comes from the famous 5011 pocket watch movement. Since the 1960s, the Calibre 5011 has made Zenith internationally renowned. In 1967, the Neuchatel Observatory awarded this movement the title of ‘the most accurate chronograph movement in history’. Since then, Zenith has continued to produce movement 5011, which powers many precision instruments such as racing watches, marine chronographs, pocket watches, and watchmaking timepieces.
     The movement 5011 oscillates 18,000 times per hour and is equipped with an independent stopper for the second hand, which can be synchronized with the hour hand. The balance wheel of the movement and the escapement’s pivot are equipped with anti-vibration mechanism. In addition, the movement is equipped with delicate adjustments, anti-magnetic automatic compensation Breguet hairspring, removable screw bracket, double arrow pointer assembly And Zenith on the shank shaft fixing system. These special designs fit perfectly, not only bringing outstanding performance to the watch, but also retaining unique retro qualities.
Expedition Antarctica
     At the end of the world-the legendary mysterious Antarctic. Explore the unknown and become a pioneer. Forge ahead into the desolate area of ​​’the human footprint has never arrived, never seen before’. Snow-white sails rise in the icebergs and cold winds. Head to the least-known strange continent on earth. Walking alone in the white earth, everyone can only rely on himself. Challenge the hidden crisis, monotonous ice and snow, and overcome the disorderly shifting magnetic field. Be careful to avoid the deep fissures, and cleverly pass the sharp peaks. Admire the dream-like South Aurora up close, leaving footprints in a deserted environment, bringing science to the last land. Hope to plunge into this white world, ready to defend against the most dangerous attacks, the brave is fearless. With the enthusiasm of the explorer, conquer the last unknown land. 1956: Admiral George J. Dufek and seven team members nicknamed ‘lucky seven’ boarded an LC-47 aircraft called ‘Que sera, sera’ to complete their first landing in Antarctica.

The Beauty Of The Oval Three Recommended Business Banquet Watches

Today’s watches are mostly round and square watches, followed by wine barrels and ovals, and other shaped watches are even rarer. Generally speaking, it is more orthodox and not so different. It is mainly beauty with square circles. Today is more special. Going beyond these traditional beauty, Watch House recommends several watches with oval beauty. The beauty of the oval.

Amy Long Pearl Series 06.3881.L. Watch

Watch Series: Pearl Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel / 18K rose gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 34.5×28.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 30000
Watch details: After a smart adjustment, this brand-new style shows precision and balance, sublimating the traditional spirit of the brand’s continuous innovation: a watch full of the feminine image, perfectly blending gentleness and rigorous characteristic. The feminine dream and elegant temperament have brought the brand’s different marks together again: straight Roman numerals decoration, flying lines, and a graduated track composed of dotted lines.

Longines Dolce Vita DolceVita L2. watch

Watch Series: Dai Chuo Wiener Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: 20900
Details of the watch: Déco’s artistic style is inspired by the design. It adopts the mother-of-pearl surface, Arabic numerals and black hands running along the inner orbit minute track, and the small seconds are set at 6 o’clock on the watch. Burgundy leather straps and Mayan-style diamond lugs add a lot to this watch.

Summary: The three watches recommended for everyone today are made of precious metals, so the price is definitely higher than that of base metals, so whether you are participating in business events or attending a banquet, you will be A sparkling point, combined with an alternative oval design, can add a little more light to you.

The Gift Of Time Unwavering Love Iwc Elegantly Presents Portofino Pair Watch

January 11, 2016-Time is the best gift among lovers. Swiss watchmaker IWC has specially selected the Portofino watch on Valentine’s Day to praise beautiful love, and each masterpiece conveys the strong affection between partners and the eternal loyalty commitment. The elegant and restrained Portofino series uses classic design elements to tell the light of love in the heart of lovers.
Elegant and elegant

IWC Portofino manual winding eight-day power reserve watch_IW510107

IWC Portofino mid moon phase automatic watch_IW459001
   This pair of Portofino series watches is a combination of noble subtlety and gorgeous simplicity, which perfectly reflects the low-key and romantic love. Portofino hand-wound eight-day power reserve watch (model: IW510107), elegant temperament and precision technology are perfectly integrated into one, which fully reflects the elegant man’s style. The matching Portofino Moon Phase Automatic Watch 37 (model: IW459001), on the dial of mother-of-pearl, the moon shines in the clouds from time to time, sometimes suspended under the starry night sky. The watch has a very attractive layering sense, Italian style is revealed on the wrist, and the diamond sparkles tell the bright star and moon dream.
Born to Pair Classical Elegant

IWC Portofino Manual Winding Day Calendar_IW516203

IWC Portofino Midi automatic watch_IW458106
   At the same time, the men’s and women’s watch with red gold case and dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap shows timeless elegance and low-key luxury. Precious temperament and retro atmosphere add gorgeousness to the promise of lovers, forming a natural pair of elegant wrists. table. The Men’s Watch Portofino Hand-wound Day-of-the-Day Watch (Model: IW516203) perfectly combines the large date with the day of the week display, presenting a classic watch with a simple and beautiful appearance, but also highly functional and practical. Women’s watch Portofino Automatic 37 (model: IW458106) conquered the slender wrists with a 37 mm dial. The dynamic circular pattern of the radial sunray on the dial under the light is extraordinary in temperament.
Minimal to Fine

IWC Portofino hand-wound simple classic watch_IW511102

IWC Portofino Automatic 37_IW458112

   As the entry-level choice for steel, these two watches promise a timeless love with their simple design language. The simple atmosphere of men’s models and the exquisite femininity of women’s models complement each other, conveying the true faith of love between lovers. The simple and simple Portofino manual winding simple classic watch (model: IW511102) abandons visual stimuli: two hands, manual winding-no more redundant. The dial is clear at a glance, giving a sense of tranquility and purity. It is a modest gentleman in the IWC watch family. The Portofino Automatic 37 with diamonds (model: IW458112) is more feminine, with a silver-plated dial and a pink crocodile leather strap. 66 luxurious diamonds inlaid on the bezel, gently turning the wrist, the dial’s sunlight pattern will show a dynamic ring pattern, shiny and charming.
Luxury temperament stands out

IWC Portofino Hand-wound Large Date Watch_IW516102

IWC Portofino Automatic Automatic Watch_IW458105

   The 18K red gold watches are luxurious and harmonious, revealing the tacit understanding and fusion between lovers. The dark brown and orange Santoni crocodile leather strap presents the combination of top leather and precious metals. It shows that Portofino’s extraordinary style is like a lover embracing at the port of Portofino, Italy, sharing a good time in the Mediterranean. The Portofino hand-wound large date watch (model: IW516102) is the perfect embodiment of luxury and simplicity. Not only has a large date display, but also has a very practical 8-day power reserve. The Portofino Automatic 37 (model: IW458105) has attracted slender wrist watch enthusiasts with its three hands and 37 mm. The dial is set with 12 brilliant diamonds, forming a perfect Italian-style picture of the wrist.