A Watch With A Combination Of These Two Complex Functions Is Actually Best Sold

The question of how to buy a watch with a budget of more than 20,000 yuan, I used to pass the question of ‘what is good to buy and watch the brand by the way’. Because in my eyes, if you still insist on the brand price of more than 20,000 yuan, the choice is estimated to be more horrible-most of the people pay for the popularity, and most of them are product line entry products. For example, I would not recommend Omega for 20,000, and I would not choose Rolex for 30,000 … So when the reader asked me that 20,000 would like to buy a functional dress watch, I seriously filled my knowledge blind spot, and then found an interesting watch Paragraph-it exists like a Cartier blue balloon, no matter how you make an aesthetic evaluation, it cannot stop the ‘sale fact’. The moon phase and chronograph are two important functions. The information on the dial is everything. It also comes with the German complex-it is the sales champion of Union Glashutte. About the history of Union Glashutte, Rabbit introduced it carefully before. To put it simply, for the Chinese market, Yulian is a new player belonging to the Swatch Group. It opened its first store in China last year in Qingdao. It was included in the group together with Glashütte Original in 2000. The difference is that they are both moral tables with different positioning. Glashütte originally took the high-end route, while Yulian kept the price at the mid-range, basically concentrated between 10,000 to 30,000. It also happens to be backed by the solid strength of the Swatch Group. Their ETA movements are very easy to use (but now they have their own movements), but the Germans’ rigor is that even if they are ETA movements, they also buy parts. Go back to the factory in Germany and redo the polishing and decoration in line with the brand positioning. This is a self-produced movement that has been developed for 2 years. The temple logo is very conspicuous. In my eyes, for the brand, there is no eternal history, but it should have controllable quality. Proven experience of countless successful brands. So I don’t plan to repeat the story of Yulian Watch again. I might as well look at the interesting new watch together. First, after a year in China, after opening more than 10 stores, a list of consumer preferences began to become clear. For example, I just mentioned that the sales champion of Yulian watches is the Belize series moon phase chronograph. This is a more conventional steel model, 23,600 yuan. The sales championship record has a great contribution. In fact, at the beginning, I learned that the moon phase chronograph is the best-selling (both domestic and foreign). The rabbit was a little surprised, but the data was Will not lie: For example, in 181 stores in Germany, 40% of sales are from tourists, and 60% of these tourists are Chinese consumers, most of the watches they buy are moon phase timekeeping. In addition, judging from the readers ‘information collected on the back of the Yulian brand, as well as the foreign consumers’ sun watches on the ins, this watch is also the most used. The reason is naturally that 1, it is a very practical dress watch; 2, Chinese consumers prefer complex belt models, which can be suitable for business occasions. Some people may ask, shouldn’t it be a sports watch? Although the sports models have experienced rapid growth in recent years, the overall proportion has still not surpassed the formal watch. Often times, a small number of people receive attention, and what is accustomed to is not discussed too much. First of all, the rabbit took the new black dial just this month as an example to briefly review its functions. This steel model is also priced at 23,600 yuan, with a size of 44 mm. The moon on the moon phase is gold. The size of 44 mm may look slightly larger, but it may be too small for a watch with complicated functions, especially with a lot of performance on the disk. Cramped. The layout of this watch is more classic. The outermost circle is the calendar, which is indicated by a crescent-shaped central pointer. In addition to the day of the week and the month, the 12 o’clock position is also a 30-minute counter. This is also new this year. The price of the gold ring model is 39,800 yuan. Yulian’s gold watches are all real gold, not gold-plated. At 6 o’clock, except for the moon phase, it is a 12-hour counter, and the 9 o’clock is a 24-hour display . At first glance, all the functions on the disk are already there. As for how much can be used, that is another matter. After all, the role of mechanical watches is not just decoration, and ‘useful’ when needed. However, in light of Rabbit’s personal preferences, I suggest that everyone pay attention to the color scheme of the gold scale and blue hands when choosing the model of Yulian. Several series have appeared, and the actual objects are amazing. The prices of these two watches are 23,600 yuan and 38,100 yuan, respectively. Because the dials are relatively complicated, the colors that are too close will appear chaotic. The contrasting color of gold and blue is equivalent to the important division of the dial, which is clear and advanced. In addition, you can also enjoy this year’s global limited edition (Saxony Antique Car Rally Limited Edition) according to your preferences, a total of 300 pieces, priced at 25,800 yuan. The hollow dial design is exactly like the car water tank grille, and the UNG-25.01 movement can be seen through the case back. It has a 60-hour power reserve. This watch will be specially packaged, with a blue and white leather key ring. Of course, even the sales champion cannot meet everyone’s wishes, so the rabbit today combined the new watch that Yulian just put on, and arranged a choice for everyone. First of all, I mentioned that if you happen to like the Volkswagen and you have seen a moon phase chronograph with a similar layout on the market, then it is more appropriate to choose a deep and elegant black plate or gold and blue color scheme. Secondly, since the Ulink watch belongs to a niche, it naturally has its own characteristics, such as the recognizable 1893 series Johannes Delstein commemorative model, the steel model priced at 18,600 yuan, and the sales runner-up NORAMIS Series power reserve watch. The commemorative model uses a self-produced movement, and the mobile storage watch is also characterized by its layout and gold and blue color schemes. It used to rely on the Milan strap to match my Nolamines calendar watch, which is still a representative of simple style. But this year’s new product has added another eye-catching, limited edition of German antique car rally in 2019, a total of 126 pieces, using UNG-07.01 mechanical movement, the so-called retro face with back penetration. The dial is decorated with a groove pattern like a vinyl record. It is said that there are only 8 of these 126 pieces in China. We have collected the auspicious numbers of 8, 18, and 68 from the foreigners in advance. Each one is equipped with a leather braided key ring. Finally, I will show you an ‘asymmetric panda watch’, a Bellis chronograph. The diameter is 44 millimeters. It is matched with black and ivory. Does 18,400 yuan have a flavor? In the luxury and watch markets, the average age of Chinese consumers has always been younger than abroad. Take Yulian as an example. The main foreign crowd is basically concentrated in the age of 35 ~ 50, but there are many young fans around 25 in China. The involvement of young people gradually changes subtle changes in consumption habits and aesthetics. For example, the moon phase chronograph, as a classic model, has always been functional and practical as a selling point, and it is also a dress watch style that is relatively preferred by older consumers. s Choice. For a German niche brand, it is precisely because it is not well known that it needs a distinctive personality to make up for it. This month is also the year that Yulian has entered China, opening its 12th store in Hangzhou Tower (three stores will be launched this month), and it will accelerate the online layout in the future. The Swatch Group’s 19-year-old brand choice is just right at this moment-many people have gone through the journey of buying the first watch in life, and then have a leisurely look around to see other scenery. After all, our journey of buying watches can not escape the double test of time and money. 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