Angelababy Demonstration: Watches Also Have Dress Code On Different Occasions

Recently, Angelababy’s activities have continued, and she has worn different watches on different occasions with different modeling styles. There are sporty and elegant, there are positively matched positive textbooks, and some mistakes have occurred. Take a look at Angelababy’s demonstration. Which one do you think is the most versatile and which one should be worn on occasions?

Angelababy Prague Travel, Sweatshirt with Skirt Casual

Angelababy wears a Tag Heuer watch

   In Prague’s natural and relaxed travel atmosphere, Baby wore sweatshirts, leather short skirts, and the TAG Heuer Diving Series dark blue watch on his hand, which matched the stylish black and white look. A little bit of dynamic elements, mixed in casual girl dress, full of vitality, wearing such a watch when traveling, there will be no burden at all.

Angelababy’s ‘Running Man’ variety show, the most suitable for sportswear

Angelababy wears a Tag Heuer watch

   On the ‘Running Man’ show, when Baby needed to participate in a lot of sports activities, she still chose this diving series. The blue fabric and rubber strap are lightly fitted, which not only brings out the superior performance of sports watches, but also the details of the diamond hour markers still retain the delicate charm of women. This occasion is just right.

Zuhai Mural Gaucho dress with sports watch, less tuned

Angelababy wears a Tag Heuer watch

   Although the baby watches on the first two occasions are a good choice, the combination of a Zuhai Muralgold dress with this sporty timepiece seems a little reluctant. Two styles and two styles of painting failed to spark. The dress is feminine and feminine, and is more suitable for wearing jewelry or diamond-inlaid watches or accessories.

Attend the event to wear an elegant and romantic pink dress with a gorgeous watch

Angelababy wears TAG Heuer Submariner Dial Diamond Watch

   At a public event, Baby in a long pink dress was regarded as correcting the mistake of the previous match. The dress with diamond ornaments is dreamy and romantic, and the silver watch with diamonds on the wrist has successfully completed the icing on the cake. Rather than using bracelets as accessories, watches with detailed details make the look more dignified and powerful.

Baby’s red top and black A-line skirt look bright and lively

Angelababy wears a TAG Heuer submarine diamond watch

   In another event, the beautiful look of the red top + black skirt made Baby feel lively and reduce his age. At this time, it is thoughtful to add a little purity and elegance. The design of polished stainless steel and white ceramic strap brings dynamic and elegance to it. The 60 diamond-set case is also exquisite and eye-catching, and it just perfectly matches the diamond necklace on Baby’s neck.

   Each occasion has a corresponding Dress Code, and the watch must also “seat in the right place” in different occasions. Which watch do you think has the most potential for “everything”? May I share with you?