Athens Quadrato 3d Surface Watch Introduction

When the market is full of round-shaped models, the Swiss Athenian watch, with its innovative and adventurous brand spirit, launches a unique square case. When the Quadrato perpetual calendar is launched, the Athenian watch It shows a strong brand spirit, and the Quadrato dual time zone watch founder model provides another new choice of two time watches. The Quadrato of Athens is designed with a symmetrical square case, which evokes memories of the 70s. Adding geometric line design elements and the characteristics of modern trend, 42mm large diameter and retro round shape, interpreting the grandeur of mature men and gentlemen.

 The most important consideration when choosing a dual time zone watch, in addition to whether the instructions are clear, ‘easy adjustment’ is exactly the purpose of the Athens watch’s development of the GMT quick adjustment button. The Athens dual time zone watch clearly distinguishes between time zones that are easy to adjust and time zones that are not easy to adjust. Quadrato dual time zone watch, round window at nine o’clock, with enlarged Arabic numerals, 24-hour system, clearly shows the home time. The second time is not easy to adjust, so it is displayed in the way of the hour hand to mark the time of travel, making the Quadrato dual time zone watch the perfect travel companion for business and tourists traveling around the world. You do n’t need to take off the watch when you wear it, you can easily switch between the two places, because the patented hour hand quick adjustment button, the (+) button in the ten o’clock direction and the (-) button in the eight o’clock direction, just press The hour hand can be moved forward or backward for an hour instantly, and the time between the two places can be quickly changed without affecting the minute hand.

 Another technical advantage is that when the hour hand is adjusted, the date will be linked. Even if you cross the international date change line, you do n’t need to spend time to adjust the date window. This is a great pioneering work of Dr. Ockling It is also an intelligent design not found in other dual time zone watches.
 The three-dimensional dial design of the Athens Quadrato dual time zone watch, with radial hour markers, a circular home time window and a square independent small second dial, intersects a rich geometric visual style. The small seconds dial, the home time window and the large date window all perfectly present a wonderfully balanced aesthetic. The pointer also adopts the Founder concept design, adding luminous and hollow design, which is convenient for reading in the dark and does not cover other displays. Available in stainless steel and 18K rose gold, stainless steel models with blue steel automatic plate, rose gold models with 22K gold automatic plate, can be viewed from the back of the sapphire crystal, enjoy the Athens patent movement movement and meticulous carving process. Water resistant to 50 meters.