Beidou Satellite Watches Dominate The World’s Top High-tech Pk

Technology is the primary productive force. With the rise of China’s comprehensive national strength and the rapid development of top technology, Beidou satellite navigation system has quickly become one of the world’s four major satellite navigation systems. BeiDou Satellite Watch has also become the world’s leading high-tech watch with its high-end timing technology, superb watchmaking technology and powerful outdoor multi-function.
   From the most primitive sundial and hourglass to clocks, the invention of the timing tool made humans feel the pulse of time. In the nearly millennium of the development of clocks and watches, mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watches, radio watches, and other various timing tools have emerged endlessly, witnessing the development and progress of human civilization. Nowadays, human beings have already extended their arms to space far beyond the earth through the power of technology. Watches have also begun to slowly transform from traditional industries to catch high-tech trains. The advent of satellite watches not only set off a revolution in the history of human timers, but also perfectly integrated the precision of time with modern high technology to create the world’s top high-tech watches and create a new era of satellite watches.
BeiDou Satellite Watch——Big origin military military origin
4In April 2011, China launched the first watch in the world to receive time by receiving the ‘Beidou II’ satellite timing signal-Beidou Satellite Watch, which opened a new page for the development history of the timer.

Xiaoxiao a Beidou satellite watch, can be described as a ‘big door’. Chengdu Tianao Electronics Co., Ltd., which produces Beidou satellite watches, has made significant contributions to major national aerospace projects such as China’s previous satellite launches, the “Shenzhou” and “Chang’e Benyue”, and has the most complete industry in Asia in the time-frequency field. Chain, technology accumulation is unmatched. At the same time, Beidou Satellite Watch has passed the appraisal of the Navigation Bureau of the Survey and Mapping Bureau of the General Staff and was awarded the only title of ‘Military Standard Time’. It is the only ‘Military Watch’ certified by China.
The Beidou satellite watch has a built-in satellite signal receiving module. It adopts the self-developed Beidou II satellite navigation system to directly provide time, and the time accuracy can reach 0.1 second. Using the pointer digital dual display mode, not only has high accuracy in time accuracy. In the multi-function of the watch, Beidou satellite watches are also ‘eighteen martial arts, proficient in everything’, ‘one pair, two set, three tests’, Known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in watches. One pair, that is, the time of the watch is calibrated by the satellite signal; the second set, that is, orientation and positioning, can output the latitude and longitude and the map area code; the three measurements, that is, the temperature, the height, and the air pressure. In addition, it includes many functions such as timer, stopwatch, alarm, time, compass and world time.

The future Beidou satellite watch will also have an emergency alarm device with a short message communication function. When a field traveler or outdoor worker is in danger and needs to call the police for help, as long as he presses the SOS button, he can send his position information and call for help signal via satellite. Of the world’s four major satellite navigation systems, only China’s Beidou satellite system has the only short message communication function.
BeiDou satellite watch contains the power of Chengdu Tianao Electronics’ time-frequency control system, which realizes time synchronization in a small watch. The rough shape, superb craftsmanship, fine materials, and perfect details are a strong combination of modern technology and traditional watchmaking technology.
Citizen “Time Wing” —— GPS Satellite
西 Citizen Japan, is a world-renowned watch brand. In September 2011, Citizen released a new product, the light kinetic energy clock time wing, using advanced light kinetic energy satellite timing technology, which can automatically capture the closest satellite from the GPS navigation satellite according to the position of the watch. The signal and proof the time and date of the watch. No matter where it is, Shiyi can bring the wearer a precise time experience anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, its unique design that integrates multiple space elements such as ‘cosmos, earth, satellites’ is a perfect interpretation of the product development purpose of Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’, and once again shows the world the unlimited potential of light kinetic energy.
Seiko Astron-the transformation from quartz to satellite
In 1969, Seiko launched the first quartz watch named Astron. At the Swiss Basel Watch Fair in March 2012, SEIKO of Japan once again introduced the GPS satellite positioning watch under the name of Astron, which improved the accuracy again.
Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar power watch. Also as a satellite watch, the Seiko Astron watch accepts GPS satellite signals for timing through the antenna placed under the bezel. Its biggest feature is that it does not require external energy and maintains its operation completely.

From quartz to satellite, Seiko also later launched the third satellite watch product, and added its own innovation, marking a milestone for the landmark satellite time in the history of timer development.
Top technology, high-end PK, who is fighting
I have to say that while the western watch industry is still immersed in the glory of the old days, the future of the watch industry has begun to give way to the East. In less than two years, three high-tech satellite watches were born in China and Japan.
Whether it is the innovative design of Citizen Shiyi or the unique concept of Seiko Astron, it is difficult to hide the brilliant performance of Beidou satellite watches.
Unlike Japan’s Citizen and Seiko, Beidou satellite watches do not use GPS satellites for timing, but are completely designed based on the Beidou satellite navigation system independently developed by China. Compared with the GPS navigation system, the area covered by Beidou satellite navigation system is more precise and accurate, and even in areas with few people, the positioning accuracy can reach 10 meters. This plays a huge decisive role in the realization of the positioning and navigation functions of Beidou satellite watches and the improvement of their accuracy. In addition, the Beidou satellite navigation system’s unique short message sending function also lays a solid foundation for Beidou satellite watches’ one-click SOS help.
The unique military pedigree makes BeiDou satellite watches unique in the ranks of satellite watches. Military watches not only have very strict control over accuracy, but also have special requirements in terms of wear resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, and fluorescent display. Military watches have always had an irresistible appeal to military enthusiasts.