Bell & Ross Reproduces The Classic Military Watch Of World War Ii

In the early twentieth century, wristwatches came out. At that time, Europe was in a period of vigorous development, but good times did not often occur. The outbreak of World War I, a new generation of armaments such as fighters and armored vehicles also appeared on the battlefield. Clock technology has also evolved from time to time: practical functions, reliability, accuracy and durability have become key factors in the performance of timepieces. Protective covers have also been added to the watch design to protect the fragile glass. The new vintage WW2 Military tourbillon watch has four complications. The titanium case has a diameter of 45 mm and the protective cover is a tribute to the history of the watch by Bell & Ross.
Zhenpin timepiece craft, pay tribute to the history of watches
The cover of the protective cover gives this new work two faces; its classic military watch blood is reminiscent of the risks faced by soldiers and military watches on the battlefield, and its protective cover design adds visual effects and fun, a unique emotional experience Only fine watchmaking can be touched.

Vintage Series WW2 Military Tourbillon Watch (Limited 20 pieces)

The protective cover of the watch, which was quite popular in the past, is now transformed into a frame that supports four complex functions.
The mineral watch worn by the ground forces and the Air Force was extremely vulnerable to ground and air warfare involved in the First World War. Adding a protective cover can protect the dial, but it hinders the time display and makes it inconvenient to read. At present, the watch mirror is generally made of crystal glass, and the texture is much harder. Of course, there is no need to add a protective cover. The protective cover of the WW2 Military tourbillon not only evokes the design history of the watch, but also cleverly integrates the watch structure. The arcs are carefully calculated, which will not hinder the pointer indication and improve the reading efficiency. A glance at the main idle can display the time and complex functions. The hinge of the protective cover is integrated with the case, and the classic temperament of the dial after opening it is fully visible, even if it is covered, it will not cover the minute scale.
Tourbillon and complex functions derived from traditional horology
The BELL & ROSS timepiece contains infinite inspiration for military countries. Its ruggedness, water resistance and reliability fully stand the test of harsh environments. However, watchmakers today take travel time as the biggest challenge, so Bell & ROSS top timepieces are equipped with tourbillon functions. Tourbillon technology was introduced in 1801. Its technology can offset the errors caused by the gravity of the movement’s main parts. It has been hailed as the supreme craftsmanship of the timepiece. Until today, only large-scale watch manufacturers have the ability to control it. Tourbillon watches have become the dream of many watch collectors.
BELL & ROSS third tourbillon watch
The instrument of the aircraft cockpit emphasizes the highest standards of performance and clear display. In 2007, BELL & ROSS added tourbillon technology to its classic square BR01 watch, combining the essence of watchmaking technology with two major elements comparable to the precise performance of aviation navigation instruments. Get up: The BR01 tourbillon not only has complex mechanical functions, the time display is clear regardless of day / night, and the material is extremely sturdy and lightweight. It also integrates the four functions of the tourbillon, standard hands, power reserve display and clockwork tension display. . Therefore, the BR01 tourbillon is a model that combines professional instruments and advanced watchmaking.

BR01 Tourbillon

In 2011, BELL & ROSS went to the next city to create a rectangular BR Minuteur Tourbillon, separating the extremely accurate tourbillon from the flyback timing system, making the timing program easier to read and grasp, and the various function displays not overlapping; BR Minuteur Tourbillon has roses Gold and titanium models, limited to 30 pieces each. The circular WW2 Military tourbillon is launched, writing a new page of the history of watchmaking and tourbillon technology of Bell & ROSS.
Four functions in one
The round WW2 Military tourbillon watch, equipped with four functions: tourbillon, standard hands, power reserve display and clockwork tension display, brings a new evolution to the BR01 Instrument tourbillon watch, which was released in 2007.
When the protective cover is lifted, the dial functions up, down, left, and right: the matte black edge scale contrasts with the polished Geneva stripes of the metal frame, which highlights the display on the dial. In addition to easy reading, you can also see the visual three-dimensionality and accuracy. Performance and elegance are like fish.
WW2 Military Tourbillon continues the military watch display with clear blood lines, adopts standard pointer display, and the hour and minute dials are separated: the hour dial at 12 o’clock plus the center minute hand, the hours and minutes display will not overlap.
The semicircular tension indicator at 3 o’clock can show the degree of tension of the mainspring, which reflects the accuracy and stability of the movement. The power reserve display at 5 o’clock (120 hours) is displayed at 9 o’clock. The two displays combine to remind The watch owner winds the movement at the most appropriate time to ensure that the movement operates at its best efficiency. At 6 o’clock, the rose gold tourbillon frame can be seen. The latter makes one revolution in one minute. The BELL & ROSS ‘&’ logo on the frame plays the role of a small second hand.
Case construction and decoration, with the beauty of classical timepieces
The WW2 Military Tourbillon watch contains the beauty of history, present and future: the protective cover is born from the protective cover of the classic military watch, the light and hard carbon fiber bottom plate and the splint are made of the crystal glass case back.
The case, metallic luster, and easy-to-swivel pitted crown are full of classic taste, but the satin-finished grade 5 titanium material of the case is treated with PVD coating to give a touch of antique gunmetal texture, echoing the charm of the watch.
Although the watch is 45 mm in diameter, the titanium material makes it light and strong. Paired with a soft antique belt or brown alligator leather strap, it echoes the elegant style of earlier watches, and with movable lugs, it is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. The construction and decoration of the case are full of ingenuity, which can be seen from the protective cover hinges, protective cover hollow openings, movable lugs and titanium case coating treatment, which makes the WW2 Military tourbillon watch more individual and transcendent. How unique are the original details and original ideas.
The WW2 Military Tourbillon Watch has four functions: tourbillon, standard hands, power reserve display and clockwork tension display. It not only shows BELL & ROSS’s unique concept of interpreting timepieces from different eras, but also promotes BELL & ROSS Among the top timepieces; the clever protective cover design evokes the appearance of the military watch of the year, but also highlights the four functional displays that do not overlap each other; although the watch design penetrates the historical elements of the classic military watch, its high-tech materials Keeping pace with the times and looking forward to the future; limited to 20 pieces, offering extraordinary value.