Blancpain Honored Laurent Ballesta With The ‘2013 Hans Haas 50th Prize’

On the 94th anniversary of the birth of Austrian marine pioneer Pioneer Hans Haas, Blancpain recently brought the Historical Diving Society Jury of the British Historical Diving Association to the Hans Haas Awards. Hans Hass Award Committee), co-honoured French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta with this year’s ‘Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award’.
 This public awards ceremony was selected at the world’s largest boat exhibition-the Dusseldorf International Boat Show (Boot) in Germany. On the 60th anniversary of the Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain is proud to award the winners of this modern diver’s ancestor series to its diving, underwater photography and marine science. And other brilliant achievements. The back of the case of this watch is also engraved with a logo tailored for the Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms Award.
 Professor Haas has long been committed to the exploration of the underwater world and is known worldwide for his outstanding achievements in science and art. In honor of the Austrian scholar, the Hans Haas Award, named after him, has now passed ten years, and its pioneer contributions are still used as a criterion for selecting winners. To pay tribute to this contemporary legend, Blancpain glorified the award of Lauren Ballesta under the selection of the Grand Jury. With his enthusiasm for diving and unremitting efforts to achieve his goals, Ballesta perfectly inherits the pioneering spirit of Professor Haas.

Blancpain honors French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta with ‘Hans Haas 50th Prize’

Blancpain and the Underwater World
 Since its founding in 1735, the continuous and progressive brand spirit has propelled Blancpain unremittingly. In 1953, Blancpain sincerely created a classic diving timepiece for the French Navy, the Fifty Fathoms. Since then, the watch giant has become inseparable from diving sports. The masterpiece of this mechanical watch is named for its water-resistant depth of 50 噚 (approximately 91.44 meters), and once it came out, it became an excellent example of diving watches. Today, this watch series has perfectly integrated the top watchmaking craftsmanship and extreme safety standards, and has firmly established itself in the noble position of the industry benchmark.
 With deep feelings for the underwater world, Blancpain is committed to helping more people have a glimpse into the vast and mysterious underwater universe. Blancpain understands that only real understanding can stimulate people’s enthusiasm, thereby respecting and protecting the azure ocean of mankind. Following this principle, Blancpain strongly supports the National Geographic’s ‘Pristine Seas Expeditions’, a collection of exploration, research and protection, and has simultaneously issued the Edition Fifty Fathoms In order to highlight the beauty of undersea science and adventure, the special issue also stands out from similar publications for its exquisite photography. In addition, Blancpain established a partnership with free diving record holder Gianluca Genoni, and became the first World Oceans in 2012 held by Economist Magazine. Summit).
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Blancpain honors French marine biologist Lauren Ballesta with ‘Hans-Haas 50th Prize’

Lauren Ballesta
Lauren Ballesta was born in southern France in 1974 and is a marine biologist and diving investigator. He combines his passion for underwater photography with deep diving skills. Obsessed with the underwater world, he entered the sight of the Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms Nomination Committee, which nominates only those who have achieved extraordinary achievements in both science and art. With its meticulous work style demonstrated in deep diving research and unique images captured on the sea floor, Ballesta enjoys a good international reputation.
Hans Haas
Professor Haas Haas was born on January 23, 1919 and is a pioneer in the field of diving and marine research. His research results are very fruitful, including a large number of video materials and more than 30 undergraduate books and books. He has won numerous national and international awards throughout his life. From 1937 to 1959, Professor Haas led a number of remote sea exploration programs, during which he used his own underwater cameras to record adventures. Professor Haas remained loyal to his dream of the sea until his later years: in 2005 he personally launched into the Maldives to examine the impact of the recent tsunami on the underwater world. His research laid a solid foundation for diving investigations. He has set an example for generations of divers and researchers around the world and continues to inspire them.
In 1735, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, named after his surname, founded the world’s oldest watchmaking brand in existence. Today, Blancpain has long been dedicated to reviving traditional mechanical watchmaking technology. Through continuous investment in high-quality watchmaking talents, watchmaking equipment and innovative research and development, the extraordinary professional watchmaking skills are passed on from generation to generation and continue.
From part creation to watch design, Blancpain stands out from the fine watchmaking industry with its outstanding movement development capabilities. Over the past seven years, Le Brassus watchmaking workshops have created more than 20 new and original watch movements, and their outstanding performance is amazing.
Each watch produced by Blancpain has always adhered to the brand’s long-standing and profound watchmaking tradition. Its precise performance and elegant appearance, meanwhile, it has demonstrated the brand spirit of persistence in innovation and courage to break through. Blancpain’s watch family stars shine: the avant-garde revolutionary L-evolution series, the legendary Fifty Fathoms divers watch series, the pure classic Villeret series, the elegant and exquisite ladies series, all of which are dazzling pearls on the brand crown.