Body And Spirit New Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1951 Watch

The new watch is not only a stylish and elegant watch masterpiece, but also a renaissance of an era. With master craftsmanship, it has become a classic in Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece series.

The century of creativity

Collectors clearly remember an intriguing story. A new ‘shaped’ watch debuted in the year. Its most prominent feature is the surprisingly square case. This watch was a great success as soon as it came out, and it has won the favor of many watch lovers. Indians affectionately call it ‘chocolate’ because the shape of the case reminds them of a famous chocolate candy.
This watch captures the creative pulse of an active age, and is highly sought after for its breakthrough design. The entire decade of the century was full of extraordinary vitality and optimism. Designers in various fields eagerly explored new ideas, and sometimes even faced competition, thereby inspiring endless creativity.
Vacheron Constantin actively promotes the aesthetic trend and provides a steady stream of power for design. The watch is the most vivid manifestation.

Popular new work in the historical masterpiece series

Taking the tradition of tradition and the strong sense of responsibility as the source of inspiration, the historical masterpiece series uses a new way to interpret classic works, which highlights Vacheron Constantin’s distinctive aesthetic design concept. The historical masterpiece series has therefore injected a new breath into all kinds of extraordinary masterpieces, and the watch is the typical representative of it.

As early as in the year, the watch has been completely reinterpreted, creating a watch with a complete calendar display. This year, the new watch continues the design features of the original watch that was born year after year, creating a uniquely shaped three-hand watch that incorporates a touch of Latin style while retaining its iconic features.

Apply multiple techniques and laws of balance

The design of the new watch originates from cutting-edge research on curves and squares-combining the two elements of curve and square in the most rigorous way to achieve a perfect balance. The watchmaker made an in-depth exploration to find the best proportion of this styling watch, just right to outline the curve.

The rounded outer edges of the pink gold case are the hallmark of this watch. These three layers of outer edges give the case a vibrant look, and the even polishing of the edges and rounded corners shines smartly. The case is like a multi-faceted diamond that reflects the light, showing different lines and levels. The shadows and shiny parts seem to breathe life into the watch, showing the vivid beauty to the fullest. The slightly arched sapphire crystal also reveals the same dynamic charm.
The design of the dial follows Vacheron Constantin’s fine watchmaking tradition, and the center is decorated with hand-engraved carvings. The geometric pattern on the dial is a reproduction of the original design, highlighting the chic case shape. Fine bead-set hollow minute markers are cleverly placed on the 18K gold dial. The square shape of the case has always been the focus of attention of viewers. The dial also has a silver-plated milky surface finish. The fine and tight lines and optical effects prove the great effort of the watch master.

While ensuring durability, the watch is not too heavy and is particularly comfortable to wear. The sturdy caseback provides the wearer with the space to create a personalized watch, and the half-Malta cross pin buckle secures the alligator strap.
Meets the latest standards of the Geneva Seal

The new watch uses a well-known model movement, which was independently developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. This movement is self-winding, vibrates at an hourly frequency, and is equipped with a gold oscillating weight to ensure an approximate power reserve of about an hour. Following the tradition of movement manufacturing at Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking workshops, the splints are hand-cut and beveled, the edges are hand-filed, and each screw is carefully polished.

This watch meets the latest standards of the Geneva Seal. The Geneva Seal was created by the General Assembly of the Canton of Geneva and is a guarantee of origin, quality craftsmanship, durability and expertise. This unique quality certification has undergone a radical improvement over the years: it is no longer limited to movements, but to the entire watch. This is a major innovation of the Geneva mark certification, and Vacheron Constantin will continue to uphold the spirit of the mark, and fully meet the increasingly stringent needs and higher expectations of customers.

Vacheron Constantin hopes to have the honor to start a dialogue with collectors and loyal fans through the historical masterpiece series. From this perspective, the new watch introduces an exciting new topic to this ongoing discussion.
Technical specifications
Have Geneva mark certification
Automatic self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Diameter mm
Thickness mm
Golden Oscillator
Power reserve about hours
Vibration frequency Hertz (per hour, times)
Show hours
Central seconds
Case Pink Gold
Mm mm thickness
Waterproof bar (about meter)
Dial Gold, silver-plated, milky white
Center with hand-carved carvings
Pink gold Arabic numerals and pearl minute scale
Strap Hand-stitched Brown Square Mississippi Crocodile Leather Strap
Buckle Pink gold buckle
Polished Half-Malta Cross