British Watch Brand Iwi Ambassador Breaks Motorsport Record

IWI Watch celebrates the achievements of its female driver ambassador Alice Powell. Last week Powell entered the record and became the first female driver to score in the GP3 championship.

The brand-sponsored Powell ranked eighth in Monza, becoming the first female driver to score since the tournament was founded. Tim Nadin, IWI President, said: ‘We have always seen ourselves as a watch company that is closely linked to tangible achievements. IWI has become the watch of choice for many people who want to achieve success in life. Alice is herself and our pride. We Is a British watch production company, all of our watches are made in England, and I am very happy to see young British drivers like Alice achieve success on the international stage. ‘
Powell has been an IWI brand ambassador for several years, from Formula Renault to GP3. She now aims to be the first woman to compete in F1. Igel Global Sales and Marketing Director Nigel Gordon-Stewart said: ‘F1 is the peak of motorsports for global motorsport fans, and I can see that Alice’s entry into this male-dominated sport is entirely dependent on her driver talent and determination.’ –