Casio Sheen Series Watch Blooming Mature Charm

A woman, like a pearl, emits light under the polish of time. A mature woman who coexists with beauty and wisdom, elegant and noble, is a unique scenery in the world. In the precipitation of time, she gently and gently expresses herself, expresses love simply and deeply, and radiates infinite charm. Casio SHEEN series, this is the interpretation of women. Gorgeous style, elegant shape, noble taste, swim in fashion, reflecting their own charm.

Luxury new
This time SHEEN launched the flagship model SHN-5502, the entire watch is luxurious. The design of the sapphire mirror surface is quiet and natural, and at the same time has super high wear resistance. And a lot of crystal imitation diamonds embellished on the bezel, glittering, the charm of the flashing place. The perfect combination of crystal diamond and sapphire makes the watch noble.

小 Small dials of the sun, stars, and moon
 The design of the dial is full of creativity. The three small dials have different shapes. They are the sun during the day and the stars and moon at night. This outstanding ingenuity on the dial achieves a unique taste.
Gorgeous table button
SHN-5502 pays great attention to the details of the watch. The buttons on the watch head have undergone complicated polishing, showing a low-key gorgeous style.