Chopin Presents ‘diana’ Premiere At Barvikha

According to the Watch House, on December 1, the famous Swiss watch brands Chopard and Barvikha Village presented the premiere of ‘Diana’. In fact, the Chopard brand, which has been supporting and enthusiastic about the film industry, announced a long time ago that it has become the designated jewelry sponsor of ‘Diana’.

 Compared with many other previous works, this task is particularly risky; this is because the jeweler working with the film ‘Diana’ not only needs to understand Princess Diana’s distinctive jewelry collection taste, but also needs to be cautious and charming. Her modern style interpretation method, let the world remember her legendary elegance.

 This ‘Diana’ filmed in 2012 has actually been expected by many people. The protagonist of the story is a very popular woman. She is often called the princess of the human heart. Of course, she also passed her own Morality has won hundreds of millions of new.

 Naomi Watts was born in England and grew up in Australia. She started to participate in film performances at the age of 15. After moving to the United States, she played a small role in many movies until David Lynch’s ‘Mu In ‘Herland Road’, one person decorated two corners, and was well received by American film critics. In the American version of ‘Midnight Bell’, her performance was also recognized by the audience. In the Hollywood blockbuster ‘New King Kong’ released after that, she starred in the heroine again. Naomi’s acting career once again reached a new level.

 Speaking of acting as Princess Diana, Naomi Watts said that this is a very big challenge, because the princess is so sacred and beautiful in the minds of people, so when interpreting such a character, she told the actor herself It is also an invisible pressure, but in the end, superb acting skills also proved the strength of Naomi Watts in performance.

   For many years, the Chopard brand, which has always been the darling of red carpet guests, has been keen to support the film industry. As the official partner of an international film feast like Cannes, while participating in the event, this Swiss jewellery family has also specially created the Golden Palm Awards to focus on the stars of tomorrow; and to discover talent through the Dazzling Actor Award.