Dch Huajia Becomes The Largest Shareholder Of Le Méridien

DCH Huajia Group, which is focused on developing Asian market expansion services, has acquired a majority stake in Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix, and has established a joint venture with Zino Davidoff to further expand the Asian market. Zurich-DKSH continues to focus on the strategic growth of its fashion brand business. Following the acquisition of Hagemeyer-Cosa Liebermann, a Swiss company with a long tradition in fashion brand marketing, in February 2010, DKSH now further strengthens its brand boutique operations through two important investment activities. On the one hand, DKSH has acquired a majority stake in Maurice Lacroix. This famous watchmaker in Saignelegier and Zurich has 200 employees and annual sales of up to 70 million Swiss francs. DKSH has obtained exclusive marketing and distribution rights for Maurice Lacroix products in Asia since 2008. Secondly, DKSH and Zino Davidoff AG established a joint venture responsible for the sales and marketing of fine watches, leather goods, and accessories in the Asian region. Based on these investments, products from two premium brands have further strengthened DKSH’s diverse product line. The strategic cooperation focuses on the expansion of the Asian market and meets the needs of the rapidly rising Asian middle class as much as possible. Zino Davidoff AG’s holding in Maurice Lacroix lays the foundation for this strategic cooperation.
    The third shareholder is Desco von Schulthess. Like Zino Davidoff, Desco von Schulthess is currently a board member of Maurice Lacroix Holdings. Dr. Peter Brunner, President of Desco von Schulthess, said, ‘Abandoning a majority stake and handing over the management and positioning of Maurice Lacroix to DKSH is the planned, long-term and logical layout of my succession management plan. This started at Dachang Huajia acquired Desco Asia and DKSH invested in Maurice Lacroix in 2008. All three partners are proud of this Swiss solution. ‘With Maurice Lacroix, the new ownership structure opens up promising prospects. Chief Executive Officer Martin Bachmann explained: ‘In addition to further focusing on the growth of the Asian market, this new plan will not only provide synergies but also inject growth potential under the existing successful brand strategy and framework.’ Zino Christian Schaffner, CEO of Davidoff Boutique Group, commented, ‘In the rapidly expanding Asian market, the ideal partner who can professionally market our top’ Davidoff ‘brand is DKSH. In view of DKSH’s in-depth development in Asia and its profound Market knowledge and understanding, we look forward to DKSH significantly contributing to our successful design and positioning of our products. ‘These expansions will further strengthen DKSH as an independent service provider in Asia’s top boutique brand marketing, sales and distribution Leadership. In addition, through the acquisition of a controlling stake in Maurice Lacroix, DKSH will implement its growth strategy in its specialized business areas and its own brands. ‘DCH’s extensive marketing, sales and after-sales service network in Asia, Maurice Lacroix’s product, design and manufacturing capabilities, and Davidoff’s expertise in brand management have contributed to the growth potential and synergies created by this strategic alliance. We are very excited, ‘said Dr. Jörg Wolle, President and CEO of DKSH Group.’ The rapidly emerging middle class across Asia is an ideal target group for high-end fashion brands such as Maurice Lacroix and Zino Davidoff. ‘