Design Elements With A Strong Urban Feel Five Classic Luxury Watches Recommended

Whether it is a connoisseur or a layman, you have to admit that watch design plays a crucial role in your judgment. With the same basic functions, can the design allow you to pay? The scorer of the wallet, right? Although it is absolutely a matter of opinion for different watch designs now, it is the easiest and most timeless to lean on the classics. Many watches have the design elements of sharp lines and strong urban sense. They are really worn and neat, which makes it easy for you to make a trade-off between clothes and accessories. Because of this, both office workers and young people who are engaged in some pioneering creative work have become consumers of this type of watch, spending money on design, making them feel worthy.
1. Ernest Borel series

The creation theme is condensed on the word ‘romantic’. It is very thin, the automatic movement is only 6.5 mm thick, which not only effectively reduces the thickness of the case, but also transforms the complicated mechanical structure into a visual beauty. In recent years, Yibolu has sold very well in China. I think the reason lies in the continuous research of the brand: design inspiration, practical rules, and truly serve consumers. And these are the elements on which a watch brand depends.

Reference price: RMB28500
2. Maurice Lacroix elegant series automatic chronograph

的 The Le Méridien watch that always wins by design is a favorite of many people. The unique design of the Bentao series makes many people love it. This elegant series of automatic watches, although it is a sports watch, but with a slightly chic and restrained design of sports watches, it is not like other Le Méridien’s ‘out of place design’, but more adhere to the classic, even called traditional Design style, respecting elegant style, simple design and precise performance. Calibre ML 112 with excellent internal performance. The design, movement, and functions were bought for less than 20,000 yuan, which is absolutely childlike.

Reference price: RMB17500
3. Frederique Constant Chopard Limited Edition Watch

This year is the 300th anniversary of Chopard’s birthday. Frederique Constant also launched the 2010 limited edition Chopard watch, limited to 1,810 pieces worldwide to commemorate Chopard’s birthday. Very perfect design, fresh and retro. Each Chopard watch is decorated with a very classic piano key pattern in the center of the dial and is available in stainless steel and gold-plated cases. The watches are contained in Chopard’s small piano wooden boxes, carefully expressing their love.

Reference price: RMB13500
4. Baume & Mercier Large Ultrathin Watch

It seems that I think many people in the workplace should like the minimalist design watches, so I decided to recommend it. The solid color dial, Roman numerals, two-needle indicator, and crocodile belt are all classic elements. In addition, there is no fancy design in it. You know it looks like an orthodox tradition, but there are many people who buy it. As if you were buying clothes, street, sexy, and mature women are fascinating, but walking into the office is still the most popular in that profession.

Reference price: RMB12400
5.cK ridge series pair watch

Many urban people’s preference for cK is absolutely justified. Its watches respect minimalist design. This pair of watches for lovers is inspired by the feeling of self-satisfaction and complete relaxation in walking on the ridge. It is calm and unpredictable. The men’s and women’s styles are decorated with diamonds. The radioactive design of the dial is very modern, not only highlighting the beauty of lines, but also exquisite and modern.

Reference price: RMB1800 ~ 2250