Glashuti Sixties Tourbillon Limited Edition

The Sixties Tourbillon is an unparalleled and outstanding work, combining the classic shapes of the Sixties series, traditional German watchmaking skills and modern watchmaking technology. The timeless appearance was beautifully arranged under the designer’s careful arrangement. The shape of the pillow-shaped case made of rose gold, coupled with the wonderfully shaped 3, 9, and 12 digital time scales, made it enjoy an unshakable status in the 20th century. The classic arrangement style and the flat silver face plate make Glashütte’s unique large calendar window more exquisite and beautiful. The black slim figures in the window are more eye-catching against the silver background, and fly at 6 o’clock. The tourbillon device complements each other. The hour and minute hands made of rose gold slide over the dial in an orderly manner, and each hour mark is also made of rose gold.

   The flying tourbillon device may be a perfect show of the perfect combination of art and watchmaking technology of the Glashütte watch; this device was invented by the well-known German watchmaker and professor of German watchmaking school in Saxony in the 1920s. The traditional tourbillon is designed to offset the gravity, and the entire structure must be clamped up and down from the balance with a splint. Helwig invented a ‘cantilever’ -like plate structure that makes the tourbillon look like flying, hence the name. The meaning and beauty of the flying tourbillon in the history of watchmaking is unparalleled. With Sixties Tourbillon, Glashütte watches pay the highest respect to the German watchmaker born 125 years ago.

   The Sixties Tourbillon tourbillon model uses the Caliber 94-12 self-winding movement with an energy storage time of 48 hours. Through the anti-glare curved sapphire crystal, you can see the flying tourbillon device, with 18 K The balance wheel of the gold weighting screw shines an eternal light in the tourbillon frame. The flying tourbillon rotates once a minute and there is a small second hand on the frame for indication. The transparent case back, also made of sapphire crystal, is enough to give a glimpse of this ultimate art treasure from Glashütte.

   Three-quarters of plywood adorned with Glashütte corrugations, with a series of shiny surfaces that have been plated, carefully polished steel parts, blue steel screws, and plywood are all chamfered, and both large and small steel wheels Hand-embellished with radial patterns. The eccentrically arranged automatic disk is made of 21K gold, and is also decorated with the original ‘Double G’ logo of Glashütte, which represents the traditional glory of Germany, and the Glashütte ripple. This movement is completely designed, manufactured and assembled by the brand itself. The whole process is completed in Glashütte, Germany, which has been known for its top watches since 1845.

   Sixties Tourbillon is paired with a black Louis Allan alligator leather strap, and the rose gold folding buckle is processed into a matte texture with mercerization. Glashütte watches present Sixties Tourbillon for you, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, each of which is individually numbered.