Hanran New Year Unveil ‘core’ Activity Chapter

Every year at the end of the year, there will be a look of anticipation and joy, deep in my heart. Not only because of the festivals, but also because of the coming of the new year, all possibilities and hopes will open a whole new chapter with the bell of the new year. This expectation has also made countless people take to the streets on the night before the New Year, and count down the last ten seconds together.

At such a moment when every second shines, not only is the TA with your fingers in your hand to accompany you, the timepiece that runs precisely on your wrist, but also opens a new chapter with you. This new year, Zenith, the Swiss watchmaker with more than 150 years of watchmaking legends, has launched an extraordinary watch-above the classic design, Zenith’s El Primero flagship series has a brand new look to usher in a new year. arrival.

Since 1969, the legendary chronograph movement El Primero has been the best spokesperson for the unique creativity of Zenith. The name originated from the Esperanto ‘first’ meaning, and has now become an important part of Zenith’s historical wealth. The unique ‘Happy’ window design concept came out in 2003-at 10 o’clock on the dial, Zenith’s unique cloud-shaped window also reveals the brand spirit that has been operating continuously for hundreds of years. Once launched, this design quickly became one of the iconic symbols of Zenith.

Since the new year is about to have a new look, this time Zenith’s flagship El Primero 1969 watch for Zenith also has a new look-the new watch subverts the legendary watch design launched by Zenith in 1969, Instead, a new blue dial is used to show the unique but unobtrusive quality, which is more in line with the pursuit of quality for lightly mature men. The 42 mm diameter is magnificent, full of masculine fields unique to vintage gentlemen. At 10 o’clock on the dial, the window that reveals the true ‘core’ not only uses a rougher metal frame, but also uses blue steel screws to fix it, echoing the eye-catching blue dial. The twelve hour markers and the two hands are respectively faceted with rhodium-plated design and covered with Superluminova luminous material, making the time more eye-catching and clear.

Zenith flagship El Primero 1969

Price 68,900

As if it was born to shine the moment, the Zenith El Primero flagship series happy women’s chronograph designed for women. The case is set with 0.65 carats of diamonds. It is beautiful and moving, counting the eternal light of life. The ingenious ingenuity is the outline outlined by the diamond-the wonderful oval-shaped visual effects that make the flash look more beautiful. The size of the watch is just 38 mm, and the round dial is made of mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl and embellishment. It embodies the silicon and silicon escapement of El Primero under the happy window, which represents the spirit of rationality and precision watchmaking. ——It is like a deep look and stare. With one glance, it has the charm that touches the heartstrings.

Zenith El Primero flagship happy women’s chronograph
Price 73,800

Whether it is to reinterpret the legendary men’s timepieces with new colors, or the women’s watches with mother-of-pearl and diamonds, they all have the same heart and witness the New Year with the same frequency. Both watches use the high-frequency movement of the El Primero star speed series, which created the legendary Zenith watchmaking. This series of movements can reach a high vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, which is equivalent to 10 vibrations per second. Through the happy design, the high-speed operation of the intuitive movement can be realized, and the interaction between the silicon pallet fork and the escape gear is accurate and stable.

If every New Year’s wish is like a shining star, which guides people’s direction-then since the founding of a century and a half, Zenith is like its name ‘Zenith’, the highest star in the night sky To illuminate every time-related dream. When the New Year alternates and everything is renewed, Zenith’s light also looks more brilliant. Here, I wish the watch owner who has always supported Zenith, in the new year, like the star-speed movement on his wrist, will continue to thrive and move forward steadily.