How About Dior Watches? How About Dior Watches?

About Dior
  Dior is a famous French fashion consumer brand. Dior company mainly deals in high-end consumer goods such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics. Its menswear brand is now independent for Dior menswear. Since its founding in 1946, Dior has been synonymous with gorgeousness and elegance. Whether it’s fashion, cosmetics or other products, Dior has always been at the top of the fashion scene.
In the early days of independence in 1935, Christian Dior went through a very dark time. Every day he had to search for job opportunities from small advertisements in the newspaper. He did not have a fixed address, and sometimes lived with friends, and sometimes lived on the street, starved for a meal, fed a meal, and finally got tuberculosis. Still, Christian Dior did not fail. One day, when Christian Dior was deeply frustrated because he couldn’t find a job, a friend in the fashion industry suggested that he draw some fashion designs, which was unexpectedly popular. Each design fully reveals his unique talents. He firmly grasps the dynamics in life, and each design is so lifelike.
In 1937, Christian Dior finally became a fashion designer for ‘Pignet’. Just then, when World War II broke out, Christian Dior was forced to leave Paris to reunite with his family. When he returned to Paris, his position as a fashion designer at the ‘Pignet’ company was replaced by someone else and he had to become an assistant. At that time, Dior was over the years, and the friends around him were all successful. It was the turn of Christian Dior. Years of trials and failures have made Dior mature, and he has clearly realized his talent. He is a natural designer who has never learned the skills of cutting and sewing, but he has a clear understanding of the concept of cutting and a keen sense of proportion.
起 From 1973, Dior established its own Meiyan R & D center. They have nearly 200 researchers, biologists, physicians, pharmacologists, and more than 20 universities and research centers worldwide connected with scientific institutions to work together at the forefront of innovative Meiyan technology. For each of their products, the sense of touch has always been the focus of Dior’s emphasis, and it is their tradition of persistence. Silky touch, beautiful skin and charming fragrance are all the key requirements for women; Dior’s skin care products bring the perfect combination of technology and pleasure.
In 1947, Christian Dior launched his first fashion collection: the rapidly folded waist highlights the contrast with the chest curve, and the skirt with long legs uses black wool dots for fine folds, plus delicate decoration Shoulder line, subverting everyone’s gaze, known as ‘New
Look ‘means that Dior brings a new look to women. Indeed, Christian Dior reconstructed the beauty of post-war women, established a noble and elegant taste throughout the 1950s, and also named Christian Dior deeply. In the hearts of women and in the history of fashion in the 20th century.
所以 The reason why Dior can become a classic, in addition to its innovative design with elegant design, has also cultivated many outstanding young designers. Yves
Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano successively took over after Dior’s death. The extraordinary design skills pushed Dior’s momentum to the apex, and the design spirit they upheld was the same-Dior’s delicate tailoring. 2001 French designer Hedi
Slimane took over the renamed DIOR HOMME. His design emphasized perfect lines. The ultra-small size clothing showed a pathological beauty through lean young male models, which swept the world.
Following the Dior crystal diamond rubber watch series launched in the spring of 2008, the most eye-catching hunting red and classic charm blue, the new Purple Rubber crystal chronograph model in 2009 also debuted. When the rubber strap was given the vitality of purple luxury, that transcendence personality instantly dived into my heart. Whether it is in passionate, hot sports or the ultimate luxury party, it is the envy of everyone.
From the end of the 1970s, Dior gradually began to enter the field of watch manufacturing, but in the initial period of time, Dior watches have always adhered to the styling design of traditional watches, and did not adopt the style of Dior itself that was really loved. Therefore, before the designer John Galliano joined Dior in 2000, Dior’s watch works were difficult to surprise people, and it was difficult to get rid of the shackles of fashion brands. After entering the new century, Dior watches gradually began to change direction, and strive to develop into a professional watchmaking enterprise.
How about Dior watches
  Comments from netizens 1: Like dior, ck, Armani, these are all fashion watches, mainly worn with clothes. All aspects of work timing are unprofessional. If you want to wear it for a long time, it is recommended to buy a professional Swiss watch.
  Netizen evaluation 2: Dior is a famous clothing brand. Dior watches are only its second-line products, which are fashion watches. The quality of watches produced by non-professional watch manufacturers is relatively poor.
  Netizen evaluation three: Dior does not make watches by itself, but comes from other manufacturers. This kind of watch is not recommended to buy, Dior watch may be stylish and good shape, but the essence of the watch is a timing tool, which is exactly his weakness.
  Netizen evaluation 4: Dior watches are definitely not as good as professional watch brands in terms of timing functions. However, if the buyer values ​​the decoration and aesthetics of the watch and Dior’s fashion brand, they can buy it.
  Netizen’s evaluation five: Dior has been producing watches for almost 40 years. Now Dior watches not only have a stylish appearance, but also gradually come closer to the quality of professional watchmaking. The usability and viewing are definitely no problem, but the durability, functionality and accuracy should not be too high.
  Netizen evaluation six: at least a few thousand yuan, at least tens of thousands with diamonds, but much cheaper than chanel, in recent years dior hot, prices have risen quickly.
  Netizen evaluation 7: Dior is a world-leading brand. It will be purchased on a certain economic basis and can be worn on different occasions. It is not recommended to wear it without a certain economic foundation because it is not necessary to buy. The average watch movement is also very accurate.
Dior’s most popular watches
Christian Dior VIII 33mm Automatic CD1221E4C001

Number: CD1221E4C001
Series: Dior VIII
Style: Automatic, 33 mm, ladies
Material: stainless steel diamond
Case material: stainless steel with diamonds
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Ceramic
Water resistance: 50 meters

Dior Christor 28mm CD112111M001 watch

Number: CD112111M001
Series: Dior Christal
Style: Quartz, 28 mm, ladies
Material: stainless steel diamond, pink sapphire bezel
RMB: ¥ 31,000
Case material: stainless steel with diamonds, pink sapphire bezel
Dial material: Mother of Pearl
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Color: Silver-Pink
Strap material: stainless steel, pink sapphire
Buckle type: folding buckle
Water resistance: 30 meters
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