Ingenuity Series Contemporary Style Of Mechanical Watchmaking

As the finishing touch of Amy, the ingenious series subtly blends high-end technology, watchmaking tradition and modern aesthetics. Ingenious series watches show the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, especially the complex functions such as dial-back, moon phase and chronograph are deduced, showing a new look of modern watchmaking.
Ingenuity series draws contemporary design inspiration from the art of living, and constantly improves the appearance and aesthetics of the watch. Its surface technology and line design are extremely modern, and in this way, Le Méridien is open to the world today. Craftsmanship watches combine superb craftsmanship with bold design and pay tribute to the watchmaking tradition. It is neither pretentious nor exaggerated. The ingenuity series is positioned as a contemporary jewellery that focuses on performance and daily etiquette, which makes Le Méridien stand out from the watchmaking industry with its innovative ingenuity.
This year, there is another proud new work in the Ingenuity series. The new work goes hand in hand with the original in terms of originality, watchmaking skills and design. The new model is equipped with the self-developed ML215 movement, which interprets the cutting-edge concept with a hollowed-out dial. The second display method is a representative of freedom and creativity, just like the square wheel of the second hand in the series. The new work is called the Ingenious Mysterious Second Hand.