Is The Spring Palace Watch Artistic Or Erotic?

In the watch industry, the Spring Palace watch is a symbol of a long history of complex craftsmanship. Facing the theme of ‘sex’, the ancients ‘imagination and persistence are no less favourable than those of today. Compared with the ancients’ treatment of ‘sex’, the calmness of this day’s joy is that modern people are too ‘hypocritical’ or ‘false’ The ancients were too ‘sexy’, is the palace palace art or pornography?

Supporters: As long as you give people a sense of beauty
Many people think that a certain atmosphere must have a specific decoration, depending on personal perspective, they do not think that the palace table is pornographic, at most it is some open works. It is not exaggerated to say that there are even some art works among them. A kind of enjoyment. Buying a spring palace watch is meant to relax, so there is no need to be so rigorous.
There will always be some ingenious art in society, but no matter where it is placed, as long as it can bring beauty and touch you, even if you have a physiological reaction, it is a normal phenomenon. We do not need to exclude it because of it. I just take it seriously and discover the tenderness of body art.
Opponents: Art has become a shield for pornography
Some people like nature and some people reject it. Maybe there are too many three vulgar things on the market today. This part of people think that ‘art’ is just a guise of the Spring Palace, which is bold and exaggerated. Such a naked sight may indeed stimulate conservative traditional ideas, as it can be moved and audible. Then came a variety of critical voices.

How to judge color and discoloration
The difference between art and pornography is not a simple topic that can be easily judged by wearing no clothes. It is also a nude. If you make a sculpture and put it in an art museum, it may be art. If you shoot a DVD, you may become pornography. You go to art When the school is a model, it’s not pornographic. You go to a certain bar to dance porn or something becomes pornographic. It can be seen that a piece of spring palace is also good; a nude picture is the only thing, the thought to be expressed and the message to be transmitted are the ultimate criteria for judging pornography.

Hermitage Table is a great artwork
Hunchun Palace watch is definitely one of the only artworks in watch history. Jean-Vincent Huguenin is a master sculptor of Blancpain. He has been responsible for the creation of pornographic pictures of the watch’s watch activities for more than 10 years. Each piece is unique and requires about a month of work.
First draw a draft according to the customer’s requirements, and then continue to modify and improve until the customer is satisfied. Jean-Vinson & middot; Yugenan never deceives his clients. His works are drawn through traditional live-action models. The engraver then engraved the finished manuscript on the gold plate, and cut all the parts that need to be moved in the scene with extreme precision. Such extreme work is to ensure that automatic dolls will be produced in the next few decades or even hundreds of years. & Ldquo; ‘The operation’, and the tools he uses are inherited by his predecessors for three centuries. Even if some scenes involve up to 9 moving parts, all the overlays will not exceed one millimeter!
Isn’t such craftsmanship and perseverance an extravagant art of manufacture? Perhaps the pictures of the palace are indeed very explicit, but if you understand the way of life of the British aristocracy at the end of the 17th century, you know that they are out of light and freedom If the pursuit of happiness, humanity, and deep interest in various forms of art, you know that the Spring Palace table is by no means vulgar.

Elevate sex into art with sophisticated mechanical animation
 Golden carved spring palace scene with moving mechanical puppets is an ancient traditional craft, and its precise mechanical action shows the supreme artistic realm. The Spring Palace watch is the sublimation and inheritance of this realm. Because mechanical puppets need independent power, the Spring Palace watch is usually combined with a complex and expensive minute repeater watch, becoming a truly restricted self-belling bell-unique and precisely because of this, is a wonderful work of Swiss watch altar.
春 The double-sidedness of the Spring Palace watch is ingeniously expressed by Blancpain. First, Blancpain is the oldest and most conservative Swiss watchmaker, and second, it is the ear of the traditional Spring Palace mechanical watch. For $ 160,000 you can have a classic Villeret minute repeater watch through the sapphire case back and glimpsing the Spring Palace scene of your choice. Because each is tailored to the customer’s preferences, making it a unique personal watch. Blancpain’s craftsmen machined the linkage mechanism required for mechanical action on the movement, carefully drawing out the main details of the robot and the background golden carvings. Blancpain also recently made a Spring Palace watch with details like a dog in a customer’s home. As Blancpain insists, each watch is orphan. The Spring Palace watch may be controversial, funny or slightly vulgar, but sex is inevitable for Swiss watch factories and their agents, you must admit that their mechanical appearance is breathtaking.

Merry topic & ldquo; Necessary for conversation & rdquo;
表 The Hunchun Palace watch was once called by the British as ‘the must-have’, because it is often used as an excuse for an attentive and romantic conversation. The Spring Palace watch with moving pictures was born at the end of the 17th century. Due to the invention of the reporting mechanism, the doll can also be activated while the bell is ringing the clock to perform scenes of field life or simply erotic scenes.
London in the 18th century was a transit point for world business, especially for Asia. Not to mention that Asian scholars have long been fascinated by Spring Palace watches, and Geneva has the best watch technicians and enamel artisans who can meet this desire. As a result, such large deals of indulgent theme watches facilitate prosperity between the two cities. Moreover, in Geneva at the end of the 18th century, pornographic watches became a common gift among wealthy families. At the wedding, newlyweds will also give pornographic watches to their bridesmaids, as the first lesson of punctuality and sex education for young ladies! Of course, the church quickly stopped the production and sale of such watches until 1817 . The pornographic watch was confiscated, however, law enforcement police officers were too focused on playing with their confiscated items, and orders for their destruction were issued, which is why they are rare today.

The true meaning of the Hermitage
Life is accidental, and death is inevitable. Nothing can be eternal, just like a star will become a black hole one day. From the moment it is born, life goes to death minute by minute. This is perhaps the most primitive and greatest fear of mankind. The only weapon to overcome this fear is love and the hope that breeds from it; life is always faced with the threat of death. The courage of Feng He, a violent tiger, is not lost; time is useless, and the sincere combination of soul and body can still give time a little humanity. Perhaps this is the true meaning of pornography.