Langer: Two Extremes That Collectors Love And Hate

In the Asian market, another Lange specialty shop was born. I wonder if it can bring new surprises to watch fans.
After I walked through Dresden, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul, I was tired. In order to follow Lange’s professional experience, the watchmaking factory and the Dresden Museum have left my footprints. Finally, in the most powerful financial center in Asia, and the place where the highest level of high-end watches are exported, Hong Kong 1881-the former site of the Old Marine Police Department, Lange built all the ‘Made in Germany’ luxury experiences from Dresden in this.

1881 is not new in the luxury goods circle. Since opening stores with other brands of the group a few years ago, 1881 has entered people’s vision. Like Lange’s strategic positioning in Shanghai Richemont Group, the low-key, restrained ‘Made in Germany’, with full confidence and unparalleled confidence in its own products, Lange chose to enter last. The Lange store in Hong Kong offers customers a different luxury experience. Visitors can learn about the history and philosophy of German watchmaking in an environment full of classic Lange style. Lange watches are popular with collectors, connoisseurs and watch lovers in Hong Kong. The same is true in Mainland China. According to Franck Glacobini, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific, ‘The establishment of the first store in Hong Kong will not only enhance the brand image, but also strengthen the relationship between the brand and local supporters.’ Lange has also been mysterious, and the previous news has been blocked tight. It was not until the press conference that three watchmakers from Germany demonstrated their craftsmanship that the global marketing director slowly kicked off-making only 15 RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ HANDWERKSKUNST appear on the market. ‘Pour le Mérite’, as a symbol of Lange’s highest skill, what surprise will its fourth product bring us? In addition to the threshold of entry-sesame chain, the new work can be said to be a complete replica of the 2011 Geneva watch exhibition, that is, an old replica of the ancient watch from Dresden. Like the three ‘Pour le Mérite’ introduced at the 2011 Geneva Watch Fair, it is made of a new honey-colored precious metal with a hardness of 300. Secondly, the inside is equipped with sesame chain and tourbillon, and there is not much change in function. However, all watch lovers at the scene noticed the movement of a watchmaker: he kept circling in eight different directions with a carving knife. When the working area of ​​this craft reached a certain size, a mysterious visual effect occurred. The disc surface made of the whole precious metal generally shows a full graininess like the surface of emery. This process of disc surface is called ‘Tremblage’. Before, some brands have done cheap diamond corundum mixed with wood chips, but Lange’s solid gold, the difficulty of processing can be imagined.
Every watch collector and connoisseur present was just in front of them. While rejoicing for Lange’s craftsmanship and his next prey, they had to take a blow: this ‘Pour le Mérite’ is limited to 15 pieces worldwide. Available only at 5 Lange stores. The implication is that the maximum quota of each store is not more than 3 …