Montblanc Baoxiyueyuan Watch Start Mysterious Moon Exploration Tour

Montblanc, an international top luxury brand rooted in writing culture, adhering to its profound historical and cultural heritage, has always focused on creating masterpieces in the field of writing instruments, watches, jewelry and other luxury goods. In 2015, Montblanc’s new Baoxiyueyuan series watches were released, whether it was the fresh and stylish Baoxiyueyuan series stainless steel watches, the elegant and noble Baoxiyueyuan series rose gold watches, or the creative and extraordinary Baoxi Yueyuan series blue dial watches have once again demonstrated Montblanc’s brand culture spirit focusing on culture and creation. Montblanc subtly displays the mysterious and changing moon horoscope and four o’clock on the square inch wrist. It not only shows the unique charm of the moon phase function for women’s watches, but also creatively adds the poetic interpretation of the change in December. Find out the mysterious desire.
Montblanc Bao Xiyueyuan Series Stainless Steel Diamond Watch Fresh and Elegant

   The most refreshing part of this Baoxiyueyuan series stainless steel diamond watch is the collision between the light blue and light gray strap and the stainless steel diamond case. In the overall tone of silver white and light blue gray, at 6 o’clock The mysterious change of the moon phase shows more elegant. And another highlight of the new Baoxi Moon Court watch is also related to the moon, that is, the crescent moon display window at the upper left. A crescent-shaped window appears above the dial, like a new moon hanging in the air, reflecting a soft natural halo. Montblanc’s rich imagination has given its twelve full moons unique names, making the display of the month full of poetic feelings. From Ice Moon to Oak Moon, the names of the 12 full moons will be displayed one by one. Crescent window above the dial. The overall look is extremely fresh and chic.

   Montblanc Bao Xiyueyuan series watch, automatic mechanical movement, 42 hours power reserve. The moon is displayed in an innovative crescent-shaped window, and 12 months of the year are displayed in the window with 12 poetic names one by one; the moon phase function is displayed in the 6 o’clock position window. Stainless steel case, bezel set with top Wesselton diamonds, and crown set with Montblanc’s signature star diamonds. The Arabic numerals on the flower body are engraved on the silver-white machine-engraved dial, which echoes the leaf-shaped blue steel hands, which is smart and full of vitality. In addition, the Baoxi Yueyuan Series watch is also equipped with a replaceable leather strap, which can be changed with the change of seasons, which adds more wearing pleasure.
Montblanc Bohème Court Rose Gold Watch

   The Montblanc Baoxiyueyuan series rose gold watch, except for the moon phase display at the 6 o’clock position and the crescent moon display on the upper left, the entire Baoxiyueyuan series rose gold watch is also like a round of gold. The flickering and soft light forms a wonderful landscape with moon in the middle. Rose gold inlaid with diamond case, with simple black leather strap, simple and elegant, consistent. This Montblanc Baoxiyueyuan rose gold watch is similar in function to the stainless steel model of the same series. The innovative crescent window at the upper left displays the month by month, from 12 months, from Ice Moon to Oak Moon. (Oak Moon) are uniquely named Montblanc. At the same time, the smooth bezel side has cleverly hidden the adjustment button. Simply use the specially equipped adjustment needle to complete the simple adjustment of various functions. The dial has a delicate date mark on the outermost periphery, and the slim barton-style hands with red crescent needles indicate the date change.

   Montblanc Bao Xiyueyuan series watch, 18K rose gold case, bezel set with 78 top Wesselton diamonds. Silver-white machine-engraved dial, floral Arabic numerals, leaf-shaped hands. Crown set with Montblanc’s signature star diamonds. Mechanical self-winding movement with 42 hours power reserve. There are exquisite black alligator leather straps and two-tone calfskin straps that can be replaced. With calendar and month display function, moon phase function.
Montblanc Baoxiyueyuan Stainless Steel Watch Blue Moon

   For the first time, I saw Montblanc’s blue dial watch in the Baoxiyueyuan series. That’s right, because of the popularity of ‘blue’, we can always see the blue watch with different aesthetics, but the use of blue for the moon phase watch is the unique feature of the Montblanc Baoxi Moon Court blue dial watch. It is imaginative that in the deep blue sky dial, the upper left month window is suspended in the air like a rising new moon, bright and moving. The alligator strap with special texture of the same color system adds to the mystery of the beauty of Baoxiyueyuan. In order to maintain the overall beauty, the moon phase window at 6 o’clock also uses the same color ‘blue’. The outer ring of the dial is a digital date display, indicated by a Barton hand with a crescent-shaped needle tip.

   Montblanc’s new Baoxiyueyuan series stainless steel watch, automatic mechanical movement, 42 hours power reserve. Stainless steel case with bezel set with top Wesselton diamonds. Arabic numerals, blue machine-engraved dial, silver leaf-shaped hands and barton-type hands, beautifully echo the silver numerals, silver crescent moon display window on the upper left of the dial.
   Since ancient times, the moon has been out of mystery and beauty. Although, with human technology’s exploration of the moon, all curiosity about the moon is no longer unknown, but people’s exploration and vision of the moon phase and the moon image still have a special complex because of the sense of distance. The charm of a functional watch. Fortunately, we cannot take off the moon in the sky, but we can wear an equally mysterious moon phase watch.