Montblanc Nicholas Kies Hollow Dial Single Button Chronograph

The star Nicholas · Kesh hollowed-out dial single-button chronograph is a tribute to Nicolas Rieussec, the father of timekeeping technology, in honor of the successful invention of chronograph instruments more than 200 years ago Merit. Montblanc is a leader in writing culture, and naturally has a special interest in chronographs. The brand has also created many excellent chronographs over the years, because the word chronograph is composed of the ancient Greek chronos (time) and graphein (writing). composition. Montblanc Nicolas Kiess hollow-out dial single-button chronograph is not only the striking star of Montblanc’s new watch, but also stands side by side with other top watch manufacturers. No matter the design and technical achievements, it is a rare boutique. . The function mode of this chronograph is unique, which is very different from the general chronograph’s center chronograph seconds hand and independent timer layout: the dial’s two chronograph dials have fixed scale hands to indicate the seconds and minutes.
Nicholas Case’s chronograph is equipped with two chronograph dials with fixed scale hands on the surface. The chronograph program is started. The scale hands squeeze ink drops onto the dial to measure a specific time segment. This technology was obtained in 1822 patent. Montblanc draws inspiration from Kaiser’s inventions, complemented by contemporary design interpretations, to achieve last year’s star Nicholas Kaiser single-button chronograph, presenting masterpieces of timepieces for watch collectors. This year’s hollow dial chronograph model is based on last year’s work and incorporates new ideas, letting watch fans see the movement of the movement.
Mystery of see-through movement
The two chronograph dials of the star Nicholas Kays single-button chronograph are connected by a bridge splint, which looks like a beautiful smile. This year’s Open Date skeleton model is even more open-minded. The chronograph dial, calendar dial and some dials have been deliberately hollowed out, allowing the viewer to see the gear assembly, the Geneva stripe trimmed movement bottom plate, and the core of the timing system in the middle of the chronograph dial and calendar dial Components-vertical clutch plates, etc.
Classic timing concept, a new interpretation of contemporary
The star-studded Nicholas Kays hollow dial single button chronograph equipped with the MB R110 manual winding movement was born from last year’s MB R100 movement, with standard time and calendar dial display, the timing system is equipped with innovative column wheel and vertical clutch disc device ; The single button is set at 8 o’clock, this arrangement is very practical, not only to avoid accidental pressing, but also to facilitate the operation of the left thumb. An offset-type hour and minute dial with Arabic numerals showing standard time surrounds a skeleton calendar, and a fixed red triangle at 12 o’clock indicates the date of the day. Another practical function is that the hour hand and calendar can be quickly adjusted back and forth regardless of the position of the minute hand; the dual barrel design has a power reserve of approximately 72 hours, and the power reserve display at the bottom of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.
Excellent case making
18K rose gold case is made by traditional freeze-stamping technology, using a pressure of several tons to gradually squeeze a piece of solid gold into the ideal case shape, the workmanship is fine and flawless. The case is inlaid with a double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, and the screw-in sapphire crystal back reveals the movement’s finely polished and power reserve display. The winding crown is decorated with a fine pit pattern, embellished with the mother-of-pearl Montblanc hexagonal white star logo; it is accompanied by an elegant brown alligator strap and a rose gold folding buckle. In addition to the rose gold model, there are also stainless steel models and a platinum model limited to 25 pieces.
Movement specifications
Movement number Montblanc’s own MB R110 movement
Type of movement Manual winding, chronograph movement, double barrel
Parts 286
Obsidian Gems 33
72 72 hours power reserve, double barrel
Balance Wheel Screw balance
Vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
 Flat hairspring
Floor plate: rhodium-plated, spiral pattern polished
Splint: rhodium-plated, Geneva corrugated
Gear train: special tooth edge to improve power transmission efficiency
Dial display
Rotary chronograph
Rotating disc and fixed scale needle calendar
Small second dial and 30-minute timer with rotating dial and fixed scale hands
Power reserve indicator on the back of the case
Timing operation Timing system: single button set at 8 o’clock
Column wheel device
Vertical detent
Functional highlights: Can quickly adjust the clock and calendar clockwise or counterclockwise to meet travel needs
Case specifications
Case: 18K Rose Gold
Water-resistant to 30 meters (3 bar)
Double-sided anti-reflective dome sapphire crystal glass
Swivel-through transparent sapphire crystal glass surface
Case size diameter 43 mm
Thickness 14.8 mm
Lug distance 22 mm
冠 Crown 18K rose gold crown with mother-of-pearl Montblanc logo
Dial Off-white dial, hour dial with black numerals
4 o’clock to 8 o’clock decorated with Geneva ripples
Strap Brown Alligator Strap with 18K Rose Gold Double Folding Clasp
No. 104705
Other models: 950 platinum model limited to 25 pieces
Stainless steel case